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Sprint’s 5G Prospects, Future at Stake Amid Merger Uncertainty

October 08, 2019 / Matt Kapko

Uncertainty over the outcome of its proposed merger with T-Mobile US amid a rising tide of 5G deployments has put Sprint in the uncomfortable position of staying on course while it weighs options as a standalone or combined entity. Almost 18 months have passed since it inked that $26.5 billion merger deal with T-Mobile US, and yet there’s nothing on the immediate horizon that indicates that process will reach a conclusion anytime soon. A group of 18 state attorneys general have filed a joint lawsuit to block the merger, which has already garnered support from the Justice Department (DoJ) and a majority of commissioners at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). DoJ officials are reportedly in discussions with the attorneys general to alleviate their respective concerns, but there has not been any breakthroughs yet and the lawsuit isn’t scheduled to reach a trial start date until Dec. 9. That means there’s a strong likelihood that Sprint will be heading into 2020 ...