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Huawei and Airtel use 1Gbps microwave MIMO backhaul for 5G

September 30, 2019 / Chris Duckett

Indian telco Bharti Airtel has rolled out over 100 hops using microwave Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology from Huawei that has increased its backhaul capacity by a multiple of four, the Chinese giant said on Sunday. The MIMO links between the towers have been used for half a year and are capable of transmitting up to 13 kilometres while using 20% less power, Huawei said. The company claimed Airtel now had the largest deployment of MIMO microwave on the planet. The 1Gbps links currently use 28MHz of spectrum, and with the addition of another 28MHz, will hit 2Gbps. Last week, Huawei founder and chief executive officer Ren Zhengfei said the company would be willing to licence all of its 5G technology to a US company. "Source code, hardware, software, and the verification, production and manufacturing know-how, all of these are included in the package. And if they need it, we can also license the design of the chipsets," Ren said.