Monitoring Network Performance in China

Learn about the most common network issues in China, as well as best practices for monitoring DNS, benchmarking performance and sanitizing content for the Great Firewall.
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Today we are talking three key networking technologies of the future - SD-WAN, cloud based firewalls, and infrastructure as a service. Check it out!


Debunking SD-WAN Myths for Effective Enterprise Network Transformation

TATA Communications

Many enterprises are currently on a trajectory for virtualizing their network services. There is a clear evolution path emerging - one that is taking customers from their legacy IP and Ethernet VPNs towards Hybrid VPNs - whereby the Internet is increasingly taking traffic loads and must be business-grade, and then towards SDN/NFV.
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BYOD & IoT: The growing threat to network security

Aerohive Networks

The majority of IT professionals expressed concern about the risks associated with BYOD and IoT (Internet of Things) devices are associated in the workplace. Private terminals are used in many industries, with nearly half of the company plans to deploy IoT devices also for security and monitoring. How to create transparency about what really connects to your network anyway, stay in control and the flexibility of your users can make?
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Reinventing the network with an SD-WAN

This new and disruptive technology has taken the industry by storm - delivering the promise of accelerated WAN performance, extended visibility and control as well as a massive cost savings of up to 90%. IDC reports that the SD-WAN market will reach $6 billion by 2020 and independent studies such as the one conducted by Silver Peak and IDG show that 92% of enterprise organizations surveyed will implement an SD-WAN in the next 12 months.
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Testing OpenDaylight Beryllium for Scale and Performance


Intel developers tested scale and performance of the OpenDaylight Beryllium release. Attendees will learn how engineers developed a novel way to test the scale of southbound interfaces such as OVSDB and NetVirt using an Open vSwitch Docker container. In addition attendees will hear about Intel engineers' contributions to the recently released “OpenDaylight Performance: A Practical, Empirical Guide” white paper.
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