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Telstra chair likens 5G health truthers to anti-vaccination and Flat Earth movements

October 15, 2019 / Chris Duckett

Once someone believes 5G will impact their health, there is little that will change their position, John Mullen said at the Telstra annual general meeting in response to a question from a shareholder. There is absolutely not one shred of evidence that 5G or for that matter, 4G, has any harmful effect on humans," Mullen said on Tuesday. "And I realise for those that believe -- like anti-vaccination or even the Flat Earth Society -- it is very hard to change people's opinion." Mullen pointed to the entire telecommunications industry, as well as governments, conducting research into the area, and said there were no health impacts from the technology. "If ever there is any indication whatsoever that we and the industry are wrong, you can be 100% sure that we will not only accept the liability, but we will be all over it," he said. But as of today, there is absolutely no evidence." In response to Mullen, the shareholder claimed they were "electrically ...