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How important are open networking solutions for data centre modernisation?

November 28, 2019 / Jess Phillips

Cumulus Networks, a leader in building open, modern and scalable networks, has released research that shows UK IT leaders have reached a breaking point with proprietary infrastructure and open networking is their new norm. While 68% of technology leaders are interested in adopting more open technology, 59% of UK companies are already using open networking solutions to modernise their data centres to increase agility and scalability. Technology limitations within the data centre are often cited as a key roadblock adopting latest technology such as AI and 5G. Networking infrastructure, in particular proprietary solutions, is not immune to this as 77% of companies are mostly not getting what they need from their current network. Decision makers want to take advantage of 5G (33%), AI (35%) and high-bandwidth streaming (26%). And these trends are compelling the world’s largest data centres to change their entire philosophy about the architecture, dynamics and purpose of networks. It&r...