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5G is only just arriving, but 6G plans are underway

March 21, 2019 / Matthew DeCarlo

The event’s agenda is scheduled to kick off with discourse about what 5G will be and then move on to subjects such as mmWave (millimeter wave) localization, the convergence of sensing and communication after 5G, ambient and quantum backscatter communications, integrated circuit designs for terahertz applications, and the future of IoT.  5G connectivity will rely on the combination of existing and new infrastructure, and is largely being developed in response to the increasing number of devices that are expected to require wireless network connectivity. Along with helping establish the proverbial “Internet of Things,” there’s an ever-increasing demand for improved coverage, throughput and latency – the last of which being perhaps the primary advancement that 5G will offer, as low latency connections will enable anything from remote brain surgery to more accurate logistics across countless industries.