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The nbn™ broadband access network is helping to accelerate digital transformation to support new ways of working

July 10, 2019 / CIO

The pulse of digital transformation continues to quicken, as early wins from new infrastructure drive additional investments in transformative technologies that are supporting new ways of working. Australian businesses know that flexible working delivers real financial benefits, and they’re spending up to realise those benefits. Ovum figures suggest that 76 percent of Australian businesses will increase their IT budgets this year over last year, with nearly 30 percent saying they will increase their budget by 6 percent or more. Much of this is being spent on data-centre consolidation, cloud applications, and improved connectivity between sites that are helping businesses deliver key services to customers better than ever, no matter where they are. These investments lie at the heart of new ways of working that help employees benefit from connectivity and flexibility. And that connectivity is increasingly becoming possible thanks to the flexibility provided by the range of wholesal...