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Airwaves Opened up to Support Wireless Revolution

August 13, 2019 / Aithority

Farmers, factories and business parks are some of the groups that could benefit from a revolution in wireless technology, following a decision by Ofcom to open up airwaves to support innovation and enable new services. Ofcom manages the UK’s airwaves or spectrum which are crucial to power services such as mobile phones, wireless broadband and connected devices. To help promote wireless innovation across the UK economy, we have today decided to open up airwaves that previously could only be used by certain parties. We’re also allowing different groups to access airwaves licensed to mobile companies, but not being used by them. Under the a new sharing framework, these airwaves will be available for local use by a range of other parties such as small businesses or pioneering start-up firms. Ofcom is adding safeguards to ensure that these users do not cause interference to existing users.