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Nokia Incorporates Qualcomm 5G RAN platform for boost indoor small cells

October 16, 2020 / Bevin Fletcher

Nokia is using Qualcomm’s 5G RAN platform to boost indoor small cells for coverage in residential and small enterprise locations. The Finnish vendor’s new 5G Smart Node using the Qualcomm FSM100xx modem should be available starting in the first quarter of 2021. Band support initially includes n78, and all sub-bands within, according to Nokia. That will be followed by support for band n41 (which is T-Mobile’s 2.5 GHz), n77 (which covers C-band spectrum in the U.S.) and n48 (CBRS in the U.S.). The new mountable product can be affixed to tabletops, ceilings, or walls, with a plug-and-play package that reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) since it doesn’t require in-house expertise for installation.