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5G rollout offers a side benefit for businesses seeking advanced connectivity

October 07, 2019 / Craig Drinkhall

Wireless service providers are beginning to launch and roll out 5G network technology in cities nationwide. 5G brings faster networks and higher speeds to mobile devices to support new and exciting applications. Sometimes, it brings some not-so-pleasing items to your neighborhood like more antennas and wires, or unwanted construction. Providers work with local communities to minimize these effects through techniques like disguised antennas and hidden electronics. One of the often overlooked and pleasant side benefits of expanded 5G coverage is that it brings additional fiber to your neighborhood. Prior to 5G, most wireless coverage has been provided by a few of what are called “macro” towers. They are usually on a hill or a tall building, and typically there are only one or two in a local area. Though the coverage to your mobile device is wireless, it requires fiber to be run to those macro towers. Even when new or more fiber is added along that run, its benefits are usuall...