UK Telecoms Company Delivers World's First 5G Mobile Broadband from The Stratosphere

Stratospheric Platforms | March 07, 2022

Cambridge-based company, Stratospheric Platforms has announced the first successful demonstration of 5G broadband connectivity between a "stratospheric 5G mast" flying at 45,000 ft and a retail 5G smartphone, beating aerospace rivals to the world first.

The landmark telecoms trial was run in collaboration with the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) in the airspace above The Red Sea Project. Engineers connected to the local telecoms network, completing tests between a 5G base station, flying stratospheric antenna, and retail mobile devices.

The trial confirmed Stratospheric Platforms as a leader in the development of global 5G Internet and communications services, projecting a 5G signal to an area of 450km2, and proving the technology can achieve mobile download speeds comparable to terrestrial 5G networks and at significantly lower cost.

The joint team established three-way video calls between the land-based test site, a mobile device operated from a boat and a control site located 950 km away. Further land and heliborne tests demonstrated a user could stream 4K video to a mobile phone with an average latency of 1 millisecond above network speed. Signal strength trials, using a 5G enabled device moving at 100 km/h, proved full interoperability with ground-based masts and a consistent 'five bars' in known white spots. 

Stratospheric Platforms has achieved a world-first. This is a momentous event for the global telecoms industry proving that a 5G telecoms mast flying near the top of the earth's atmosphere can deliver stable broadband 5G internet to serve mobile users with ubiquitous, high-speed internet, over vast areas."

Richard Deakin, CEO Stratospheric Platforms

He added, "the trial has proved that 5G can be reliably beamed down from an airborne antenna and is indistinguishable from ground-based mobile networks. Our hydrogen-powered 'Stratomast' High Altitude Platform currently under development, will be able to fly for a week without refuelling and cover an area of 15,000 km2 using one antenna."

The successful demonstration that a High Altitude Platform can deliver 5G Internet from the stratosphere means that mobile users can look forward to the capability of 5G mobile internet, even in the remotest areas of the world.

CITC Governor, H.E. Dr Mohammed Altamimi commented "the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is at the cutting edge of technological innovation and our partnership with Stratospheric Platforms' with the support of the Red Sea Project and General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has demonstrated how we can deliver 'always on', ultra-fast broadband to areas without ground based 5G masts."


Actility introduces Cellular IoT (NB-IoT, LTE-M) support in ThingPark Wireless. As an operator or enterprise, choosing the right IoT connectivity technology (LoRaWAN or 3GPP) depends on the application. The good news is that Actility's ThingPark platform supports both.

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Resound Networks and Globtel Holding Successfully Perform Fixed Wireless Access Test With 1 Gbps Downlink And 500 Mbps Uplink Throughput at 7 Miles

Globtel Holding | June 30, 2022

Resound Networks and Globtel Holding announced the results of testing in the fixed wireless gigabit tier. Globtel`s flagship product AIR Gigaray 70E achieved the RDOF gigabit throughput milestone at 7 miles utilizing unlicensed and license-exempt spectrum. The achieved distances are arguably the furthest at which any fixed wireless technology has met the FCC gigabit tier requirements. AIR Gigaray 70E supports up to 10 Gbps downlink capacity per one 90-degree sector and can serve several hundred subscribers at a single base station location with 360-degree coverage. Capacities like these provide the tools needed for WISPs to successfully compete with fiber providers. "The performance of the technology in the field was extraordinary and exceeded our expectations. Globtel`s AIR Gigaray will help us in our commitment to expand our gigabit network throughout rural America and will easily fulfill our RDOF obligations as we plan to use Globtel`s technology in our RDOF build-out." Resound's CEO, Tyson Curtis "We are excited to partner with Resound Networks, one of the pioneering wireless internet service providers. Globtel Holding is focused on supporting WISPs in providing state-of-the-art technology easily achieving gigabit speeds at significant distances which enables WISPs to comfortably compete with fiber in terms of service quality but at a much lower cost. Additionally, as FWA buildouts are faster, customers will get their service quicker while the ROI period for the service provider begins almost immediately," added Pavle Mikuz, VP of Sales at Globtel Holding. About Resound Networks Resound Networks was founded in 2015 as a rural-focused ISP determined to close the digital divide. The company is based in Pampa, Texas, and its carrier-class network provides coverage to over 400,000 homes throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Resound plans to expand its network coverage to multiple neighboring states beginning in 2022, funded in part by the $311M awarded to the company in the FCC's Rural Digital Opportunity Fund auction. About Globtel Globtel Holding enables Cable companies, WISPs and Fiber based companies to deliver high speed broadband and services related to it like IPTV, DVB, VoIP via fixed wireless access. Globtel has developed a revolutionary fixed wireless access platform based on the DOCSIS standard which allows operators to provide triple-play services and gigabit access to residential and enterprise users in a flexible and efficient manner at a fraction of the time it would take to deploy a wired network and as such monetize the network virtually immediately.

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TerraMaster Launches New F2-423 and F4-423 Intel Quad-core NAS offers Twin 2.5GbE and Twin M.2 SSD Caching

TerraMaster | April 25, 2022

TerraMaster, specialists in innovative storage products, have announced its latest F2-423 (2-bay) and F4-423 (4-bay) NAS devices. As a powerful entry point for prosumer and SMB use, the F2-423 and F4-423 offer superb performance even in multi-user environments and features that integrate within office IT systems. Both can be further expanded with TerraMaster USB DAS devices to provide multiple or extended storage spaces that growth as a business does. Upgraded Performance and Reliable Operation The F2-423 and F4-423 features an upgraded Celeron N5105/5095 quad-core CPU with faster peak speeds of 2.9GHz, while also improving power-efficiency versus the previous generation. An in-chip AES-NI engine provides real-time encryption capability, and a dedicated 4K multimedia decoding engine means video streaming direct from the NAS is reliable and power-efficient. Generational performance improvements are notable: in high workload scenarios, the 423-series performs up to 50% better than the previous generation, with a 37% increase in file and photo retrieval speeds, a 35% increase in database response speeds, and a 40% increase in webpage PHP response speeds. Twin 2.5GbE Connectivity Two 2.5GbE ports can be used individually or aggregated for 5Gb/s network bandwidth. Data transmission speeds can reach up to 283 MB/s in real-world scenarios (Seagate IronWolf 18TB, RAID 0), providing a cost-effective solution for multi-user, high workload file access. Business-centric Applications Support for many file services (SMB, AFP, SFTP/FTP, iSCSI, NFS, and WebDAV) enables the F2-423 and F4-423 to successfully address cross-platform file service needs of different network environments. Both the F2-423 and F4-423 support Windows AD domain and LDAP required for seamless incorporation into existing business IT environments, while its permission management helps ensures data security. A variety of backup solutions including Cloud-based services are supported, as well as professional virtualization apps, including VirtualBox and Docker, and by cooperating with Docker-compose and Portainer. About TerraMaster TerraMaster is a professional brand focuses on providing innovative storage products, including network attached storage, direct attached storage and thunderbolt 3 storage that has become increasingly popular in over 40 countries and regions. The brand has been developing storage technology for 10 years, addressing the needs of customers such as small and medium businesses and home users. With the core competitiveness in excellent hardware design and strong software developing ability, TerraMaster are well known among customers with the great reliability and value.

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Palo Alto Networks Joins Microsoft 365 Networking Partner Program

Palo Alto Networks | January 13, 2022

Businesses are now expected to deliver exceptional user experiences to their employees — whether at work, home, or on the go — as well as to third parties and external customers. Many choose the leading enterprise cloud-enabled collaboration suite, Microsoft 365, to help accomplish this.Palo Alto Networks (NASDAQ: PANW), the global cybersecurity leader, announced it has joined the Microsoft 365 Networking Partner Program to provide direct and efficient connectivity for Microsoft 365 users through the industry-leading Prisma Access service, facilitating an optimal user experience aligned with Microsoft's connectivity principles. "As enterprises use direct-to-app architectures for their hybrid workforces, IT teams can find themselves with limited visibility and control over what applications users are accessing. Prisma Access reduces administrative and management burden by enabling the dynamic identification and categorization of Microsoft 365 traffic providing secure branch direct Internet access via Prisma Access,We can't reinforce enough the importance of having a trusted ecosystem of technology partners. As a member of the Microsoft 365 Networking Partner Program, we help customers feel confident in the security of their cloud environments and applications." -Kumar Ramachandran, Senior Vice President of Products for Palo Alto Networks. Palo Alto Networks flagship cloud-delivered security platform, Prisma Access, meets all the requirements for securing Microsoft 365 and other cloud applications, enabling safe and reliable Zero Trust access to all the applications users need from anywhere. For teams responsible for keeping users secure, Prisma Access enables: A cloud-delivered security platform spanning over 100 global locations in more than 70 countries; API and inline-based data loss prevention and threat prevention; Native and autonomous digital experience monitoring; and Simplified deployment and fast return on investment. "We're thrilled to welcome Palo Alto Networks into the Networking Partner Program for Microsoft 365,Palo Alto Networks is a valued partner that is focused on helping Microsoft 365 customers implement the Microsoft 365 network connectivity principles. Microsoft only recommends Networking Partner Program member solutions for connectivity to Microsoft 365." -Scott Schnoll, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft. In accordance with Microsoft 365 network connectivity principles, Prisma Access can differentiate Microsoft 365 traffic by leveraging Microsoft's APIs for endpoints, enables local egress for application traffic, and enables elimination of intrusive network security for Microsoft 365 connections. Palo Alto Networks' integrated next-gen CASB approach helps IT security teams see and secure Microsoft 365 and many other applications, protect sensitive data stored and shared, and prevent zero-day threats in real time — all without deployment complexity or additional infrastructure. About Palo Alto Networks Palo Alto Networks, the global cybersecurity leader, is shaping the cloud-centric future with technology that is transforming the way people and organizations operate. Our mission is to be the cybersecurity partner of choice, protecting our digital way of life. We help address the world's greatest security challenges with continuous innovation that seizes the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, analytics, automation, and orchestration. By delivering an integrated platform and empowering a growing ecosystem of partners, we are at the forefront of protecting tens of thousands of organizations across clouds, networks, and mobile devices. Our vision is a world where each day is safer and more secure than the one before. For more information, visit

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Queclink Unveils Network Solutions to Help Connect Every IoT Device

Queclink | February 16, 2022

Queclink (Stock: 300590. SZ), a world-leading supplier of IoT devices and technologies, announces the launch of its network solutions, helping customers and partners build secure and reliable connectivity for new possibilities. According to Statista, the global number of connected IoT devices is estimated to triple from 8.74 billion in 2020 to more than 25.4 billion active endpoints in 2030. Every object can be connected virtually in the world of IoT.Queclink's network solutions are suitable for a range of user cases, such as industrial automation – intelligent factory, energy, transportation and retail. They also work for various smart city solutions, including street lamp monitoring, public security, enterprise networks and remote site connectivity. The wireless router series combines high-speed cellular connectivity, industrial interfaces and Queclink's unique IoT telematics knowledge. "The global demand expands. It's time to deliver our network solutions that help establish stable and private cellular connectivity for IoT, This kind of connectivity is easy to deploy in a data-massive environment. We have been proactive in IoT that truly has initiated 'Industrial 4.0', at the core of which is to leverage big data for delicacy management. The automotive industry is typical of forerunners." - Edwin Peng, Queclink's Senior Vice President One of the leading automotive companies in China has upgraded the factory digital transformation program and recently chosen Queclink's industrial router series to empower the first test field. With a secure and reliable network, it is possible to collect numerous data, conduct edge computing - analyze and store data locally and privately, and make data-driven decisions accordingly. The already off-the-shelf WR100 and WR200 series are both 4G LTE wireless industrial routers. Queclink has invested the WR300 series (5G version) in the Chinese market and will closely follow the migration from 4G to 5G and promote the WR300 series overseas. About Queclink Since 2009 Queclink Wireless Solutions has been "Driving Smarter IoT".Queclink is a pure play IoT hardware designer and manufacturer working with many well-known industrial and consumer companies to bring innovative IoT solutions to market. Its business units span transportation, asset and mobility, networks and agriculture. With 42 million IoT products delivered to over 140 countries, Queclink inspires data-driven solutions for its worldwide customers.

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Actility introduces Cellular IoT (NB-IoT, LTE-M) support in ThingPark Wireless. As an operator or enterprise, choosing the right IoT connectivity technology (LoRaWAN or 3GPP) depends on the application. The good news is that Actility's ThingPark platform supports both.