Microservices Network Architecture


In this episode of the Demystifying Networking webinar series, we'll examine the different underlying network architectures for building Microservices. If you wonder what is Flannel, Weave, IPVLAN, MacVLAN and how do they all fit together with Docker, Swarm or Kubernetes, attend this webinar. If you wonder how containers communicate: with other containers on the same box, with containers on other boxes, or with non-containers, come attend this webinar.
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Mobile networks have never mattered more. Connections are set to double and data traffic will increase 11-fold over the next five years.


A DNA-based Archival Storage System

University of Washington

"Demand for data storage is growing exponentially, but the capacity of existing storage media is not keeping up. Using DNA to archive data is an attractive possibility because it is extremely dense, with a raw limit of 1 exabyte/mm3 (10^9 GB/mm3), and long-lasting, with observed half-life of over 500 years. This work presents an architecture for a DNA-based archival storage system. It is structured as a key-value store, and leverages common biochemical techniques to provide random access. We also propose a new encoding scheme that offers controllable redundancy, trading off reliability for density. We demonstrate feasibility, random access, and robustness of the proposed encoding with wet lab experiments. Finally, we highlight trends in biotechnology that indicate the impending practicality of DNA storage."
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How 5G can improve your consumer business


The 5G business potential for consumers is a hot topic. In this webinar we will share our facts, insights and views on topics such as Consumer expectations on 5G Consumer interest and willingness to pay for 5G enabled services Business case for enhanced mobile broadband Approaches for 4G to 5G network evolution Join the Ericsson and Mobile World Live webinar for a holistic understanding of some of the key considerations for service providers in planning for the introduction of 5G.
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Keeping NFV on track

STL Partners

Many telecoms operators see network function virtualisation (NFV) as a core driver of their transformation into more agile and flexible organisations. However, there is less consensus across the industry on the best way to structure virtualisation programmes to achieve this goal. In this webinar, we discuss the extent of live NFV deployments by operators in Europe and North America, and assess the various strategic and tactical plays available to those looking to keep on track with their virtualisation programme. We also share insights from our work with operators worldwide, and our growing NFV Deployment Tracker service.
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Wireshark Week: Security Secrets for Network Teams

Viavi Solutions

With network teams increasingly involved in all aspects of security from threat prevention to breach investigation and remediation, understanding how to be proactive is critical. Experts show you how to effectively work with security teams on threat prevention, investigations, and cleanup efforts.
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