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How network pros acquire skills for SDN, programmable networks

July 10, 2019 / Network World

Jason Pichardo’s career path has mirrored the changes in networking over the past decade, moving from a traditional hardware-dominated past to a software-centric future that reflects the network’s growing importance to business operations. “The industry started having conversations about digital transformation, and already we have moved to a hybrid-cloud state with programmability and orchestration. We’ve gone from talking about switches and routers to talking about how to speed to market faster and how to accomplish business tasks at a faster rate,” says Pichardo, senior network architect at insurance provider Anthem. (The opinions he expresses are his own, not those of Anthem, Inc.) Pichardo has shifted from network engineer to a blend of network engineer and architectural engineer to pure architect. The moves have come so fast that, unlike his formal network training, he has had to get creative with attaining the skills necessary to succeed at digital t...