US Ignite Launches $4m 5G Pilot Projects at a Marine Corps Base in San Diego

US Ignite | February 01, 2021

Work is in progress to help the first 5G pilot projects at a Marine Corps base in San Diego, California, part of an initial wave of 5G testbeds at bases around the U.S. which use commercial carriers' 5G networks to explore how the military can use the new wireless technology.

The 5G testbed at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar utilizes Verizon's 5G network; as indicated by US Ignite, the carrier has been deploying 4G and 5G small cells to enhance existing LTE macro sites and serve the base with an upgraded network to help the pilots. Verizon's 5G mmWave-based service was turned up at the base beginning in July 2020.

“Military bases, like smart cities, are a crucial testing ground for new sensor-driven technologies, particularly as we upgrade the nation’s wireless networks to 5G,” said Nick Maynard, COO for US Ignite. “We have an opportunity at Miramar not only to experiment with systems to improve overall safety and efficiency on base, but also to help develop a framework of best practices that will serve smart bases and smart communities across the country.”


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Zyxel Communications to Join Open Networking Foundation Aligning With Projects Focused on Broadband Transformation

Zyxel Communications | January 24, 2022

Zyxel Communications now is a member of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), a non-profit operator-led consortium driving transformation of access and edge network infrastructure.Zyxel will join two of the foundation’s ongoing projects: VOLTHA and SEBA. VOLTHA is an open-source project creating a hardware abstraction for broadband access equipment. It supports the principle of multi-vendor, disaggregated, “any broadband access a service” for the central office. VOLTHA is an access network component of SEBA – a lightweight platform based on a variant of R-CORD. SEBA supports a multitude of virtualized access technologies at the edge of the carrier network, including PON and G.Fast. Through its ONF membership, Zyxel will help bring state of the art white-box hardware to other community members and share expertise in manufacturing and production, driving community cooperation, and delivering easy-to-deploy hardware and software solutions to the world’s service providers. “By bringing Zyxel’s telecommunications experts into the ONF fold, we’ll be better able to solve problems at the edge. We’re ready to get to work,” -Timon Sloane, vice president, marketing and ecosystem at ONF. ONF’s work improving broadband technologies at the edge is critical, now more than ever,” said James Harris, Vice President and Head of Zyxel Communications EMEA. “It’s an honor to join the foundation and help make these advances available to developers around the world. More information about ONF can be found here: https://opennetworking.org/ About Zyxel Communications Zyxel Communications delivers technological innovations and has connected the world to the internet for more than 30 years. Whether establishing access through fixed or mobile broadband solutions, Zyxel Communications offers a comprehensive and flexible portfolio of products that’s keeping service providers ahead of the competition.

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Shiyu Wang Rejoins Qiming Venture Partners as Partner, Co-Leads TMT Team

Qiming Venture Partners | January 04, 2022

Qiming Venture Partners, a leading venture capital firm in China, is pleased to announce that Shiyu Wang has rejoined the firm as a Partner. Shiyu Wang will co-lead the TMT team, managing and investing in the internet and consumer sectors. Shiyu Wang has many years of investment experience in the internet and consumer industries, having previously worked at Qiming Venture Partners from 2012 to 2016. "I am honored to rejoin Qiming Venture Partners. I know Qiming very well, and identify very much with its culture. I have also personally experienced the respect and support that Qiming provides to the entrepreneurs,China is a world-class consumer country, and I believe there are still many opportunities and huge upgrade potential in the country's consumer market in the next five to ten years. Qiming Venture Partners has excellent investment performances in mobile internet, especially in internet community and social networking. In the future, I hope that it can stay sharp and look for the new 'big thing' in the next wave of 'network traffic change'." -Shiyu Wang I am very pleased to have Shiyu back in the Qiming family. I have worked with Shiyu for many years and appreciate his unique insights and successful experiences in the internet and consumer sectors. I very much look forward to working with Shiyu to lead our TMT team to discover more outstanding companies that will change the world and create value. Building on our success in healthcare and hardcore technology sectors over the past few years, Shiyu's return will allow us to take another step forward in the internet and consumer sectors," Duane Kuang, Founding Managing Partner of Qiming Venture Partners said. From start-up to rapid growth, Qiming Venture Partners, as a venture capital firm in China, has gone through 15 years of history. Through the test of time, the company has been widely recognized by LP investors around the world, including China, for its exceptional investment performances, and has become a preferred investor of choice for entrepreneurs. Qiming Venture Partners has also been ranked as a leading fund in China's venture capital industry by numerous agencies and publications. Today, Qiming Venture Partners has developed a "being inclusive, staying hungry, keeping humility and sincerity" corporate culture, and its recognition and reputation continue to grow. With its unique partnership structure, focus on TMT and healthcare, as well as professional investment teams with strong industry background, Qiming Venture Partners is always committed to finding great companies for the future. About Qiming Venture Partners Founded in 2006, Qiming Venture Partners is a leading China venture capital firm with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Hong Kong, Seattle, Boston and the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently Qiming Venture Partners manages ten US Dollar funds and six RMB funds with $6.2 billion in AUM capital raised. Since our establishment, we have invested in outstanding companies in the TMT and healthcare industries at the early and growth stages. Since our debut, we have backed over 430 fast-growing and innovative companies. Over 170 companies are already listed on NYSE, NASDAQ, HKEx, Gretai Securities Market, Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, or achieved exit through M&A and other means. There are also over 40 portfolio companies that have achieved unicorn status. Many of our portfolio companies are today's most influential firms in their respective sectors, including Xiaomi (SEHK:1810), Meituan (SEHK:3690), Bilibili (NASDAQ:BILI, SEHK:9626), Zhihu (NYSE: ZH), Roborock (SHSE:688169), Gan & Lee Pharmaceuticals (SHSE: 603087), Tigermed (SZSE:300347, SEHK:3347), Zai Lab (NASDAQ:ZLAB, SEHK:9688), Venus MedTech (SEHK:2500), CanSino Biologics (SEHK:6185, SHSE:688185), Schrödinger (NASDAQ:SDGR), APT Medical (SHSE:688617), New Horizon Health (SEHK:6606), Sanyou Medical (SHSE:688085), AmoyDx (SZSE:300685), Berry Genomics (SZSE:000710), SinocellTech (SHSE: 688520), WeDoctor Group, and UBTech among many others.

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Mobileum and Digis Squared Announce Partnership to Provide Comprehensive Edge-to-Edge Network Testing and Analytics

Mobileum | May 24, 2022

Mobileum Inc. ("Mobileum"), a leading global provider of analytics solutions for roaming and network services, security, risk management, testing and service assurance, and subscriber intelligence, and Digis Squared, a market leader in network services and AI-assisted tools, announced today that the companies have entered a strategic partnership to bring a comprehensive set of network testing and cognitive optimization solutions to market. The collaboration brings together Digis Squared's deep expertise in developing cognitive tools to automate and analyze radio network and edge-to-edge performance, and optimizing networks and capacity management to benefit the customer experience, and Mobileum, whose highly scalable and flexible telecom analytics portfolio enables operators to improve business performance, monitor customer experience, and access new monetization opportunities. Ron Haberman, Mobileum Chief Product Officer, commented: "Finding meaning in data is what we do. Mobileum's Active Intelligence platform enables Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to connect deep network and operational intelligence with real-time actions to increase revenue, enhance the customer experience, reduce costs, and streamline operations. The partnership with Digis Squared extends the edge-to-edge network testing, optimization, planning, and management capabilities we can deliver. In addition, the in-house expertise and capabilities that the Digis Squared team brings in machine learning analytics is a great fit with our predictive analytics and automated actions approach." "Digis Squared is pleased to partner with Mobileum to provide a more comprehensive testing solution across legacy 2G and 3G technologies through 4G to 5G, Private Networks and OpenRAN. With 5G, IoT, and OpenRAN deployments already underway, this new ecosystem will see CSPs working with a distributed value-chain of stakeholders and information silos that require a new approach to monitoring digital risk and analysing data. AI tools that can swiftly identify issues and automatically solve known problems will be vital to ensure the smooth operations of the highly complex multi-technology, multi-vendor systems, which CSPs rely on today." Abdel Rahman Fady, Digis Squared CTO Mobileum's Active Intelligence platform provides the actionable insights today's communications service providers require to unleash the power of 5G and next-generation networks. Powering Mobileum's roaming and network services, risk management, testing and monitoring, and customer engagement and experience solutions, the Active Intelligence platform delivers the advanced analytics, AI/ML, and DPI capabilities carriers need to enhance the customer experience, increase revenue, cut costs, reduce losses, and streamline operations. The Digis Squared INOS solution provides Single Site Verification, network benchmarking, and optimization capabilities and is fully configurable live in the field. Fully customizable reports are delivered within 15 minutes of completion of data receipt, with access to 200 different network KPIs, network QoS, and customer QoE analysis. In addition to 5G analysis, there is considerable interest in Digis Squared's OpenRAN capability as optimization, interoperability testing, and benchmarking with legacy systems begin to move from PoCs toward commercial deployment. About Mobileum Mobileum is a leading provider of Telecom analytics solutions for roaming, core network, security, risk management, domestic and international connectivity testing, and customer intelligence. More than 1,000 customers rely on its Active Intelligence platform, which provides advanced analytics solutions, allowing customers to connect deep network and operational intelligence with real-time actions that increase revenue, improve customer experience, and reduce costs. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Mobileum has global offices in Australia, Germany, Greece, India, Portugal, Singapore, UK, and United Arab Emirates.

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Wilson Electronics Launches Industry’s First 5G Cellular Signal Repeater to Support Verizon and AT&T C-band Rollout

Wilson Electronics | February 07, 2022

Wilson Electronics, the industry leader in cellular signal repeater technology, announced the launch of the industry’s first enterprise-grade 5G C-band repeater, the Enterprise 1337R. Compatible with Verizon and AT&T’s mid-band 5G frequencies operating at 3.7 to 3.8 GHz, the Enterprise 1337R will be available for testing and pre-order later in Q1 2022 and orders will open in Q2 2022. It can immediately amplify outdoor 5G C-band signal and rebroadcast it inside any commercial building, including retailers, restaurants, warehouses, office buildings, financial institutions, government buildings, hotels, multi-unit dwellings, and more.Verizon and AT&T just launched 5G C-band on January 19 and its rollout will affect nearly every industry looking to take advantage of 5G, from healthcare to retail and hospitality, education, commercial real estate, manufacturing, and more. Mid-band 5G spectrum waves are lower frequency than 5G’s high-band mmWave and have a greater range. Because these frequencies will balance the need for fast data and more connected devices with longer range, C-band is the future of 5G for most of the world. However, C-band signal comes with its own set of challenges. Lightning-fast 5G frequencies sacrifice distance and strength, often resulting in uneven, spotty indoor coverage. Cellular signal repeaters solve this issue by detecting, extending and amplifying the existing in-building coverage. “When C-band rolls out, we will be ready with the first-to-market Enterprise 1337R, Wherever there are barriers to cell signal, repeater technology will be essential to a network’s functionality. With the launch of the Enterprise 1337R, we are looking forward to helping make the promise of 5G a reality so businesses nationwide can support strong, uninterrupted in-building 5G C-band signal from Verizon and AT&T.” -Bruce Lancaster, CEO of Wilson Electronics The Enterprise 1337R is available as a standalone 5G C-band-exclusive repeater and can be used on its own or as an add-on to any existing Enterprise 1300 or Enterprise 4300 repeater system. Two separate versions of the Enterprise 1337R are available - one for users looking to amplify Verizon’s 5G C-band frequencies and one for users that would like to enhance AT&T’s 5G C-band frequencies. Carrier approval is required to turn on and begin using the Enterprise 1337R. The Enterprise 1337R features automatic Time Division Duplex (TDD) synchronization, which instantly amplifies C-band signal and requires no additional backhaul to extend 5G in a building. Its built-in LTE connectivity provides access to the WilsonPro Cloud, which enables users to remotely manage the 1337R and receive real-time performance reports and system alerts on any connected device. The Enterprise 1337R also features Software Defined Filtering (SDF), which automatically targets the specific network to amplify. One of WilsonPro’s most customizable repeaters, the Enterprise 1337R features two indoor and two outdoor antenna ports for a flexible setup that can support 2x2 multiple input / multiple output (MIMO) or split-mode setup for maximum bandwidth. It requires indoor and outdoor C-band antennas and 50-ohm coaxial cable with N-type connectors. WilsonPro will supply upgraded antennas with the Enterprise 1337R that will cover the full range of 600MHz to 4000MHz in a single antenna. The Enterprise 1337R fits into any standard 2U enterprise rack. Proudly designed, assembled and shipped in the USA, the repeater includes an industry-leading three-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The WilsonPro Enterprise 1337R is available for testing and pre-order later in Q1. To learn more about how WilsonPro can help solve 5G C-band issues with the Enterprise 1337R, visit https://www.wilsonpro.com/products/enterprise-1337r. About WilsonPro and Wilson Electronics, LLC Wilson Electronics, LLC, home of WilsonPro and weBoost, is a market leader in cellular signal repeater technology, dedicated to delivering the best 5G wireless network coverage to everyone, everywhere. From WilsonPro commercial signal repeaters to weBoost cell phone signal boosters for homes, vehicles, small businesses, and fleets, Wilson Electronics knows what it takes to optimize wireless communications. Carrier networks, enterprises, and consumers can easily reap the benefits of the entire 5G spectrum with its innovative indoor and outdoor amplification technology. Since 1987, Wilson Electronics has been the #1 brand for cellular signal repeaters. The company is constantly improving upon its technology by working closely with the FCC, forward-thinking engineers, and inspired designers. With 30+ years of experience and 80+ patents, at Wilson Electronics, we don’t just improve existing wireless communications technology. We invent it. All Wilson Electronics products are designed, assembled, and tested in the USA. For more information, visit https://www.wilsonpro.com/.

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