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US using 5G scare story to play catch-up

December 25, 2019 / Global Times

As we move ahead toward 2020, Western nations are creating a new narrative of an enemy that must be contained: the China made 5G network. Starting with privacy and data sharing concerns, diverse political and economic figures in the US and Europe have framed the 5G network upgrade as a matter of national security related not only to military affairs, but also citizens' ordinary lives. Unfortunately, it is a matter of pure government intervention on behalf of a few corporations that are facing stiff competition and lagging behind when it comes to deploying a reliable 5G network. By falsely accusing Huawei of being "a state sponsored company that will share citizen's private data with the Chinese government," the tone was set to give reprieve to local companies to play catch-up with the China innovation drive, legally creating a monopoly under national security concerns, and stopping Huawei from becoming a global tech giant enterprise, thus blocking China from taking the lead in the fifth industrial revolution. Keeping up with the security narrative, the US and its allies have a more sinister objective behind the banning of Huawei from their markets. It is called the Five Eyes security protocol, the agreement signed between Canada, the US, New Zealand, the UK, and Australia, a mass surveillance program that collects data from citizens' usage of the internet, social media, phones, and basically anything we as citizens are doing.