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T-Mobile Plans to Light up Standalone 5G This Quarter

July 22, 2020 / Kelly Hill

T-Mobile US plans to activate a Standalone 5G core this quarter and is meanwhile expanding its use of both 2.5 GHz and 600 MHz for service in a number of U.S. cities, as the carrier continues its integration of the Sprint network. In a blog post updating the carrier’s recent 5G-related progress, President of Technology Neville Ray said that T-Mobile US is “hard at work getting ready to light up standalone 5G this quarter” and highlighted its recent standalone 5G data testing. Having SA 5G, he said, “will expand our coverage and bring with it improved latency and faster uploads. It will also pave the way for applications that require real-time responses and massive connectivity such as mobile augmented and virtual reality, cloud gaming, smart factories and meters and even connected vehicles.” Ray also took the opportunity to tout recent analysis from OpenSignal and Ookla on T-Mobile US’ 5G network availability. The carrier’s reliance on far-reaching 600 MHz spectrum for 5G means that its 5G footprint significantly outstrips the other national carriers’ 5G coverage areas. Verizon in particular relied on millimeter wave for its initial deployments, and AT&T has moved to a mix of high- and low-band 5G deployments. Verizon expects to be able to dramatically expand its 5G coverage via the use of Dynamic Spectrum Sharing later this year.