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Rivada Networks Totally Opposes the Nationalization of 5G

October 09, 2020 / Prnewswire

Like vampires, some bad ideas just won't die. Also like vampires, some bad ideas exist only in the imaginations of those who believe in them. Rivada Networks does not believe in vampires, and it does not support nationalizing "5G," 5G networks, or anything else. It even opposes the nationalization of radio spectrum, which took place in 1927. It is Rivada's firm position that this egregious assault on common-law property rights, should be reversed. Yet we keep hearing that someone, somewhere, wants to nationalize "5G." Often, that goal is attributed to Rivada, but we know that isn't true. So we want to add our voice to those condemning, in the strongest terms, anyone planning to nationalize 5G in America. Whoever they may be. Assuming they exist.