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Samsung demos drone solution for 4G, 5G network optimization

June 22, 2020 / RCR Wireless

Samsung Electronics demonstrated its new drone-based antenna configuration measurement solution for 4G and 5G networks. Performed on the company’s campus, the demonstration involved the use of a smartphone with a remote control application that connected to a camera-equipped drone, which captured photos of the antennas installed on a building’s rooftop. According to Samsung, the drone solution will simplify cell site management, while also improving employee safety and optimizing network performance. After the photos of the cell antennas are captured, they are viewable via the smartphone and can then be transmitted to a cloud server within seconds, where Samsung said that deep learning-based artificial intelligence (AI) solution instantly verifies the rotation and tilt of the antennas, so that it can be determined if the antennas were installed correctly at predefined optimal angles. Results can be transmitted and processed in less than minute, Samsung said, which allowed the engineer on the ground to view them on-site in near-real-time on the smartphone screen. Following the demo, Samsung stated that it was confirmed that the solution can accomplish the entire task of ensure proper antenna positioning and configuration within 15 minutes — a clear advantage, when compared to the several hours it can take for a tower climber to do the same.