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Dish Network’s 5G Plans Set for Market ‘Inflection Point’

October 03, 2019 / Dan Meyer

Dish Network’s attempt to enter the 5G mobile telecom space may be up in the air, but a company executive this week said that if it does happen it will be entering that space at a very fortuitous time. Tom Cullen, EVP of sales, programming, and marketing at Dish Network, told attendees at this week’s 5G: Futures event put on by industry trade association CTIA, that it’s not often that a company can enter a business at “an inflection point” that is 5G. He explained that this ability to launch a greenfield network near the beginning of a technology cycle provides the carrier with a significant advantage against its legacy — and substantially larger — rivals. Cullen said it was still the “top of the first,” using a baseball reference to note that the market was still in early days. But he did add that he expects that to “change a lot over the next 18 months.”