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WiFi 6 Gains Certification, Inches Closer to Mass Adoption

September 16, 2019 / Matt Kapko

The next evolution of WiFi, 802.11ax, is now available for certification the global industry consortium Wi-Fi Alliance announced today. The technology, which is being marketed as “WiFi 6,” claims to substantially improve network performance for a more diverse set of devices and specialized requirements. Similar to the benefits trumpeted by 5G vendors, WiFi 6 will deliver higher speeds, lower latency, greater power efficiency, heightened capacity, and an enhanced coverage footprint, according to the group. It also boasted that WiFi carries more than half of all global internet traffic today. WiFi Certified 6 products will deliver “nearly four times the capacity of WiFi 5” and increase operators’ ability to offload traffic to devices based on their environment and requirements, including low power, low latency, industrial IoT scenarios, and demanding enterprise applications, according to the group. Formalizing a Well-Defined Standard “Companies have be...