Vocus to Acquire Challenge Networks to Gain Wireless Network Capabilities

Vocus | February 06, 2023 | Read time : 01:23 min


Vocus, a provider of specialist fiber and network solutions, has recently signed a contract to acquire its long-time partner, Challenge Networks, a pioneer in designing and deploying private mobile networks. The acquisition advances Vocus' strategy of providing secure, high-capacity connectivity to Australian enterprise and government customers wherever they are via its national fiber, satellite, and now wireless network infrastructure.

Including wireless network capability complements Vocus's $1 billion investment strategy, which involves network capacity upgrades and the deployment of significant new fiber infrastructure, including the Horizon and Highclere projects in Australia's northwest. It also follows the December launch of Vocus Satellite – Starlink, after Vocus signed a contract with Starlink to offer LEO (low earth orbit) satellite services across Australia to government and enterprise customers.

Challenge Networks, a leading provider of private LTE/5G networks, designs, implements, and operates private 4G and 5G networks for customers who require secure, dependable, and high-capacity wireless coverage on their sites to support operational technology (OT) use cases. These custom-designed mobile networks can be deployed at hospitals, universities, floating platforms at sea, mines, vessels, ports, and any other site requiring highly reliable and secure wireless connectivity.

By acquiring Challenge Networks, Vocus will be able to construct more private LTE and 5G networks for customers and offer them a fully managed service on a service-billed basis, as opposed to customers funding the infrastructure themselves.

Challenge Networks co-founder Simon Lardner and Challenge Networks staff will join the Vocus business. Jack Smyth, a veteran of the wireless industry and co-founder of Challenge Networks, will retire from the company.

About Vocus

Vocus is a premier provider of specialist fiber and network solutions based in Melbourne, Victoria. With a team of world-class experts, it defies convention and does things differently to simplify brilliant solutions. The company owns and operates a 25,000-kilometer fiber network that is purpose-built and handled for business and government. Australian consumers and small businesses are provided simple and affordable mobile, voice, broadband, and energy services through its well-known retail brands. The company understands the importance of straightforward and dependable technology and enables more control over the aspects that are crucial to the client.


Are you interested in the benefits of virtualized networks for telecoms, especially with the rise of 5G? ARED's infrastructure and platform as a service solution is bringing scalability, performance, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness to VRN and 5G/software-based networks.


Are you interested in the benefits of virtualized networks for telecoms, especially with the rise of 5G? ARED's infrastructure and platform as a service solution is bringing scalability, performance, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness to VRN and 5G/software-based networks.

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Akoustis Technologies, Inc., an integrated device manufacturer (IDM) producing patented bulk acoustic wave (BAW) high-band RF filters for wireless applications, recently announced that its Tier-1 RF component company client has placed its first large-volume purchase order for their 5G mobile filters. The filter is built into the customer's new multiplexer product and is expected to ship in the first half of calendar 2023 as part of a significant chipset OEM reference design. It is produced using the Akoustis XBAW® process. Akoustis' new wafer-level-packages (WLPs) from its Canandaigua, New York fab are used by the filter solution. In addition, the new XBAW®-based design addresses coexistence difficulties between 5G mid-bands and Wi-Fi 6E 5 to 7 GHz bands. After implementing the first solution, the customer is considering using XBAW® filters for further applications, including future modules for 5G smartphones, alongside other mobile devices. The BAW high-band RF filter is the first product to ship with the WLP created and built by the company. Addressing the global supply chain issues, Akoustis has been designing proprietary WLP technology and chip-scale packaging (CSP) in its New York facility for the past year, and is accelerating its manufacturing capabilities to target the 5G mobile device market using filter products made with the XBAW® process. The new CSP and WLP technologies are significantly smaller than Akoustis' current generation packages and have lower back-end manufacturing costs. Akoustis has entered the industry with its new Wi-Fi 6E coexistence XBAW® filter solutions. In addition, it is producing Wi-Fi 6 tandem filter solutions in volume, shipping several 5G small cell XBAW® filter solutions, and providing many customers with initial designs of its new 5G mobile filter solutions. With customer interactions indicating an increase in Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E, and 5G mobile in calendar 2023 and rapidly increasing sales funnel activity, the company is developing its production capacity at the New York fab to around 0.5 billion filters per year. About Akoustis Technologies, Inc Based in Huntersville, North Carolina, Akoustis is an RF BAW filter company that provides high-power, ultra-wideband, and high-frequency solutions for 5G infrastructure, 5G mobile, Wi-Fi AP, and other markets. The company is leading the way in MEMS wafer semiconductor manufacturing and next-generation materials science to meet market demand for improved RF filters. The company uses its patented XBAW® manufacturing process to make bulk acoustic wave RF filters for the wireless markets. These filters make it easier to get signals and speed up band performance between the antenna and the digital back end.

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Nextivity Adds HARMONY and CEL-FI QUATRA 4000c to Its Portfolio

Nextivity Inc | January 05, 2023

Nextivity announced the market’s first neutral host active DAS hybrid solution with the convergence of private cellular, with the release of its CEL-FI QUATRA 4000C and HARMONY private networking service. Nextivity has transformed from a consumer-focused company into a market leader in hardware and a dependable supplier of solutions for public safety and enterprise cellular coverage. With the launch of HARMONY, Nextivity enters the next stage of innovation and introduces its newest product category as it works to overcome wireless problems and expand connectivity so that individuals and organizations can realize their most ambitious objectives. HARMONY private networking service features include, Flexible, affordable, and low-risk entry into private networking to be remotely monitored and managed by Nextivity Compared to cloud-resident solutions, the on-premise core gives businesses more security, dependability, and control over their data Consistent monthly service charges are provided through the Operating Expenditure (OpEx) solution, which is implemented by a wide network of Nextivity system integrator partners Small cell, SIM cards, and edge server with EPC are all part of the package Provides a neutral host solution that is compatible with CEL-FI QUATRA 4000c and is future-proof, enabling organizations to widen their wireless connectivity strategy to incorporate a private network when needed Dependable cellular coverage is indispensable for any modern organization and integral to a comprehensive wireless strategy. HARMONY Private Networking and CEL-FI QUATRA 4000c are available to order now (exclusively in North America). About Nextivity Inc Headquartered in San Diego, California, Nextivity Inc. develops the most innovative, potent, and user-friendly cellular, public safety, and private networking coverage solutions. Nextivity’s portfolio includes the CEL-FI product line powered by the exclusive IntelliBoost processor. In over 100 countries, IntelliBoost employs digital signal processing to improve cellular performance in real-time and provide unmatched coverage for businesses, residences, and cars. Over 200 mobile network operators use Nextivity products worldwide.

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On February 27, 2023, Transit Wireless, a subsidiary of BAI Communications and the leading provider of 5G wireless infrastructure, announced that through its network expansion partnership with the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority), it would develop its 5G fiber network to 418 track miles and up to 20 river crossings. The neutral host provider will advance its high-capacity fiber connectivity for 5G cellular service, offload & roaming services, small cell deployment, and network edge colocation. This network will be designed to support more than 10 million users daily and enable mobile network operators to provide improved data and voice service underground and across the entire New York City subway system. The expanded fiber system reaches private businesses, hospitals, universities, and commercial properties. It can assist connectivity solutions from network redundancy for vital business continuity to geographically robust and dependable primary network hosting. The design and planning phases of Transit Wireless' network investment to build the required infrastructure are already underway, with the necessary investment by Transit Wireless for building the network infrastructure underway. The network (TransitWirelessWiFi) is currently accessible at all 281 subway stations for no cost. The communications expansion inside the New York City subway system will be one of the most innovative and comprehensive projects of its kind in North America, and it will build upon the BAI Communications company's existing connected infrastructure capabilities. About Transit Wireless Transit Wireless, a BAI Communications company headquartered in New York, is a distinguished 5G, neutral host infrastructure company. It specializes in delivering analytics, fiber solutions, and cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity to large-scale projects and high-density venues, such as the New York City subway system. By collaborating with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Transit Wireless and BAI Communications have established award-winning public-private partnerships that fund, develop, build, manage, and maintain wireless and neutral host Wi-Fi and cellular networks that serve millions of consumers on a daily basis.

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