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US Turns To Huawei Rivals For 5G Software, Networking Gear

October 09, 2019 / Deidre Richardson

With Huawei on the Trump Administration's bad side (and the US Entity List), the current administration is turning to Huawei rivals Ericsson and Nokia for 5G networking gear. But Trump is discovering that Huawei's dominant presence in 5G and telecom is forcing the US (in light of the Trump Ban) to turn to multiple companies to take Huawei's place. Nokia and Ericsson, Huawei telecom rivals, replace dominant supplier. Nokia and Ericsson make their own telecom equipment and have been Huawei rivals globally. Nokia CTO Marcus Weldon has already said on record that Huawei's "favorite son" status in China with its government subsidies made it incredibly difficult for Nokia to compete there. The US doesn't have its own telecom equipment manufacturers. With Huawei off the table, Huawei being one of the largest manufacturers of telecom equipment worldwide with a 28% market share, Nokia and Ericsson are the other two industry giants.