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US allies defy Trump administration‘s plea to ban Huawei from 5G networks

December 01, 2019 / Stock Daily Dish

While Donald Trump‘s administration has tried to , including those in Europe, to ban the Chinese firm from being included in the rollout of the next generation of mobile networking technologies, nations including the and aren‘t listening.

Germany‘s 5G spectrum auction — a process in which carriers bid for certain radio frequencies in order to provide the new version of high-speed mobile internet.

The U.S. alleges that Huawei‘s networking equipment could be used for espionage by the Chinese government. Huawei has and said it would never allow Beijing to get its hands on customer data. , however, about Huawei‘s assurances because Chinese national security laws appear to compel companies operating in the country to comply with all government requests for such info.

What‘s at stake is control over what experts describe as one of the most important technologies in recent times. 5G is not just about making...