SiTune Samples State-of-the-art 5G RF Transceiver Silicon to Tier-1 Customers and Partners Worldwide

SiTune Corporation | November 01, 2021

SiTune Corporation a leading provider of Radio Frequency (RF) and mixed-signal integrated circuits is sampling IceWings™ as the lowest power RF transceiver silicon along with reference designs and complete software platform to Tier-1 customers and partners worldwide. IceWings™ feature sets and versatile architecture will be leveraged by multiple global customers in various products including 5G NR gNodeB, small cell, CPE, and User Equipment.IceWings™ is an innovative RF transceiver with 4 integrated transmitters and 4 integrated receivers that supports a wide range of standards with signal frequencies below 7.2GHz and enables mmWave applications by intermediate to baseband conversion.

This unique product with wide-band low noise amplifiers and one-of-a-kind multi-band capability offers the highest signal quality and the lowest power consumption in the industry. IceWings™ is enabling a diverse range of TDD/FDD applications including cellular infrastructure designs as well as private networks and access points. The new silicon is based on GlobalFoundries®' (GF®) 22FDX™ platform, providing superior performance with digital and RF enhancements for 5G Sub-7GHz and mmWave infrastructure.

With accelerated investment in the newly opened C-band, or n77/ n78/n79 as the world's most popular 5G band, equipment manufacturers and network operators are looking for the best-in-class RF products supporting the wider available bandwidth in various frequencies. Contrary to traditional solutions with costly BOM that require multiple high-power chips, IceWings™ offers an integrated low power programmable transceiver for any band and various bandwidths.

"IceWings™ not only supports more than 300MHz of bandwidth for multi-carrier applications in C-band, it's also the lowest power solution in the market enabling operation in the sweet spot of mid-band in terms of bandwidth and signal range,All frequency bands below 6GHz as well as 6GHz to 7.2GHz are supported with excellent wide-bandwidth performance. We have been partnering with GF to fabricate IceWings™ based on their leading FDSOI solution, and we are currently sampling IceWings™ to a wide range of enterprise and telco customers including EdgeQ, targeting use cases from enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) to critical IoT and ultra-reliable low-latency communications (URLLC)"

-Dr. Marzieh Veyseh SiTune CTO/CPO.

GF has been helping customers overcome 5G complexity challenges and rollout pressures, while minimizing CAPEX and OPEX expenditures, through a combination of feature-rich solutions and specialized RF post-fab turnkey services that build on our decades of RF expertise," said Peter Rabbeni, vice president, wireless infrastructure, and SATCOM business line at GF.  "The combination of SiTune's leading technology and GF's innovative solutions, will unlock a new wave of immersive user experiences and make industry transformation a reality.

To be true beneficiaries of 5G, we need to navigate the market through all the multiplicities and complexities of 5G, intuitively and seamlessly.  IceWings™ uniquely addresses the pluralities of 5G in an elegant manner.  By collapsing multiple spectrums, multiple bands, and multiple protocols into a compact footprint that is efficient, intelligent, and low power, we can distill 5G into a simple construct, ideal for wireless infrastructure, said Hari Gangadharan, Head of Silicon Engineering of EdgeQ.

5G's transformative power will be realized by the broad deployment of the infrastructure in the mid-band. This requires best-in-class RF transceivers, where IceWings™ is a clear technology leader with the highest integration at the lowest power dissipation," said Hossein Moiin, Operating partner at Cota Capital and former CTO of Nokia.

5G networks continue to evolve from NSA to SA and with ramping deployments of mid-band massive MIMO networks and mmWave networks," said Phil Solis, Research Director, Connectivity and Smartphone Semiconductors at IDC. "What was missing in the market until recently were transceivers and beamformer ICs with better performance and lower power consumption, and SiTune's transceivers are an important part of this evolving picture.

About SiTune Corporation
SiTune Corporation is an innovator of multiple generations of state-of-the-art RF and Mixed signal System on a Chip for 5G wireless transceivers and broadcast receivers based on SiTune's patented revolutionary Hardware Intelligent Circuits, HIC™, technology. SiTune is currently shipping products including tuners for advanced multi-channel TVs, Set-top Boxes, spectrum monitoring for Cable head-ends and tuners for Mobile TVs. For more information, please visit www.situne-ic.com.


This whitepaper outlines a set of best practices for the deployment of Amazon WorkSpaces. The paper covers network considerations, directory services and user authentication, security, and monitoring and logging. The document is broken into four categories to enable quicker access to relevant information. This document is intended for a network engineer, directory engineer, or security engineer.

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Information Systems Labs Joins BrainChip Early Access Program

BrainChip Holdings Ltd | January 10, 2022

BrainChip Holdings Ltd (ASX: BRN, OTCQX: BRCHF, ADR: BCHPY), a leading provider of ultra-low power, high performance artificial intelligence technology and the world’s first commercial producer of neuromorphic AI chips and IP, announced that Information Systems Laboratories, Inc. (ISL) is developing an AI-based radar research solution for the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) based on its Akida™ neural networking processor.ISL is an employee-owned technology development corporation that performs expert research and complex analysis, software and systems engineering, advanced hardware design and development, and high-quality specialty fabrication for a variety of customers worldwide. ISL specializes in the areas of advanced signal processing, space exploration, undersea technologies, surveillance and tracking, cyber security, advanced radar systems, and energy independence. As a member of BrainChip’s Early Access Program, ISL will be able to evaluate boards with the Akida device, software and hardware support and dedicated engineering resources. “As part of BrainChip’s EAP, we’ve had the opportunity to evaluate firsthand the capabilities that Akida provides to the AI ecosystem,” -Jamie Bergin, Senior VP, Manager of Research, Development and Engineering Solutions Division at ISL. BrainChip brings AI to the edge in a way that existing technologies are not capable. The Akida processor is ultra-low power with high performance, supporting the growth of edge AI technology by using a neuromorphic architecture, a type of artificial intelligence that is inspired by the biology of the human brain. Devices currently available to BrainChip’s EAP customers provide partners with capabilities to realize significant gains in power consumption, design flexibility and true learning at the Edge. “ISL has decided to use Akida and Edge-based learning as a tool to incorporate into their portfolio of research engineering and engineering solutions in large part due to our innovative capabilities and production-ready status that provides go-to-market advantages, We are pleased to be included as the AI- and Edge-based learning component of ISL’s research sponsored by AFRL. We feel that the combination of technologies will help expedite its deployment into the field.” -Sean Hehir, BrainChip CEO Akida is currently available now to be licensed as IP, as well as available for orders for production release in silicon. Its focus is on low power and high-performance, enabling sensory processing, for applications in Beneficial AI, as well as applications including Smart Healthcare, Smart Cities, Smart Transportation and Smart Home. Those interested in learning how BrainChip has solved the problems inherent in moving AI out of the data center to the Edge where data is created can visit https://brainchipinc.com/technology/ for more information. About BrainChip Holdings Ltd (ASX: BRN, OTCQX: BRCHF, ADR: BCHPY) BrainChip is a global technology company that is producing a groundbreaking neuromorphic processor that brings artificial intelligence to the edge in a way that is beyond the capabilities of other products. The chip is high performance, small, ultra-low power and enables a wide array of edge capabilities that include on-chip training, learning and inference. The event-based neural network processor is inspired by the spiking nature of the human brain and is implemented in an industry standard digital process. By mimicking brain processing BrainChip has pioneered a processing architecture, called Akida™, which is both scalable and flexible to address the requirements in edge devices. At the edge, sensor inputs are analyzed at the point of acquisition rather than through transmission via the cloud to a data center. Akida is designed to provide a complete ultra-low power and fast AI Edge Network for vision, audio, olfactory and smart transducer applications. The reduction in system latency provides faster response and a more power efficient system that can reduce the large carbon footprint of data centers. About AFRL and AFWERX AFRL and AFWERX have partnered to streamline the Small Business Innovation Research process in an attempt to speed up the experience, broaden the pool of potential applicants and decrease bureaucratic overhead. Beginning in SBIR 18.2, and now in J203-CS01, the Air Force has begun offering 'The Open Topic' SBIR/STTR program that is faster, leaner and open to a broader range of innovations.

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Bandwidth Announces Integration with Pindrop to Add Out-of-the-Box Voice Authentication for Enterprise Contact Center Move to the Cloud

Bandwidth Inc. | March 21, 2022

Bandwidth Inc. (NASDAQ: BAND), a leading global enterprise cloud communications company, today announced a partnership and integration with PindropⓇ, a global leader in voice authentication technology. Now, Pindrop can be natively integrated with Bandwidth at the carrier level, giving enterprises a faster, more direct route to migrate their contact centers to the cloud with Pindrop's mission-critical authentication and anti-fraud technology already built in. "This integration is another significant step forward in our strategy to become the network platform of choice for enterprise cloud contact centers," said John Bell, Bandwidth's Chief Product Officer. "With this partnership, Pindrop's technology can help future-proof against evolving security issues in voice calling, with the added convenience and speed of an out-of-the-box solution with Bandwidth." "We are excited to be partnering with a leading global CPaaS provider like Bandwidth,'' says Gahn Lane, VP, Global Partners and Alliances at Pindrop. "Creating a great call center experience not only requires streamlined interaction time, but also a customer-first mindset, providing a better user experience while protecting customer accounts with next-level authentication. Bandwidth's cutting-edge, cloud-native platform streamlines the management and growth of our voice authentication and meets customers' needs with ease." In today's contact centers, security is increasingly important both as a convenience to end-users and to protect against voice-based attacks. An 800 percent increase in call volume over the past two years, combined with a 57 percent increase in fraud attacks, have left the contact center industry at a critical inflection point.(1) Traditionally, enterprises had to use complex on-premises equipment to connect third-party platforms such as Pindrop, or undertake time-consuming integrations with CCaaS platforms. Now, enterprises moving to a digital CCaaS solution can unbundle the telephony and "Bring Your Own Carrier" (BYOC) using Bandwidth, with Pindrop's authentication solution already integrated. This carrier-level integration is possible with Bandwidth's cloud-native platform, which seamlessly enables Pindrop to apply its advanced authentication scoring so enterprises can determine how to handle each incoming call. Large enterprises often have complex contact centers with multiple locations, expensive on-premises equipment, and contracts with multiple carriers and uncertain redundancy. Bandwidth's suite of CCaaS Duet solutions can now extend to include Pindrop within the call path, enabling enterprises to unbundle their telephony and easily integrate across their entire communications stack, while replacing legacy telecom carriers and most on-premises equipment with the Bandwidth platform. About Bandwidth Inc. Bandwidth (NASDAQ: BAND) is a global communications software company that helps enterprises connect people around the world with cloud-ready voice, messaging and emergency services. Backed by a network reaching 60+ countries covering 90 percent of global GDP, companies like Cisco, Google, Microsoft, RingCentral, Uber and Zoom use Bandwidth's APIs to easily embed communications into software and applications. Bandwidth has more than 20 years in the technology space and was the first Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) provider offering a robust selection of APIs built on our own global network. Our award-winning support teams help businesses around the world solve complex communications challenges every day.

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Sequans to Expand 4G and 5G Partnership with Renesas

Sequans | January 06, 2022

Sequans Communications S.A. (NYSE: SQNS), a leading provider of cellular IoT chips and modules, announced an expansion of its existing 4G/5G licensing agreements with Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE:6723, "Renesas"), a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, granting special rights to Renesas that strengthen the go-to-market opportunities for Sequans' LTE-M/NB-IoT Monarch 2 and Taurus 5G platforms. In particular, by building on Renesas' extensive sales, distribution and customer support capabilities, the deal allows Sequans to expand its serviceable addressable market to India. Additionally, Renesas will take a small equity stake in Sequans, and Renesas' Executive Vice President and Head of IoT and Infrastructure business unit, Dr. Sailesh Chittipeddi, will be nominated for election to the Sequans board of directors at the June 2022 shareholder meeting. The combined value of the business agreements and the equity investment, which is expected to close by January 14, 2022 subject to customary closing conditions, is approximately $20 million. These multi-year agreements are designed to allow Sequans and Renesas to achieve several mutually beneficial goals. First, the agreements provide better control of manufacturing and product cost, which is especially important given the current supply challenges. Second, the agreements reinforce the joint product offerings and expand market opportunities. Third, the equity stake and board seat facilitate management alignment to strengthen the partnership and make the joint business successful. "We are pleased to further strengthen our relationship with Renesas with both the LTE-M/NB-IoT and 5G businesses, as well as the opportunity to add Dr. Chittipeddi to the Sequans board,The expanded agreements reinforce our sales strategy and provide access to numerous new opportunities with a unique competitive solution while allowing us to leverage Renesas' strong global brand and manufacturing advantages." -Georges Karam, CEO of Sequans. Renesas values Sequans' comprehensive cellular IoT offering, which brings our global customers and us advanced 4G/5G IoT capabilities that can address the broadest scope of applications and develop new markets with unique needs," said Dr. Sailesh Chittipeddi. "Our deepening collaboration with Sequans enhances our global presence with best-in-class cellular IoT solutions. About Sequans Sequans Communications S.A. (NYSE: SQNS) is a leading developer and supplier of cellular IoT connectivity solutions, providing chips and modules for 5G/4G massive and broadband IoT. For 5G/4G massive IoT applications, Sequans provides a comprehensive product portfolio based on its flagship Monarch LTE-M/NB-IoT and Calliope Cat 1 chip platforms, featuring industry-leading low power consumption, a large set of integrated functionalities, and global deployment capability. For 5G/4G broadband IoT applications, Sequans offers a product portfolio based on its Cassiopeia Cat 4/Cat 6 4G and high-end Taurus 5G chip platforms, optimized for low-cost residential, enterprise, and industrial applications. Founded in 2003, Sequans is based in Paris, France with additional offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, Finland, Taiwan, South Korea, and China. Visit Sequans online at www.sequans.com, and follow us on Twitter and Linked-In.

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IP Infusion PRO Selected by YouFibre to Expand Fiber Network and Subscriber Reach

IP Infusion | December 18, 2021

IP Infusion, a leading provider of network disaggregation solutions for telecom and data communications operators, announced that YouFibre, a U.K.-based Internet Service Provider, has selected IP Infusion’s PRO disaggregated networking solution to help expand their fiber network to reach more subscribers with their Internet data usage and VoIP services. YouFibre needed a MPLS-based networking solution with flexibility, scalability, and agility to leverage Netomnia’s extensive fiber build-out plans. YouFibre selected IP Infusion PRO solutions, which integrates OcNOS®, a scalable network operating system, with industry leading web-scale open switching platforms from Edgecore Networks. The solution offers advanced routing capabilities and carrier-grade services that enable YouFibre to flexibly deploy its network and interoperate with the fiber infrastructure, data center and the Internet. IP Infusion’s carrier-grade disaggregated networking solutions allow network operators to create innovative services and accelerate new revenue streams. Its validated network operating system, combined with the choice of best-of-breed hardware, supports a diverse range of networking use cases. With IP Infusion’s advanced support services, network operators can migrate seamlessly to an end-to-end disaggregated networking solution that delivers lower Total Cost of Ownership. “For YouFibre to deliver ultrafast and affordable Internet to our customers, we require a networking solution that matches our mission of providing the best Internet experience possible. The IP Infusion PRO disaggregated networking solution delivers the latest in networking technology, performance and human-contact support that we needed for fast and agile deployment of our network,” -Sam Defreiz, Director of Networks at YouFibre. With IP Infusion PRO, YouFibre is able to benefit from the advantages of network disaggregation quickly and affordably. Without relying on traditional networks, YouFibre can accelerate its delivery of fast and innovative services to their customers, said Atsushi Ogata, President and CEO of IP Infusion. Edgecore is excited to work with IP Infusion on this disaggregated networking solution which will help YouFibre to expand its network capacity. The combination of OcNOS and Edgecore disaggregated hardware gives service providers a one-stop shop to address their growing network expansion requirements,”said Heimdall Siao, President, Edgecore Networks. OcNOS is the industry’s first full-featured modular extensible network OS for white box open networking solutions offering advanced capabilities that include extensive switching and routing support ranging from MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching), PTP (Precision Timing Protocol) and APIs/protocols for SDN (Software Defined Networking). OcNOS features hybrid, centralized or distributed network support; scalable, modular high-performance network; and a robust data plane built on merchant silicon. About IP Infusion IP Infusion enables disaggregated networking solutions for carriers, service providers and data center operators. We provide network OS solutions for today’s networks to allow network operators to reduce network costs, increase flexibility, and to deploy new features and services quickly. IP Infusion is a solution provider of the OcNOS® and ZebOS® network operating systems to our more than 300 customers and is an integrator and customer service provider for DANOS-Vyatta edition and Commercial SONiC Distribution. IP Infusion is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., and is a wholly owned and independently operated subsidiary of ACCESS CO., LTD. Additional information can be found at http://www.ipinfusion.com. IP Infusion, ZebOS, and OcNOS are trademarks or registered trademarks of IP Infusion. ACCESS is registered trademarks or trademarks of ACCESS CO., LTD. in the United States, Japan and/or other countries. Northforge Innovations is a registered trademark of Northforge Innovations, Inc. All other trademarks, service marks, registered trademarks, or registered service marks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

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This whitepaper outlines a set of best practices for the deployment of Amazon WorkSpaces. The paper covers network considerations, directory services and user authentication, security, and monitoring and logging. The document is broken into four categories to enable quicker access to relevant information. This document is intended for a network engineer, directory engineer, or security engineer.