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Netskope Announces Netskope Network Visionaries, An Elite Advisory Group Focused on Network Transformation

Netskope | July 11, 2022 | Read time : 6:14 min

Netskope, the leader in Security Service Edge (SSE) and Zero Trust, today announced the formation of Netskope Network Visionaries, a new advisory group focused on the critical role network transformation plays in application, data and security transformation as modern enterprises embrace hybrid work. Inaugural members include well-known industry veterans Elaine Feeney and Alan Hannan, who will work closely with Netskope and its customers on the networking and infrastructure investments required on-premises and in the cloud to support the requirements of a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture.

Enterprises are rapidly adopting SASE and applying Zero Trust principles to safeguard data everywhere, support digital transformation efforts, and simplify and achieve better return-on-investment for their technology. According to Gartner, by 2025, at least 60% of enterprises will have explicit strategies and timelines for SASE adoption encompassing user, branch and edge access, up from 10% in 20201.

But to succeed, SASE requires transforming the underlying network and also incorporating key infrastructure elements such as edge compute and network peering that support the convergence of networking and security. As Netskope has demonstrated with a $100M+ investment in its NewEdge security private cloud, positioning data-centric security as close to the user as possible, with fast low-latency on-ramps, efficient traffic processing, and optimized access to the applications and content that matter most to enterprises—all without degrading performance—is key to a SASE-ready architecture.

As the world's largest, fastest, and highest-performing security private cloud, Netskope NewEdge powers the real-time, inline and out-of-band, API-driven security services of Netskope Intelligent SSE, allowing security to be deployed at the edge where and when it's needed and accelerating how enterprises adopt SASE, while eliminating performance trade-offs..

Netskope Network Visionaries
The new Netskope Network Visionaries advisory team will focus on:

Providing insights on the most important issues and key challenges affecting networking and infrastructure leaders
Evangelizing the critical role of network architecture, design, and performance in successful SASE and SSE implementations
Identifying and sharing customer and industry best practices for SASE and Zero Trust
Influencing the strategic direction of Netskope and its product roadmap to ensure tight alignment with network transformation and the mission of networking and infrastructure leaders
Elaine Feeney

Currently an advisor for PointOne Development Corp., Elaine Feeney was previously Vice President of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Infrastructure Global Expansion, responsible for expanding AWS' worldwide data center facilities and network infrastructure. At AWS, she oversaw the strategy, planning, and contracting of data center facilities, edge nodes/POPs, dark fiber, and subsea cable network connectivity with the aim of continually increasing the AWS portfolio globally. Prior to AWS, Elaine held leadership roles at Fortune 100 companies including Sun Microsystems, Citibank, and MCI. Elaine has been recognized as a strong technical leader by achieving numerous "Outstanding Women in Business," "Entrepreneur of the Year," and "CEO of the Year" awards.

"For years enterprises have struggled to find solutions that deliver effective security without negatively impacting the speed of service," said Elaine Feeney. "With NewEdge, Netskope has an extensive global infrastructure of full compute data centers with elaborate peering that eliminates this trade-off. Now customers can have both security and speed by leveraging Netskope's investment in the infrastructure and team to make this possible. Coming from one of the world's largest public cloud providers, I understand the unique value that Netskope has created and am pleased to work closely with the industry leaders that Netskope has attracted as they transform the networking and security industry."

Alan Hannan
Alan Hannan is currently an advisor to Crowdstrike, where he previously served as Vice President of Technical Operations and Engineering. A widely renowned expert in public and private cloud networking, optimizing Internet paths, backbone ISP, and other networking disciplines, Alan has also held leadership roles at UUNET, Global Crossing, Aruba Networks, Fast Data Delivery, Alcatel-Lucent, Oort, and Internap Network Services.

"Success in SASE happens when enterprises also prioritize network performance and architecture," said Alan Hannan. "Netskope recognized early on that these things matter, and prioritized the building of NewEdge—and a focus on critical requirements for network transformation—alongside their industry-leading security portfolio. I'm very excited to support this next stage of their journey as a Netskope Network Visionary."

The launch of Netskope Network Visionaries marks the latest in a series of key network networking transformation milestones and networking-related alliance partnerships for Netskope. Continuing its mission to offer security without performance trade-offs, Netskope today offers full-compute data centers for NewEdge in more than 50 regions worldwide, offering customers the lowest latency and highest-performing network infrastructure backed by unmatched, industry-leading Service Level Agreements. Every data center is accessible to every customer without additional fees or surcharges, with all Netskope Security Cloud services available, including cloud firewall, secure web gateway, cloud access security broker, zero trust network access, and more.

"We bet on building the world's most well-connected network, NewEdge, back when the industry was still looking at us as 'only' a security vendor. In doing so, Netskope today is uniquely able to deliver what's needed for SASE without sacrificing network performance, We are honored to welcome top-caliber industry talent in Elaine and Alan as Netskope Network Visionaries, joining our distinguished roster of networking experts to help our customers at every stage of their successful SASE journey."

Joe DePalo, SVP, Platform Engineering at Netskope

For more on Netskope, SASE, and network transformation:

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About Netskope NewEdge
Netskope NewEdge is the security private cloud that powers the portfolio of real-time, inline and out-of-band Netskope Security Cloud services, including FWaaS, SWG, CASB, ZTNA and more. Powered today by data centers in more than 57 regions, each with full compute, extensive peering, the full stack of SSE services, plus accessible to every customer without surcharges, NewEdge is one of the largest and most well-connected networks in the world.

To give customers the confidence in sending their traffic to NewEdge, Netskope is completely transparent with its support terms, including details of its industry-best Service Level Agreements for uptime/availability and latency, as well as the Netskope Trust Portal which provides real-time, publicly-accessible status of Netskope's global data centers and services, plus updates on incidents and maintenance.

About Netskope
Netskope, a global cybersecurity leader, is redefining cloud, data, and network security to help organizations apply Zero Trust principles to protect data. The Netskope Intelligent Security Service Edge (SSE) platform is fast, easy to use, and secures people, devices, and data anywhere they go. Netskope helps customers reduce risk, accelerate performance, and get unrivaled visibility into any cloud, web, and private application activity. Thousands of customers, including more than 25 of the Fortune 100, trust Netskope and its powerful NewEdge network to address evolving threats, new risks, technology shifts, organizational and network changes, and new regulatory requirements.


En la actualidad, las redes 5G NR privadas que ofrecen todas las ventajas de las tecnologías celulares más avanzadas pueden implementarse prácticamente en cualquier lugar. Las instalaciones más pequeñas pueden aprovechar el alcance, la cobertura, la fiabilidad y el rendimiento de la tecnología 5G en el espectro de los 3.5 GHz pa

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Adtran expands Mosaic One subscriber solutions with Intellifi® for next-generation in-home Wi-Fi

businesswire | August 22, 2023

Adtran today expanded its Mosaic One subscriber solutions with the launch of Intellifi®. This cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution designed specifically for communication service providers (CSPs) equips them with the tools to effectively monitor, manage and monetize residential Wi-Fi networks. Until now, it was challenging for CSPs to scale to the full potential offered by residential Wi-Fi. Intellifi® resolves this problem and effectively enables CSPs to provide customers with an effortless, always-on in-home mesh Wi-Fi experience while at the same time lowering opex costs and creating new revenue opportunities. “Our Intellifi® solution is a significant milestone for CSPs and completely redefines in-home Wi-Fi. Until now, monitoring and controlling residential Wi-Fi networks was complex and costly. Resolving basic issues required time-intensive support and expensive truck rolls. It was a financial drain rather than a financial opportunity. Intellifi® puts an end to these problems,” commented Eric Presworsky, GM of residential solutions at Adtran. “Intellifi® transforms what’s possible with in-home Wi-Fi networks. By giving CSPs the tools and insights they need to effectively manage these systems, we’re not only providing them with the opportunity to grow customer satisfaction and loyalty, but we’re also presenting them with whole new revenue potential.” Intellifi® is composed of several key building blocks. Intellifi® MeshView is a cloud-hosted portal that enables CSPs to manage and optimize in-home Wi-Fi experiences. From self-identifying issues to remotely resolving them, Intellifi® MeshView empowers frontline customer support representatives and technical support staff. The Intellifi® mobile app is an intuitive end-user tool that enables subscriber self-installs and offers enhanced controls for personalized in-home Wi-Fi. These include access to detailed network status, parental controls and device management, all in an easy-to-use and intuitive format that helps build a loyal subscriber base. The final element is Adtran’s multigigabit service delivery gateways (SDGs) and mesh satellites. Collectively, these components deliver a seamless, secure and hassle-free in-home Wi-Fi service. With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, Intellifi® can be deployed within a CSP’s network in less than a day and decreases subscriber install times to a matter of minutes. The highly reliable system offers uninterrupted connectivity even during cloud management outages. With Triband mesh satellites, Intellifi® delivers true Gigabit throughput across the home, 50% higher capacity mesh backhaul and four times lower latency for enhanced gaming performance. Intellifi® also reduces costs by up to $1,000 per truck roll through its virtual field technician feature, and its overall TCO is up to 20% lower over five years compared to other vendors. What’s more, Adtran’s pricing model with a single bill for all SaaS services provides customers with complete transparency and peace of mind. “We’ve been testing Adtran’s Intellifi® solution for several months and there can be no question that it’s going to have an enormous impact on our business. For a long time, we’ve been unable to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by in-home Wi-Fi. But Intellifi® fixes that for us,” commented Will Fogle, VP of Pierce Telecom. “It solves three key problems. Firstly, it provides our customers with an easy way to manage their mesh Wi-Fi networks. Secondly, it gives us a way to quickly troubleshoot and remotely remedy issues that arise. Thirdly, it opens the door to new revenue opportunities. Until now, it was hard to monetize residential Wi-Fi. Not anymore.” About Adtran ADTRAN Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADTN and FSE: QH9) is the parent company of Adtran, Inc., a leading global provider of open, disaggregated networking and communications solutions that enable voice, data, video and internet communications across any network infrastructure. From the cloud edge to the subscriber edge, Adtran empowers communications service providers around the world to manage and scale services that connect people, places and things. Adtran solutions are used by service providers, private enterprises, government organizations and millions of individual users worldwide. ADTRAN Holdings, Inc. is also the largest shareholder of Adtran Networks SE, formerly ADVA Optical Networking SE.

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ENet launches new 4G/5G services in Guyana powered by Mavenir’s Cloud-Native IMS and Digital BSS

businesswire | July 12, 2023

Mavenir, the Network Software Provider building the future of networks with cloud-native solutions that run on any cloud, announced today that ENet, Guyana’s leading provider of internet, television and ICT solutions, has gone live with 4G and 5G voice and billing services nationwide, across Guyana. ENet’s new network services are driven by Mavenir’s Cloud-Native IMS and Mavenir’s Digital Enablement Platform (MDE) – a Digital Business Support System (BSS) and Converged Charging System. ENet, the only locally owned telecommunications company in Guyana and the country’s newest mobile telecoms provider, now offers unlimited talk, text and data Orange Plans on its 4G/5G VoLTE (Voice over LTE) network. ENet’s network is a game-changer for mobile subscribers in Guyana, as users will no longer be constrained by expensive and limited data allocations. “As the first service provider in Guyana to bring 4G and 5G VoLTE networks to the market, ENet is leveraging the latest advanced technology designed to meet the demands of the Guyanese people,” said Vishok Persaud, CEO of ENet. “Mavenir has been the go-to partner at each and every stage of delivery, providing advanced and innovative solutions that have enabled ENet to launch new mobile services with automation.” Antonio Correa, Senior Regional VP at Mavenir, said, “ENet and Mavenir share a common vision of enabling software-based automated networks of the future. ENet was able to build on its successes in fixed wireless and fiber optic to create and launch Guyana’s first 4G and 5G network. This is a significant milestone for Guyana, and we are proud to be part of this achievement.” ENet’s newly launched 4G and 5G network services are powered by Mavenir’s microservice-based architecture, for fully automated cloud environments. The solutions provided include: - Mavenir’s Cloud-Native IMS enabling ENet to provide all mobile voice services and modern operations by deploying continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) in containerized environments to increase productivity and maximize network investments. - Mavenir’s 3GPP standard-compliant Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) to provide granular control over the Quality of Service for data and voice in ENet’s 4G+5G network. - Mavenir’s Digital Enablement (MDE) BSS Platform, that allows ENet to swiftly implement new services through a flexible, containerized BSS, facilitating automated design and testing. Some of the key sub-systems from MDE BSS platform include: An App and Portal that enables ENet to provide a seamless digital self-service experience to their subscribers. 4G+5G Converged Charging System (CCS), enabling ENet to evolve billing services and launch new prepaid mobile service packages. The same CCS system will be used to enable future postpaid mobile service packages. Charging Gateway Function (CGF), enabling management of Call and Event data records for regulatory as well as analytics and business intelligence needs. About Mavenir Mavenir is building the future of networks and pioneering advanced technology, focusing on the vision of a single, software-based automated network that runs on any cloud. As the industry's only end-to-end, cloud-native network software provider, Mavenir is focused on transforming the way the world connects, accelerating software network transformation for 250+ Communications Service Providers and Enterprises in over 120 countries, which serve more than 50% of the world’s subscribers. About ENet ENet is Guyana’s leading provider of digital cable television, internet, information technology, and media services. We strive to provide our customers with choice, innovation, and value as we deliver premium content and new ways to access and view content.

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Wibernet Expands Multi-Gigabit Coverage with 5G Fixed Wireless Solutions from Cambium Networks

prnewswire | July 28, 2023

Cambium Networks (NADSAQ: CMBM), a leading global provider of networking solutions, announced today that broadband service provider Wibernet in Cape Town, South Africa is providing 200 Mbps connections to business and residential subscribers by deploying cnWave™ 5G Fixed wireless technology using the licensed 26 – 28 GHz mmWave frequency bands. Wibernet was the first to launch the cnWave technology commercially in Africa. With cnWave's rapid deployment capability, Wibernet was able to deploy multiple towers in just a few weeks' time and is now winning new broadband customers by offering 200 Mbps and 50 Mbps packages. The Wibernet business has increased, and their customers are excited by the higher speed services. "cnWave 5G Fixed has given us a competitive edge delivering true fiber like speeds over the air," said Russell Purdon, Founder and Owner, Wibernet. "Our highly skilled network engineers design our network to be of the highest standard using carrier class wireless and fiber infrastructure that rivals even the biggest most successful ISP's around." Read more details of Wibernet's deployment in this case study and this video. cnWave 5G Fixed solutions are built on a high-performance radio interface that is optimized for fixed wireless and frequency re-use. The system also uses Cambium Networks' cnMedusa™ Massive MU-MIMO technology, which enhances sector capacity by combining a smart beamforming antenna array with multiple RF transmit and receive chains, multiplying available capacity by enabling more customers to simultaneously use the spectrum. "Service providers need to focus on delivering excellent end-user experiences," said Cambium Networks president and CEO Atul Bhatnagar. "With 5G Fixed technology, fiber and other FWA and Wi-Fi solutions all converged under cnMaestro™ cloud management, Cambium's ONE Network makes it easy for service providers to satisfy business and residential customers." Cambium's 5G Fixed solution consists of two primary elements: cnWave™ 5G Fixed Base Transceiver Station (BTS) - Delivering more than 2 Gbps and leveraging cnMedusa™ MU-MIMO technology and the 5GNR protocol. The BTS is built on software-defined radio (SDR) architecture to enable continuous evolution and enhancements. cnWave™ 5G Fixed Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) – Provides over 300 Mbps of aggregate throughput using 5G NR protocol and SDR architecture. About Cambium Networks Cambium Networks enables service providers, enterprises, industrial organizations, and governments to deliver exceptional digital experiences and device connectivity with compelling economics. Our ONE Network platform simplifies management of Cambium Networks' wired and wireless broadband and network edge technologies. Our customers can focus more resources on managing their business rather than the network. We deliver connectivity that just works.

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Versa Networks Zero Trust Network Access Earns RECOMMENDED Rating from Independent Testing Lab

businesswire | August 10, 2023

Versa Networks, the recognized leader of single-vendor Unified Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), today announced that the Versa Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution received a Recommended Rating by, including passing all Authentication & Identity, Resource Access, Routing & Policy Enforcement, and TLS/SSL tests. CyberRatings is a non-profit member organization that provides transparency and expert guidance on cybersecurity risks through research and objective product testing. In Q3 2023, CyberRatings conducted an independent “real world” test of Versa’s Security Service Edge (SSE) focused on its Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) capabilities. The tests were performed using Amazon Web Services and CyberRatings’ facility in Austin, Texas. CyberRatings pioneered real world testing of existing and emerging cybersecurity technologies, and its Zero Trust Network Access Test (ZTNA) Methodology test was first published in June 2021. “We are pleased, but not surprised, to see that the Versa ZTNA has been validated and recommended by CyberRatings, by passing every functional test and delivering extremely high performance,” said Dan Maier, Versa Networks CMO. “While SSE technology is not new to the market, many companies are trying to claim product leadership in the space, and security buyers often have a difficult time determining what level of performance and functionality they should expect from these solutions. Independent testing organizations such as CyberRatings that evaluate products under real world conditions are vitally important to help clear away this confusion, and we are excited that this report shows that enterprises can rely on Versa when looking for a proven ZTNA solution.” CyberRatings Testing Details for Versa Networks ZTNA Further details on the CyberRatings ZTNA tests Versa passed include: Authentication & Identity – Authentication and Identity are essential for the security of the network and users. ZTNA products tested need to support and identify all connections and users, and verify their authentication. In addition, ZTNA products need to prove they can then apply identity-aware policies. Versa ZTNA passed all tests. Resource Access – In a zero-trust environment, users are provided limited access to data and applications based on their role, rather than having access to entire internal networks. Tested products need to remotely access applications in darknets, apply identity-based access control for these networks, and restrict lateral movement within these networks. Versa ZTNA passed all tests. Routing & Policy Enforcement – ZTNA products tested must be able to securely route or forward traffic through the cloud service via commonly accepted tunnel methods supported by routers and firewalls and/or via an agent deployed on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. To verify that ZTNA products could consistently and effectively enforce network configuration policies, CyberRatings created a complex, real-world, multiple-zone configuration that supports many addressing modes, policies, and applications, and traffic was tested at each level of complexity to ensure specified policies were enforced. Versa ZTNA passed all tests. TLS/SSL tests – The use of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol and its current iteration, Transport Layer Security (TLS), is now the norm, with over 77% of web traffic sent over HTTPS. To address the growing threat of focused attacks using the most common web protocols and applications, the capabilities of the ZTNA was tested to detect attacks concealed by encryption and attacks against the encryption protocols themselves. Versa ZTNA passed all tests. Performance – Making an informed decision regarding the performance of a ZTNA offering requires understanding the impact of the ZTNA on traffic passing through it under various load conditions. The tests in this section measure the performance of a device using traffic scenarios that allow the inference of real-world performance. CyberRatings measured performance with different packet sizes and payloads to capture the ZTNA’s performance curves for HTTP and HTTPS. Versa ZTNA delivered extremely high HTTP and HTTPS throughput across a range of packet sizes and connections per second, delivering an aggregate rated throughput of 930 Mbps. “As a non-profit, our mission is to provide organizations with objective assessments to help them select security offerings,” said Vikram Phatak, CEO of “It is clear from the results that Versa Networks has built a high-performing and reliable ZTNA solution.” About Versa Networks Versa Networks, the leader in single-vendor Unified SASE platforms, delivers AI/ML-powered SSE and SD-WAN solutions. The platform provides networking and security with true multitenancy, and sophisticated analytics via the cloud, on-premises, or as a blended combination of both to meet SASE requirements for small to extremely large enterprises and Service Providers. Thousands of customers globally with hundreds of thousands of sites and millions of users trust Versa with their mission critical networks and security. Versa Networks is privately held and funded by Sequoia Capital, Mayfield, Artis Ventures, Verizon Ventures, Comcast Ventures, BlackRock Inc., Liberty Global Ventures, Princeville Capital, RPS Ventures and Triangle Peak Partners.

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En la actualidad, las redes 5G NR privadas que ofrecen todas las ventajas de las tecnologías celulares más avanzadas pueden implementarse prácticamente en cualquier lugar. Las instalaciones más pequeñas pueden aprovechar el alcance, la cobertura, la fiabilidad y el rendimiento de la tecnología 5G en el espectro de los 3.5 GHz pa