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Predicting 2020 trends across DesignOps, AppDev, AI, IoT and 5G

November 27, 2019 / Jonathan Greig

Artificial intelligence, blockchain and IoT devices are just a few of the tools that analysts and executives believe will play a huge role in the coming year. For 2020, many organizations will augment or expand digital transformation efforts into digital innovation to drive business results. Digital transformation isn't going away and never will as long as there are ongoing opportunities for transformation," said Mark Troester, vice president of strategy at the technology development company Progress. Making digital innovation part of the fabric doesn't necessarily call for separate teams or big investments," Troester said. "It starts by developing a culture of innovation by grounding teams in objectives and their accountability for them, and then give them broad discretion to execute." "Try hackathons that aren't limited to writing software—think about how you can improve business processes, experiment with different GTM approaches, new sales...