Becoming a digital railway. How and where to begin your transformation journey

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Automated, autonomous, secure, data driven, smart and efficient… all of these are attributes of the digital railway of the future.  At the heart of this transformation is a powerful, and intelligent mission-critical railway communications network. One that brings you all the benefits of broadband and mobility through technologies like IP/MPLS, LTE and 5G - and a network that can deliver on the promises of industrial IoT. 

But how do we get there? 

Your 24/7/365 railway can’t slow down or be delayed for network upgrades and transformation.  You need it to keep moving forward, while at the same time, managing its evolution to achieve the benefits of modernization and growth.

You need a trusted provider of mission-critical solutions, one with deep networking expertise and proven experience evolving critical communications networks like yours in some of the most challenging environments - whether crossing borders, addressing multi-vendor requirements, or meeting the most stringent reliability requirements. For over 30 years, Nokia has been the trusted partner of railways and other mission critical enterprises throughout the world.  We can help you address your unique needs, together we can: 

  • Evaluate the life cycle of aging and legacy networks. 
  • Migrate to high performance next generation IP-based communications networks.
  • Ensure safety as the highest priority by meeting the availability and reliability requirements of    mission-critical applications such as automatic train control (e.g. ETCS and CBTC).
  • Support anywhere machine-to-machine and Internet of Things (IoT) communications to enable more effective preventive maintenance.
  • Improve your passenger and cargo customer experience through broadband multi-services network deployment.

​To learn about the requirements and considerations needed to transform your railway communications network, we invite you to download the white paper “The new landscape for railway operator communications”.

 Let us help your railway travel at the speed of life!

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