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Vandis Has Earned the Networking Services on Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization

Vandis | February 09, 2022

Vandis Has Earned the Networking Services
Vandis, Inc, announced it has earned the Networking Services on Microsoft Azure advanced specialization, a validation of a services partner's deep knowledge, extensive experience, and proven success in designing, implementing, operating, and optimizing a customer's network architecture, cost, and security.

Only partners that meet stringent criteria around customer success and staff skilling, as well as pass a third-party audit of their networking technical practices, are able to earn the Networking Services on Microsoft Azure advanced specialization.

Businesses in every category continue to place a high value on agility, scalability, reliability, and cost across their infrastructures. Customers are looking for a consistent, low-latency experience through services that seamlessly work across on-premises, multi-cloud, and edge.

"Earning this Advanced Networking Specialization highlights our commitment to optimizing our clients' evolving network needs across their premise and cloud environment,We have seen Microsoft's networking solutions, such as Azure Virtual WAN, meaningfully improve our customers' environments by providing secure and reliable connectivity that deliver greater user experience."

-Ryan Young, Chief Technology Officer at Vandis.

Partners with the Networking Services on Microsoft Azure advanced specialization have validated capabilities in helping customers connect on-premises, multi-cloud, 5G, and edge deployments and allow seamless integration of Azure networking services to existing networks while protecting both cloud-native and hybrid applications with zero-trust-based network security.

 "Networking Services in Microsoft Azure advanced specialization highlights the partners who can be viewed as most capable when it comes to designing, implementing, operating, and optimizing customers' network architecture, cost, and security. Vandis clearly demonstrated that they have both the skills and the experience to deliver your application logic with network-as-a-service offerings from Azure Networking."

-Rodney Clark, Corporate Vice President, Global Partner Solutions, Channel Sales and Channel Chief at Microsoft

About Vandis
Vandis is an IT Solution provider that offers cyber security and network infrastructure, both on-prem and in the cloud. We have high level relationships with market leading and emerging providers. With over 38 years of industry experience, Vandis offers comprehensive strategies for secure and stable IT infrastructure.


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Navégalo Unveils Its New State-of-the-Art Data Center in San José, Costa Rica, Expanding Opportunities for Global Enterprises

businesswire | July 10, 2023

Navégalo, a leading provider of Data Center and Telecommunication services, is thrilled to announce the opening of its new state of the art Data Center in San José, Costa Rica, scheduled for August 15th, 2023. With over 20 years of industry experience, Navégalo has established itself as a trusted and reliable partner for global businesses, offering exceptional services and solutions. "This is a momentous occasion as we proudly unveil our new Data Center in San José. With our extensive expertise, dedication to sustainability, and commitment to operational excellence, Navégalo is well-positioned to provide global enterprises with reliable and eco-friendly Data Center solutions," said Tyson Ennis, CEO of Navégalo. This expansion solidifies Navégalo's position as the largest privately held Data Center company in Costa Rica. The new facility boasts 300 cabinets, including an exclusive 40 cabinet suite, providing ample space to colocate infrastructure and benefit from Navégalo's comprehensive suite of services. One outstanding feature of the new Data Center is its impressive power capacity. Initially providing 5MW of power, the facility can scale up to 15MW to meet the growing demands of global hyperscalers. Costa Rica's strategic location, skilled workforce, robust telecommunication infrastructure, proximity to the United States, and political stability make it an attractive choice for these tech giants, as well as global clients. Designed with environmental stewardship in mind, Navégalo will achieve certifications such as Leed Gold, Carbon Neutral, ISO 14001, 14064, and 50001 by the end of the year. Navégalo has operated on 99% renewable energy for the past 7 years and plans to offset the remaining 1% through solar panels. ¨This dedication to renewable energy aligns with the global trend towards green-powered Data Centers, making Navégalo an appealing choice for organizations seeking environmentally responsible solutions,” said Denisse Salman, Navégalo´s Finance Director. By October 2023, Navégalo will be ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 compliant. The facility already holds Rated 3 certification according to ANSI/TIA-942 standards, with Tier III Certification by Uptime Institute expected later this year. Connectivity is at the core of Navégalo's services, ensuring 100% redundancy and robust connectivity through its own capacity on three submarine cables—PAC, Arcos, and Maya. Cesar Sanabria, Navégalo´s Business Development Manager, expressed, "Clients will enjoy a highly connected environment, enabling them to thrive in the digital landscape, whether it's accessing cloud services, collaborating with global partners, or delivering content to end-users." This development signifies a significant advancement for businesses in Central America, providing cutting-edge infrastructure and world-class services closer to home. It highlights Navégalo's commitment to supporting the local economy, empowering businesses, and driving technological progress in the region. The launch of Navégalo's new Data Center on August 15th, 2023, marks an exciting chapter in the company's journey and reinforces its dedication to delivering cutting-edge infrastructure and services. It also further strengthens Costa Rica's position as a hub for technological innovation. AboutNavegalo Navégalo is Central America’s IT & Telecommunications Company, providing clients from around the world with Data Center, Cloud, Internet, VoIP, Cybersecurity and IXP services. With Data Centers throughout Central America and in Miami, Florida you can trust that your data will always be secure and backed up. Navégalo owns and operates the only regional IXP and has the largest Internet and Data Transport network in the region.

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UST Expands Offerings in the Telecom Space with Acquisition of MobileComm

PR Newswire | September 01, 2023

UST, a leading digital transformation solutions company, has acquired MobileComm, a global telecom engineering firm with over 21 years of experience in telecommunications and wireless engineering services. The acquisition of Dallas-based Mobilecomm and the integration of its over 1300 employees will significantly strengthen UST's telecommunications practice and position the company to continue building upon its growth in this dynamic sector. MobileComm was founded in 2002 and operates across the US, India, and Canada. Its experienced team of experts brings a diverse set of capabilities in wireless engineering. For 21 years, MobileComm has supported some of the largest Communications Service Providers (CSPs) for a range of initiatives, including wireless network modernization, 5G network rollout, network performance enhancement, RF engineering, private cellular networks, and Open RAN. As telco workloads move to the cloud and open networks standardize, managing complex multi-vendor, multi-technology, and multi-cloud networks have become increasingly critical to success. This strategic acquisition will enable UST to merge its deep experience in cloud and devsecops with MobileComm's wireless engineering capabilities, providing unique offerings for Communications Service Provider (CSP) customers. Furthermore, by combining UST's domain expertise in other key verticals with Mobilecomm's wireless engineering expertise, UST can bring industry-curated 5G (Private Cellular) use cases, providing new monetization opportunities to CSPs. Adding these capabilities to UST's already strong telecommunications division positions the company to deepen existing client relationships while expanding its global client base. "We are proud to announce the acquisition of MobileComm. We believe this strategic move will further empower UST to continue developing our wide range of compelling solutions in the telecommunications sector. We are now better positioned to leverage our existing technologies and client relationships to expand the scope of our offerings and deliver bespoke solutions that accelerate digital transformation. UST will build upon this momentum by continuing to invest in the network engineering space," said Aravind Nandanan, General Manager, Telecommunications, UST. "UST has earned a reputation as a key driver of innovation across a number of sectors, and we are excited to join them as we look to leverage the assets and experience of MobileComm to continue building on UST's success in the telecommunications industry," said Harvinder Cheema, Chief Executive Officer, MobileComm. About MobileComm Professionals Inc MobileComm is a global frontrunner in deploying and modernizing wireless networks, heightening performance standards, constructing Private cellular networks, and executing Open RAN solutions. Their expertise empowers network operators to craft exceptional customer experiences. Organizations worldwide rely on MobileComm's adept wireless network specialists and in-house platforms driven by machine learning and predictive analytics, expediting deployment processes and mitigating potential risks. At the heart of MobileComm, a center of excellence propels unmatched solutions for 5G network design, implementation, and performance optimization.

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Global LiFi Firms Welcome the Release of IEEE 802.11bb Global Light Communications Standard

businesswire | July 13, 2023

Global LiFi technology firms pureLiFi and Fraunhofer HHI welcome the release of IEEE 802.11bb as the latest global light communications standard alongside IEEE 802.11 WiFi standards. The bb standard marks a significant milestone for the LiFi market, as it provides a globally recognised framework for deployment of LiFi technology. LiFi is a wireless technology that uses light rather than radio frequencies to transmit data. By harnessing the light spectrum, LiFi can unleash faster, more reliable wireless communications with unparalleled security compared to conventional technologies such as WiFi and 5G. The Light Communications 802.11bb Task Group was formed in 2018 chaired by pureLiFi and supported by Fraunhofer HHI, two firms which have been at the forefront of LiFi development efforts. Both organisations aim to see accelerated adoption and interoperability not only between LiFi vendors but also with WiFi technologies as a result of these standardisation efforts. The IEEE 802.11bb standard defines the physical layer specifications and system architectures for wireless communication using light waves. This new standard sets the foundation for the widespread adoption of LiFi technology and paves the way for the interoperability of LiFi systems with the successful WiFi standard. Ratification of the standard was concluded in June 2023. Richard Webb, Director, Network Infrastructure at industry analyst firm CCS Insights, “The IEEE 802.11bb standard is an important milestone for LiFi technology placing LiFi as a complementary and integrated technology alongside the highly successful WiFi standard. This opens-up exciting new opportunities for LiFi to work seamlessly with WiFi and make communications better in a range of applications, from high-speed, secure internet access in the home and office to expanding next generation experiences to wider markets such as XR and spatial computing.” "The release of the IEEE 802.11bb standard is a significant moment for the wireless communications industry," said pureLiFi’s VP of Standardisation, Nikola Serafimovski, who chaired the 802.1bb Task Group. “Through the activity of the 802.11bb task group, LiFi attracted interest from some of the biggest industry players ranging from semiconductor companies to leading mobile phone manufacturers. We worked with these key stakeholders to create a standard that will provide what the industry needs to adopt LiFi at scale. I would like to thank the support of Tuncer Baykas as Vice-Chair, and Volker Jungnickel as technical editor for helping make this process so successful.” Volker Jungnickel from Fraunhofer HHI, technical editor of the task group, commented on the importance of a global LiFi standard: "The IEEE 802.11bb standard is a critical step to enable interoperability between multiple vendors. It allows for the first time LiFi solutions inside the WiFi ecosystem. This is essential for the development of new and innovative applications. LiFi can replace cables by short-range optical wireless links and connect numerous sensors and actuators to the Internet. We believe that this will create a future mass market. Fraunhofer HHI is looking forward to work with LiFi vendors from lighting and communication industries to make this a reality." pureLiFi, a pioneering company in the development of LiFi technology, has already developed the world's first standards-compliant devices including the recently released Light Antenna ONE. Analogous to the antenna chain in a radio frequency (RF) system such as WiFi, Light Antenna ONE inherently enables 802.11bb compliance. It can be integrated with existing WiFi chipsets that ship in the billions annually. With Light Antenna ONE, LiFi simply appears to the system as if it were another band of WiFi. "pureLiFi is delighted to see the release of the IEEE 802.11bb standard," said Alistair Banham, CEO of pureLiFi. "This is a significant moment for the LiFi industry, as it provides a clear framework for the deployment of LiFi technology on a global scale. We are proud to have played a leading role in its creation and to be ready with the world’s first standards-compliant devices. The existence of a global standard gives confidence to device manufacturers who will deploy LiFi at scale.” With the release of the IEEE 802.11bb standard, pureLiFi believes that LiFi as a complimentary and additive solution to RF communications is now poised to take its place in the wireless communication market, offering unprecedented speed, security, and reliability to users around the world.” Fraunhofer HHI is a world leader in the development of mobile and optical communication networks and systems as well as processing and coding of video signals. HHI has studied use cases for indoor and outdoor applications with early adopters and made sustainable contributions to standards. HHI offers all building blocks for state-of-the-art LiFi systems, tailors prototypes for special applications and conducts field trials in real scenarios. “Fraunhofer HHI welcomes the new IEEE 802.11bb.”, says Dominic Schulz, lead of LiFi development at Fraunhofer HHI.“ LiFi offers high-speed mobile connectivity in areas with limited RF, like fixed wireless access, classrooms, medical, and industrial scenarios. It complements or serves as an alternative to WiFi and 5G. 802.11bb integrates easily with existing infrastructures. Operating in an exclusive optical spectrum ensures higher reliability and lower latency and jitter. Light's line-of-sight propagation enhances security by preventing wall penetration, reducing jamming and eavesdropping risks, and enabling centimetre-precision indoor navigation.” With IEEE Std 802.11bb, LiFi has a first solution addressing mass-market requirements, such as low cost, low energy and high volumes. Industry can fully reuse WiFi protocols over the light medium. This will bring traffic offloading, security and navigation capabilities of WiFi to the next level.” AboutpureLiFi Ltd pureLiFi is the global leader in LiFi technology. We are bringing to market the world’s first commercial light antennas—the optoelectronic components which make LiFi possible—for all kinds of devices, from industrial to consumer, and from smart cars to smartphones. pureLiFi also offers LiFi systems for customers who need to augment, enhance, or transform their wireless networks with the latest in wireless communications technology. pureLiFi was founded by the “Father of LiFi” Prof Harald Haas and Dr Mostafa Afgani in 2012. Based in Edinburgh, we have customers and partners worldwide.

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