Management, Control, and Analytics: The Ins and Outs of Extreme’s Solution

Network management can either be tense and labor-intensive or efficient and even enjoyable. It all depends on the power of the network management environment and the insight it provides.
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Wireless technology has evolved rapidly since the turn of the century. From voice-only 2G capabilities and internet-enabled 3G, today’s ecosystem of wireless activity is founded on the reliable connection of 4G.


Breaching the External Network Security Perimeter


Network security device vendors have done a good job of preventing or minimizing external attacks on enterprise network infrastructure by adding a range of capabilities to their products, such as access control, IPS, VPN, DLP, antivirus, and other threat prevention measures. Now attackers are looking for innovative ways of gaining access to valuable enterprise data. We will explore various techniques attackers employ to bypass protections and gain access to an internal network—having no special resources other than information publicly available over the Internet.

BitBusters: Clip-On Cisco WLAN

Aruba Networks

Not all APs are made the same. Cisco promises an upgrade path to higher performance with clip-on APs. RC helicopters uncovered a different story in this head-to-head performance test with 11n and 11ac laptops.

Operationalizing BGP in the SDDC


BGP is a popular routing protocol used in the Data Center (DC). But as the protocol that powers the Internet, it also comes armed with a lot of sophistication that scares many who think a CCIE or CCNA is required to even understand it.

Power Over Ethernet


Power over Ethernet (PoE) offers a simple way to maximize the capabilities, efficiency, and control of your network, including the existing copper cabling infrastructure. PoE also offers big benefits to enterprise networks, ranging from future-proofing to lowering wiring and labor costs.This webinar highlights the driving factors behind PoE's growth as a competitive technology for the enterprise: How PoE can improve operational efficiency, including energy and space use Ways PoE can reduce installation, maintenance, and administrative costs Existing and emerging real-world applications for PoE.