How SD-WAN Can Unleash Application Performance Without Sacrificing Branch Security


SD-WAN helps enterprises evolve branch networks, with better performance and cost savings over traditional WANs. And while Gartner notes that SD-WAN products now incorporate internet perimeter security, more than 90% of vendors are not traditional security providers, which causes clients to question whether they can rely on embedded security alone. Join our webinar to learn how the latest FortiOS 6.0 improvements allow Fortinet’s integrated SD-WAN capabilities to support:
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Network complexity is increasing. Service providers need to become more agile at network planning and rollout to keep up with changing network technologies.


Top Considerations for Deploying SD-WAN in a Large Enterprise

VeloCloud Networks

Very large and multinational enterprises require SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) solutions that enable them to deploy flexible, secure, high performance WAN connectivity that reliably scales to large numbers and various sizes of distributed branch locations and the cloud. Before embarking on an SD-WAN deployment journey across thousands of branches, you must consider the top factors that impact the efficiency, speed, and, ultimately, the success of your implementation.
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SD-WAN in a Retail Store

VeloCloud Networks™ , Inc.

Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) gained significant momentum in 2015 with hundreds of retail companies deploying the solution to keep up with the demands of bandwidth hungry applications, implement omni-channel integration and pressure to deliver “Apple-like” store experience for modern shoppers.
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Boosting Hadoop Performance with Emulex OneConnect 10Gb Ethernet Adapters

Emulex Corporation

Join the Emulex Advanced Development Organization for an in-depth analysis of how Emulex OneConnect Adapters quadruple the performance over 1GbE networks for Hadoop cluster environments, addressing the 'Big Data' performance needs of cloud providers and users. Traditional 1GbE networks have not kept pace with the growth of Big Data – Emulex offers an ideal solution.
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Proactive Incident Managemen

The last thing any organization wants is its name in a headline due to a cyber-breach. With cyber-crime on the rise, how do organizations ensure that they have their eyes open to the ever-changing threat landscape and that they're taking the best steps to mitigate risk before a breach occurs?
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