Saturn Cloud Enables Easy and Powerful NVIDIA GPU Computing For Everyone

Saturn Cloud | October 14, 2020

Today, Saturn Cloud, the GPU data science company, announces the launch of Saturn Cloud Hosted, an open platform for multi-node multi-GPU computing in the cloud. The platform is available to anyone and everyone: corporations, startups, academics, students, and hobbyists. This new platform enables data scientists to spin up an NVIDIA GPU instance and run their Python code from JupyterLab, and even launch clusters of GPUs with Dask, a Python-native parallel computing framework. Saturn Cloud Hosted comes pre-loaded with images for popular deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch, as well as NVIDIA RAPIDS, an open GPU data science framework that allows users to accelerate array, dataframe, graph, and stream processing.


When it comes to enterprise security, no news is not necessarily good news. A lack of alerts about attempts to attack your system does not mean they did not happen because chances are, they did. Many large organizations track multiple attempts a week. A lack of alerts just means that while previous attacks were unsuccessful, you may not have received the information and insight you need from your security system to protect against the next attack.

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Keysight Technologies and Analog Devices Demonstrate Latest O-RAN Technology at Mobile World Congress 2022

Keysight Technologies, Inc | March 03, 2022

Keysight Technologies, Inc., (NYSE: KEYS), a leading technology company that delivers advanced design and validation solutions to help accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world, announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Analog Devices, Inc., which includes joint demonstrations of open radio access network (O-RAN) technology at key industry events.Analog Devices will use Keysight Open Radio Architect (KORA) solutions to showcase the performance of an O-RAN radio unit (O-RU) reference design in booth #2F25 at Mobile World Congress 2022, held from February 28 to March 3 in Barcelona, Spain. The O-RU reference design provides designers a tested platform, which includes Analog Devices’ new RadioVerse® SOC and an Intel© Agilex FPGA running Analog Devices 7.2x split low PHY baseband. It enables development of high-performance multi-channel O-RUs using an optimized number of components. “Keysight is pleased to strengthen the company’s collaboration with Analog Devices by joining forces at key industry Plugfests and exhibitions, as well as by aligning our respective O-RAN technology roadmaps to accelerate deployment of multi-vendor networks, KORA test tools allow Analog Devices to create end-to-end performance verification environments across a wide range of scenarios and use cases using real-world data.” -Giampaolo Tardioli, vice president and general manager of Keysight's Network Access group. Keysight offers a comprehensive suite of O-RAN solutions that span early pre-silicon development to system integration and addresses test requirements from the edge of the RAN to the core of the network. Analog Devices and Keysight recently collaborated to verify the interoperability and conformance of ADI’s 3.5GHz 5G O-RU platform at the 2021 Global Plugfest event organized by the O-RAN ALLIANCE. “As a leading provider of 4G and 5G software defined radios, Analog Devices supports the O-RAN ecosystem with solutions that speed time-to-market and deliver optimal performance for 5G networks, Keysight’s robust solutions for O-RAN test, validation and emulation enable Analog Devices to accelerate development schedules, delivering early access to advanced O-RU technology for a global O-RAN ecosystem.” -Joe Barry, vice president of Wireless Communications at Analog Devices. In June 2021, Keysight and Analog Devices initiated a collaboration to speed development of O-RAN solutions and ease the transition towards open, disaggregated and virtualized radio network architectures. Analog Devices leverages several KORA solutions, including Open RAN Studio and DuSIM. Open RAN Studio offers test capabilities across radio frequency (RF) and protocol measurement domains to create a complete O-RU test environment for performance, interoperability and conformance validation, ensuring compliance to both 3GPP and O-RAN specifications. DuSIM enables Analog Devices to validate the functionality, performance and conformance of a central unit by using embedded user equipment emulation capabilities. About Keysight Technologies Keysight delivers advanced design and validation solutions that help accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world. Keysight’s dedication to speed and precision extends to software-driven insights and analytics that bring tomorrow’s technology products to market faster across the development lifecycle, in design simulation, prototype validation, automated software testing, manufacturing analysis, and network performance optimization and visibility in enterprise, service provider and cloud environments. Our customers span the worldwide communications and industrial ecosystems, aerospace and defense, automotive, energy, semiconductor and general electronics markets. Keysight generated revenues of $4.9B in fiscal year 2021. For more information about Keysight Technologies (NYSE: KEYS), visit us at

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DISH Wireless Selects Samsung Electronics for 5G Open Radio Access Network Rollout

Samsung Electronics | May 09, 2022

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and DISH Network Corporation (NYSE: DISH) announce that Samsung Electronics was selected for the deployment of 5G Open Radio Access Network solutions across DISH Wireless' SMART 5G™ network. Per the multi-year agreement, the companies will collaborate to deploy Samsung's 5G O-RAN-compliant virtualized RAN (vRAN) solutions and radio units in markets across the U.S., supporting DISH's 5G commercial services. "Samsung's 5G solutions will play an integral role in our network expansion, giving us the flexibility to deploy our cloud-native network with software-based solutions that support advanced services and operational scalability," said John Swieringa, president and chief operating officer, DISH Wireless. "We look forward to working with Samsung, whose industry leadership in vRAN and O-RAN innovation will help to support our vision of delivering open, interoperable cloud-based 5G services to consumers and enterprises across the U.S." Samsung is excited to join this 5G journey with DISH, a pioneer in bringing new experiences to households and businesses around the country, leveraging openness and virtualization that sit at the heart of network evolution. Our advanced 5G vRAN and radio solutions bring telco-grade quality and cloud-based agility together, building on these benefits to enable more customers to experience the full value of commercial 5G Open RAN." Mark Louison, executive vice president and head of the Networks Business, Samsung Electronics America. Samsung Networks Business will supply DISH Wireless with its 5G and RAN solutions, vRAN software and a variety of O-RAN compliant radio units, including Massive MIMO radios. Samsung's vRAN can operate on any commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) server, while still delivering performance on par with traditional hardware-based equipment. With its cloud-native architecture, DISH's Open RAN deployment is based on open interfaces, allowing for multi-vendor interoperability and various deployment scenarios. The Samsung radios will also support all of DISH's Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) and Time Division Duplex (TDD) spectrum bands (including n71, n29, n66, n70, n48 and n77). About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Samsung inspires the world and shapes the future with transformative ideas and technologies. The company is redefining the worlds of TVs, smartphones, wearable devices, tablets, digital appliances, network systems, and memory, system LSI, foundry and LED solutions.

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ADVA’s Ensemble Activator network operating system scores industry first with MEF 3.0 certification

ADVA | March 02, 2022

ADVA (FSE: ADV) announced that its Ensemble Activator carrier-grade network operating system (NOS) is now MEF 3.0-certified as part of a multi-vendor system. While this certification is well established with hardware products, ADVA’s Ensemble Activator is the market’s first software solution to achieve MEF 3.0-certified status. The award proves that a multi-vendor disaggregated product can meet the industry’s most rigorous standards and highlights the value of open ecosystems for delivering next-generation mobile services in a software-defined networking (SDN) environment. The certified solution features Ensemble Activator, specifically developed for white boxes as part of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), running on Edgecore’s innovative DCSG open hardware design.“Achieving MEF 3.0 certification with our Ensemble Activator network operating system provides mobile network operators (MNOs) with a clear path to the benefits of separated software and hardware. It opens the door to unprecedented levels of scalability, efficiency and flexibility in large, geographically dispersed multi-vendor transport infrastructure,” said Mike Heffner, GM of Edge Cloud, ADVA. “Our MEF-compliant operating system will empower MNOs across the world to accelerate their digital transformation. Now they can embrace disaggregation and diversification with complete confidence in technologies that adhere to industry-best standards.” MEF certification is the industry’s most trusted reference for Carrier Ethernet equipment standardization. To win MEF 3.0-complaint status, the multi-vendor system from ADVA and Edgecore underwent an extensive suite of rigorous tests, evaluating its ability to deliver the highest levels of performance under extreme operating conditions. The DCSG specification was developed by a joint operator community within TIP’s Open Optical & Packet Transport (OOPT) project group and is one of the first projects to introduce open, standards-based disaggregated hardware and software for use in telecom transport networks. What’s more, as a holder of a TIP Compliance Ribbon for DCSG, ADVA’s NOS is now featured on the TIP Exchange, which helps service providers easily evaluate technology solutions and partners. “Today’s announcement is a key milestone for disaggregated vendor-neutral networking solutions. It establishes that open and disaggregated solutions can offer the carrier-grade robustness, efficiency and scale needed for deployment in the most demanding of networking environments, Edgecore’s hardened DCSG platform featuring ADVA’s Ensemble Activator enables MNOs to rapidly grow their backhaul infrastructure to 100Gbit/s and 25Gbit/s interfaces and offers accurate timing synchronization capabilities for the most stringent of 5G mobile network requirements. These disaggregated solutions allow MNOs to better control their network infrastructure and improve their total cost of ownership over the deployment lifecycle. Already compliant with TIP specifications, our joint solution now has the MEF 3.0 stamp of approval. For MNOs looking to modernize their infrastructure, our solution demonstrates that it is possible to escape vendor lock-in and harness the capabilities and benefits of open disaggregated solutions for mobile networks.” -Heimdall Siao, president of Edgecore Networks Today’s news highlights the impact of our support for collaboration and interoperability and shows how the work of the TIP community is reshaping the networking technology landscape. With MEF 3.0 certification, ADVA and Edgecore’s TIP-incubated DCSG will enable more MNOs to tap into the power of openness and disaggregation to reduce costs, increase innovation and extend high-quality connectivity across the world,” said Diego Mari Moreton, manager of connectivity technologies and ecosystems at Meta and lead of the TIP OOPT project group. “This solution has been proven to meet the needs of the most demanding mobile networks. It demonstrates that MNOs can realize the advantages of disaggregation without sacrificing performance and paves the way for the mass rollout of 5G services. About ADVA ADVA is a company founded on innovation and focused on helping our customers succeed. Our technology forms the building blocks of a shared digital future and empowers networks across the globe. We’re continually developing breakthrough hardware and software that leads the networking industry and creates new business opportunities. It’s these open connectivity solutions that enable our customers to deliver the cloud and mobile services that are vital to today’s society and for imagining new tomorrows. Together, we’re building a truly connected and sustainable future. For more information on how we can help you, please visit us at

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EdgeQ Showcases and Samples 5G Small Cell and O-RAN PCIe Accelerator Card

EdgeQ | June 17, 2022

EdgeQ Inc, a leader in 5G wireless infrastructure, showcased and sampled a massively integrated, all-in-one, 4G+5G small cell and a highly programmable O-RAN PCIe acceleration card. The announcement comes at a time when EdgeQ is sampling and entering trials with worldwide OEMs and operators on their ground breaking 5G Base Station-on-a-Chip technology. The highly scalable, flexibly adaptive EdgeQ platform targets both gnB small cells and O-RAN applications in a completely softwarized manner. By compacting 4G, 5G, and compute into a single-chip, EdgeQ showcased an all-in-one small cell with fully integrated Radio Unit (RU), Distributed Unit (DU), and Central Unit (CU); L1, L2, L3 stacks; and fully inclusive ORAN splits. The scalable architecture packs unprecedented throughput performance across a large set of concurrent users, but all within a compact power envelop enabling Power-Over-Ethernet. The same EdgeQ platform can also be refactored into a multi-carrier, multi-user, massive MIMO DU base station with L1 inline acceleration. By simply uploading O-RAN Distributed Unit firmware, EdgeQ showcased both 4G and 5G Physical Layer running across an eCPRI interface but now with O-RAN splits in a multi-user environment. “EdgeQ’s platform provides both 4G+5G in a single silicon unit, which is an unsolved pain point in today’s industry,” said Stephen Sek, Chief of Technology, US & EU Technology Centers, Wistron NeWeb Corporation (WNC). “By coupling low power with massive 5G+4G PHY integration and L2+L3 support, EdgeQ’s value statement is disruptively compelling for private and public 5G networks alike.” “These two landmark demonstrations show how we address the many pluralities of 5G. For small cells, the 5G network can be reconstituted as an all-in-one 5G gNB, complete with our field deployable 4G/5G PHY and integrated L2+L3 in a single silicon. We can leverage that exact silicon to also run a fully compliant O-RAN Distributed Unit PCIe card interoperating with standard O-RAN based splits. Having the gNB and PCIe accelerator card predicated on the same design platform greatly facilitates deployment ease as well as overall integration into our customers’ networks,” said Adil Kidwai, Head of Product Management at EdgeQ, “We have imagined a highly flexible, softwarized 5G platform that is integrative, low power, and remarkably disruptive.” EdgeQ has also announced that they are sampling the gNB solution and PCIe card as they enter into the revenue phase of the company. About EdgeQ EdgeQ is a leading innovator in 5G systems-on-a-chip. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, with offices in San Diego, CA and Bangalore, India. Led by executives from Qualcomm, Intel, and Broadcom, EdgeQ is pioneering converged connectivity and AI that is fully software-customizable and programmable. The company is backed by world-renowned investors.

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When it comes to enterprise security, no news is not necessarily good news. A lack of alerts about attempts to attack your system does not mean they did not happen because chances are, they did. Many large organizations track multiple attempts a week. A lack of alerts just means that while previous attacks were unsuccessful, you may not have received the information and insight you need from your security system to protect against the next attack.