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Momentum Dynamics Wireless Charging System On Jaguar I-PACE Electric Taxis: World's First Wireless Taxi Rank

June 24, 2020 / PR Newswire

Momentum Dynamics will provide the wireless charging system to Jaguar Land Rover vehicles to support the City of Oslo with the world's first high-powered wireless taxis. In a programme known as 'ElectriCity', Momentum will join Jaguar Land Rover, Nordic taxi operator Cabonline (NorgesTaxi AS), the region's largest charge point operator Fortum Recharge and the City of Oslo to build wireless, high-powered charging infrastructure for taxis in the Norwegian capital. The project will be the first wireless high-powered charging system for electric taxis in the world and by providing a fully automatic charging infrastructure model that can be implemented almost anywhere, it will help the rapid adoption of electric vehicles globally. Fortum Recharge, who will be supporting the installation and electrification of the project, identified the need for a more efficient charging experience for taxi drivers in Oslo and enlisted the support of Momentum Dynamics in integrating the wireless charging infrastructure. Jaguar Land Rover will provide 25 Momentum-outfitted Jaguar I-PACE models to Cabonline, the largest taxi network in the Nordics. The brand's performance SUV has been designed to enable Momentum Dynamic's wireless charging technology, making it the ideal vehicle to drive the initiative. A team of engineers and technicians from both Momentum Dynamics and Jaguar Land Rover were engaged to help in testing the solution, and Cabonline signed up to operate the fleet as part of Oslo's ElectriCity programme.