Webinar - Networking and Collaboration in the Digital Age


In today's world everyone is a content creator, in 2016 a quarter of the world will own a smartphone. Join us for this informative FREE webinar about:The importance / impact of collaboration in the digital age.
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Cloud-first is the catalyst enabling organizations to digitize services and transform operations to attract the digitalized business and consumer. As part of this trend, many are embracing cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps.


Re-imagining Networks - NFWare’s High-Performance Virtual Networking Solutions


One of the main aims of the NFV-concept is to replace dedicated proprietary network hardware with flexible and scalable software-based solutions. However, all but one of today’s VNF solutions demonstrate benefits in terms of flexibility and scalability, but not the levels of performance that the industry demands.
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Taking Networking to the Cloud with Eastview Church

Cisco Meraki

With just two people, the IT team at Eastview Church is able to configure, deploy, and troubleshoot all of their devices remotely, thanks to Cisco Meraki APs, switches, security appliances, and mobile device management. Watch now to hear Dustin Cassidy, Pastor of IT at Eastview Church in central Illinois, share his experience using Meraki to provide a reliable and secure network for thousands of visitors a week. From being able to see live traffic on any given switch port, to setting up secure site-to-site VPN in a few clicks, you’ll hear about it all! Dustin and a Meraki Product Specialist will chat about the Eastview - Meraki deployment story in this interactive webinar
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Microservices Network Architecture 101


In this episode of the Demystifying Networking webinar series, we'll examine the different underlying network architectures for building Microservices. If you wonder what is Flannel, Weave, IPVLAN, MacVLAN and how do they all fit together with Docker, Swarm or Kubernetes, attend this webinar. If you wonder how containers communicate: with other containers on the same box, with containers on other boxes, or with non-containers, come attend this webinar.
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Solving Wi-Fi Performance Problems with Cloud-Managed Services - Jan 28 2014

Aruba Networks

Tired of user complaints about Wi-Fi? Looking to modernize your WLAN but strapped by budget and personnel constraints? There is a solution. Cloud Wi-Fi. Learn to avoid the common mistakes that occur when users connect their own devices to WLANs that have great coverage but no capacity. We’ll also show you how cloud-managed services can turn Wi-Fi into a high-performance enterprise-grade WLAN without the price tag.
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