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Huawei maths reckons 1,500 Australian jobs to go due to 5G ban

December 01, 2019 / Chris Duckett

In August, Huawei said it had cut 100 jobs in Australia, and over the next five years the number could rise as high as 400 redundancies thanks to the ban placed on the company in 5G rollouts by the Australian government. Just over three months later, Huawei has decided to factor in a number of jobs of local contractors and subcontractors to come up with a total of 1,500 jobs by the end of next year. The Chinese giant said its annual payments to local contractors has dropped by "tens of millions of dollars" already, with its construction work to end in the coming two years. "Our suppliers are overwhelmingly small-to-medium sized business employing around 30 people and in many cases Huawei is currently delivering around 80% of their annual revenues -- so without us they are in huge trouble," Huawei Australia director of corporate and public affairs Jeremy Mitchell said. "Once you factor in the sub-contractors that are employed by our principal suppliers, we are c...