Securing Applications and Data within Next-Gen DC Networks

Big Switch Networks

Modern application workloads are agile and dynamic with VMs spun up/down and moved around on-demand. Securing these applications involves going beyond perimeter security and protecting the increasing amount of VM-to-VM (east-west) traffic within the data center.
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Allied Telesis is launching the industry’s first full SDN solution for Enterprise networks.
Called Secure Enterprise SDN (SES), this solution combines leading applications with a full-featured OpenFlow implementation, to deliver:
- Improved network security


Methodology Matters: Selecting the Right QSA-C for Your Organization's Needs


Your organization has its own unique IT infrastructure, business model, risk profile and tolerance. The best strategy for streamlining your annual Payment Card Industry (PCI) validation process is to make sure that your Qualified Security Assessor Company (QSA-C) employs a sound and forward-looking methodology for your assessments. A key first step is understanding the critical differences between risk acceptance and risk mitigation and the implications for your business.
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Manage Your Switches Like Servers


With Cumulus Linux and Puppet Enterprise, you can now automate and monitor your switches like servers, helping network operators realize the promise of an agile network with advantages like increased deployment speeds, reduced human error, full visibility into infrastructure changes and the ability for networking teams to contribute to the Puppet code that manages infrastructure configuration.
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Cloud Managed WiFi at Portsmouth City Council

Cisco Meraki

Join us as Simon Whitworth, Network Architect at Portsmouth City Council, discusses the WiFi project for Portsmouth, their plans for network configuration, roll out as well as participating in a live Q&A session.
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The New Wireless Network: Using AI to Make Wi-Fi Predictable, Reliable, and Measurable

Verizon Wireless

Wireless is more critical than ever. But, it is also harder than ever to manage. The amount of devices and applications are growing exponentially, as is the expectation for wireless networks that are predictable and reliable. AI is the answer. Through software automation and insight you can lower Wi-FI OPEX, maximize visibility into the user experience, and deliver amazing new location services that help drive business value. Join Mist and Verizon where we walk through how to use AI to build the IT infrastructure for the next decade.
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