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Nationwide and Cambridge Mobile Telematics Partner to Help Drivers Reduce Phone Distraction

October 07, 2020 / Prnewswire

A close call behind the wheel is an experience everyone is thankful to avoid, yet more than a third (37%) of car trips in 2019 had distracted driving, according to research from Cambridge Mobile Telematics1 (CMT). The dangers of distracted driving are real. Research from Nationwide has found that 66% of consumers believe the leading cause of accidents is distracted driving2. Nationwide's SmartRide® mobile app powered by CMT will now show drivers when and where they were driving while distracted by their phones. Nationwide is partnering with CMT to deliver this experience with the goal of making roads safer by informing drivers of their phone distractions while behind the wheel. The distracted driving feedback comes from CMT's smartphone telematics platform that infers distraction from sensor data, user engagement and behavioral science. This feedback provided via the app will help show drivers how to become safer behind the wheel.