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Telco’s Antenna Assets to Become an Essential Element in the 5G Era

July 29, 2020 / Jake Saunders

Mobile telcos have difficult financial, operational, and logistical challenges balancing the various needs of mobile cellular voice, mobile broadband, and OTT video services. The secret to the mobile carrier’s success has been managing, indeed “multiplying,” capacity for its customers to use. As we move firmly into the 5G era, the deployment and management of the telco’s antenna assets will become an essential element to building not just coverage but also capacity within their networks. As of April 2020, the GSA reported 73 operators in 41 countries have launched their commercial 5G services. ABI Research anticipates the migration to 5G from mobile operators to end users will accelerate. 5G subscriptions are forecasted to grow from around 0.2 billion in 2020 to 3 billion in 2025, representing a CAGR of 56%. By 2025, the total amount of traffic carried on mobile networks will grow to 4,150 exabytes by 2025, and 58% is likely to come from 5G. The macro and roof-top cell-site are the mainstay of the mobile telco network. Despite the often-substantial nature of the installation, the number of antenna mounts are limited at the top of the mast. 6 out of 10 cell-sites now belong to tower management companies that have two, three, or perhaps even four telco tenants per site.