Revolutionizing Network Management with a Software-Defined WAN

Compounding the challenge, most IT organizations’ WAN budgets have remained flat, straining limited resources even further and often resulting in quality of service issues for end users. Software-defined WANs, or SD-WANs, have the potential to solve many of these problems by giving IT departments centralized, end-to-end visibility into their WAN traffic along with the ability to analyze, troubleshoot, and correct performance issues much more quickly.
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Welcome to HostingCon 2013. Bilal Javaid, Arbor Networks' Sales Engineer, took a few minutes to talk to us about the benefits cloud solutions and hosting providers see from using Arbor Networks' security solutions.


Making the Switch to Bare Metal and Open Networking


It's no surprise that networking is changing. Companies like Google and Facebook have built their hyperscale data centers and pushed to change networking in the same ways that they have changed computing.
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HETNET Strategies with Oi Brazil and Maravedis-Rethink Sept 2014

Maravedis LLC

Operators are moving towards hyper-dense networks made up of far smaller cells of coverage. However, many technologies will be used to fill those cells – self-contained mini-base stations, enhanced WiFi hotspots, DAS and distributed radio systems.
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5 Compelling Reasons to Upgrade to the Latest NIOS Releases


When our new software releases pack so much punch, you know you better check it out. And the best way to find out what’s new in Infoblox NIOS versions 8.0 and NIOS 7.3 is to let us walk you through it.
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Where Intent-Based Networking Goes from Here


Intent-based networking (IBN) is the catch-all term for the gradual shift from today’s manual network operations to a more hands-off automated ecosystem. Using AI, sensor-driven data flows, virtual abstraction and a host of other technologies, the idea is simply to define what you hope to achieve, then let the data environment itself configure the network in the most optimal way to suit those needs.
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