Enabling Retail Innovation at Tommy Bahama with Cloud Networking

Tommy Bahama's VP of IT, Stewart Hubbard, will share how cloud networking supports mobile PoS in stores and guest WiFi at restaurants. Because Cisco Meraki APs deploy lightning-fast, Tommy Bahama was able to support a promotion that required iPads for PoS at every store, with only two months notice. Cisco Meraki's APs are PCI-compliant and include next gen retail features like retail analytics and Presence API.
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VSS Monitoring is a world leader in network packet brokers (NPB), providing a unique systems approach to enable network-wide and link-layer visibility, access and offload for a broad ecosystem of network monitoring and security tools.


[Webinar] Tech Briefing: Routing Algorithms


In this webinar we will show you the advantages of the various routing algorithms and how you can improve the quality of your PCB projects.In this webinar you will learn more about:Differences and advantages of specific routing algorithms and how they can be used in your day-to-day design work,Multi-track routing and the use of fan-outs with high pin-count components and local driven routing contraints.

The New Wireless Network: Using AI to Make Wi-Fi Predictable, Reliable, and Measurable

Verizon Wireless

Wireless is more critical than ever. But, it is also harder than ever to manage. The amount of devices and applications are growing exponentially, as is the expectation for wireless networks that are predictable and reliable. AI is the answer. Through software automation and insight you can lower Wi-FI OPEX, maximize visibility into the user experience, and deliver amazing new location services that help drive business value. Join Mist and Verizon where we walk through how to use AI to build the IT infrastructure for the next decade.

Risk-Based Security in a Hyper-Connected World


For many organizations, investments in new processes and technologies is on top of the priorities list. From behavioral analytics, big data solutions, and "one touch" processes that require no manual intervention, companies are always on the lookout for technology innovations that can achieve a considerable return on investment.

Be the Hero with Network Monitoring Software

HP, Apple, Microsoft

The goal of network monitoring is not just awareness. You want to find and fix network issues before users or customers call complaining of sluggish performance or connectivity issues. IT and network professionals may not be celebrated often, but we know that with the challenges you face every day keeping users happy and networks healthy, you deserve a cape.