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Tuxera Acquires Embedded Storage and Networking Software Front-Runner, HCC Embedded

Tuxera | September 13, 2021

Tuxera,the world-leading storage software and networking technology company, has signed an agreement to acquire HCC Embedded, the Hungarian developer of embedded file systems, flash management, and network data transfer software. HCC Embedded will officially operate as Tuxera Hungary Kft. Tuxera now offers the most comprehensive range of software and services for managing data as it is stored, used, and moved in and between embedded systems. The acquisition deepens Tuxera's commitment to deliver reliable data management solutions in a world increasingly fueled and vitalized by data.

Rising global data use demands secure management solutions
The International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that the global data demand will grow to an estimated 175 zettabytes (ZB) by 2025.1 Keeping up with the storage needs driven by this global data demand will require over 22 ZB of storage capacity across all media types. Much of this data will be generated by embedded devices and transported through complex and demanding network protocols. As the world becomes more dependent on data for real-time decision-making, the requirements for safe and secure data management grow more stringent.

Meeting the need for safety-critical data management
Since its founding in 2002, HCC Embedded has emphasized quality and information security, achieving both ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management and ISO 27001 Information Security Management standards. This complements Tuxera's focus on serving its customers with demanding safety- and mission-critical data requirements, particularly in the automotive industry. Safety design standards and increasingly rigorous regulations continue to put more demand on embedded systems designs - not only in the automotive sector, but in the avionics, aerospace, medical, rail and shipping transport, and industrial automation industries as well.

New networking expertise and deeper flash storage knowledge
The acquisition also brings deep hardware enablement knowledge and expertise to Tuxera, allowing the company's storage management software to interact more closely and optimally with an even wider range of hardware environments. Additionally, HCC Embedded brings an extensive range of MISRA-compliant networking products to Tuxera's portfolio, covering domains such as network management, security, and TCP/IP applications. These new products will enrich Tuxera's expertise beyond fail-safe storage and management of data-at-rest and data-at-use, to encompass the reliable and secure transport of data in, out, and through limitless data-driven, connected devices.

Leading the way in data management solutions
Tuxera develops fail-safe, high-performance software for managing data, with roots stretching back to 1983. The company's solutions have shipped in billions of consumer devices and vehicles to date. Tuxera develops proprietary implementations of industry-standard file systems such as FAT, exFAT, and NTFS, as well as its own range of proprietary embedded file systems, flash management software, and network storage solutions. In 2021, Tuxera's storage-industry leadership was recognized by CRN on its annual Storage 100 list of the most innovative providers of storage technology used in enterprise deployments.

"Joining forces with HCC Embedded is a great next step for us in strengthening our expertise in embedded data storage solutions and expanding our offering even more towards deeply embedded systems using real-time operating systems and micro-controllers. With the networking and middleware components of HCC Embedded, we're able to provide a more comprehensive portfolio of solutions spanning the entire lifecycle of data management. Expanding our team will also allow us to more effectively provide engineering services in Central Europe," says Tuukka Ahoniemi, CEO of Tuxera.

"For the past 20 years at HCC Embedded, we have worked to provide ever-higher quality embedded software components and related services to customers that value quality and reliability. By joining Tuxera, a company of similar aims and values for its customers, partners, and employees, I'm now more confident than ever that we can accelerate our mission to provide quality embedded software to fulfill tomorrow's needs for secure and safe products," says Dave Hughes, CEO, HCC Embedded.

The combined engineering teams of the two companies now encompasses some of the top experts in file systems, flash memory, embedded storage, and networking technology around the globe. Their experience and understanding of data storage and transfer technology covers any operating system or real-time operating system, any flash memory type, any hardware environment, any storage interface, and a wide range of network protocols.

About HCC Embedded
HCC Embedded develops deeply embedded software components "out of context," which ensures that they can be used as core elements of any system, including those engineered to meet stringent requirements for safety, quality, and portability. Built on a foundation of the highest quality, HCC's product portfolio comprises more than 250 embedded components developed with the help of the company's deep competencies in reliable flash management, fail-safe file systems, and IPv4/6 networking stacks with associated security protocols. HCC also offers a comprehensive suite of USB host and function software. Since 2002, HCC has supplied these embedded software components to more than 2,000 companies globally in a wide range of industries including industrial, medical, and automotive.

About Tuxera
Tuxera is the leading provider of quality-assured embedded storage management software and networking technologies. Helping people and businesses store and do more with their data, our software is at the core of phones, tablets, cars, TV sets, cameras, drones, external storage, routers, spacecraft, IoT devices, and more. We help you store your data reliably, while making data transfers fast, and content easily accessible. Tuxera is also an active member of multiple industry organizations, including JEDEC, SNIA, AGL, SD Association, The Linux Foundation, and many others. Founded in 2008, Tuxera's headquarters are located in Finland, with regional offices in China, Germany, Hungary, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and the US.


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O aumento das implantações em 2022 foi impulsionado por cinco principais tendências subjacentes que continuarão a criar mais demanda por redes móveis sem fio privadas em 2023. Essas tendências são exploradas com mais detalhes no mais recente e-book da iBwave, escrito por Dean Bubley da Disruptive Analysis: Principais tendências

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Ubicquia's UbiCell Network Lighting Controller Achieves Interoperability with Anterix CatalyX Solution

prnewswire | August 14, 2023

Ubicquia, Inc., a company dedicated to making intelligent infrastructure simple and cost effective to deploy, today announced its UbiCell® network lighting controller (NLC) is interoperable with Anterix CatalyX®. Ubicquia's UbiCell NLC is now able to connect on utility private LTE networks deployed using Anterix's 900 MHz spectrum. The UbiCell NLC's more than 200 utility customers can realize the benefits of private broadband while also leveraging public cellular networks. To achieve interoperability, Ubicquia integrated the CatalyX state-of-the-art SIM technology and device SIM management within the UbiCell NLC. The product was then tested and validated for performance, security, scalability, and roaming over private to public networks. "We are thrilled to complete our interoperability testing with CatalyX, and join over 100 Anterix Active Ecosystem members focused on the needs of the utility industry," said Jow Ortiz, general manager of Ubicquia's utility business. "This will provide our customers greater network choice along with the assurance that the UbiCell network lighting controller provides to deliver utility grade functionality, flexibility, and energy efficiency." "Ubicquia shares our commitment to helping utilities deliver clean and affordable energy safely. We are pleased to have Ubicquia as a member of the Anterix Active Ecosystem, helping us to deliver high value solutions to our customers," said Stephen Ryan, Vice President of Ecosystem and Partnerships at Anterix. Ubicquia remains committed to advancing the field of smart lighting controls by incorporating cutting-edge technologies and partnering with industry leaders. Interoperability with CatalyX further strengthens Ubicquia's position as a trusted provider of reliable and interoperable lighting solutions. About Ubicquia, Inc Ubicquia's intelligent infrastructure platforms install in minutes and make the world smarter, safer, and more connected. Our smart city solutions simply plug into the photocell socket of 360 million compatible streetlights to reduce energy consumption, enhance public safety, and lower operations and maintenance costs. Our communications platforms use existing streetlights to expand public broadband and help mobile operators accelerate 5G and FWA deployments. Our smart grid products attach to existing distribution transformers in minutes and provide predictive analytics that make the grid more resilient. Ubicquia products are deployed by more than 700 customers, including some of the largest cities, utilities, and mobile operators across North America.

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Linksys Announces Velop Pro 6E Mesh System with High-Performance Connectivity at a Competitive Price

Businesswire | July 03, 2023

Linksys, a global innovator in WiFi technology, announces the latest addition to its WiFi 6E product portfolio – the Linksys Velop Pro 6E, first of its new Designer Series using the “nature inspired” droplet design, along with advanced features that provide the ultimate WiFi 6E experience at an affordable price point. WiFi 6E offers an extra 6GHz band connection that helps cut down on interference and improves speeds to your connected devices. Powered by the Qualcomm® Immersive Home 316 Platform, the Linksys Velop Pro 6E brings incredible range and coverage with WiFi 6E, enabling users to stream, download, or work with a faster and wider connection, and more devices on their network. Each tri-band node has one 1Gbps Ethernet LAN port for connecting wired devices to wireless networks. With the latest Linksys Mobile App, the Velop Pro 6E is easily set up in under 10 minutes*, and managed remotely with security and other useful features such as guest access, parental controls, and more. “Today a Connected Home with ubiquitous Wi-Fi is the new normal, but people want the network devices to blend into their decor,” said Vice President of Experience, Jeevan Patil. “We have acted on that demand with our Velop Pro 6E, the first in our new Designer Series, using our droplet design, inspired by nature, in colors such as Carbon Black, Pebble Gray, and Pure White.” “People not only want the home network device to blend in, but they want to install it quickly,” said Principal Engineer, Michael Forbes. “With our Velop Pro 6E, we reduced the setup time by two thirds, so a complete system can be setup and operational in under 10 minutes.” The Linksys Velop Pro 6E is available in three configurations with the 1-pack starting at $199. The 1-pack covers ~3,000 square feet, the 2-pack covers ~6,000 square feet, and the 3-pack covers up to ~9,000 square feet. The Velop Pro 6E joins Linksys’ WiFi 6 lineup including the Hydra Pro 6E and Atlas Max 6E. Additional Features and Benefits Improved setup – With a quick and easy process, users can set up 3 nodes in under 10 minutes. Security – Protect your devices with automatic security updates, a separate guest network, and other advanced features through the app. Fortinet DNS Filtering – Powered by Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs threat research team, the FortiGuard DNS Filtering Service guards against user connections to malicious or inappropriate websites and content. Stable, blazing-fast coverage – Qualcomm® Immersive Home 316 Platform blends innovative mesh capabilities with advanced WiFi 6E features. New form factor – Latest droplet design brings improved thermal management, coverage, and performance in a more compact footprint. Revised packaging – New recyclable packaging made from 65% recycled material. Improved mesh technology – Providing users a simple self-optimized capability for collaboration, streaming, gaming, or large gatherings with multiple devices. The network is automatically monitored regularly to ensure a quality experience. Availability and Imagery The Linksys Velop Pro 6E will be available July 16th for MSRP $199.99 (1-pack), $349.99 (2-pack), and $499.99 (3-pack) on and select retailers. Imagery and assets can be found here. About Linksys Linksys is an iconic brand celebrating its 35th year of innovation in Home Connectivity. Linksys has many industry firsts to its credit and are proven experts at delivering simpler, faster, and reliable connectivity products for the Home at affordable prices. “At Linksys, we engineer simplicity so that you never experience complexity.” Linksys and many product names and logos are trademarks of Linksys Holdings Inc. and/or its affiliates. Third-party trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. Qualcomm Networking Pro 620 platform is a product of Qualcomm Technologies Inc. and/or its subsidiaries. Qualcomm is a trademark or registered trademark of Qualcomm Incorporated.

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Spitfire Takes Business Connectivity to the Next Level With Full MVNO Agreement Using EE Network in Partnership With BT Wholesale

Businesswire | July 04, 2023

Spitfire Network Services Ltd (Spitfire), the award winning provider of fixed line voice, internet and wide area network services to business, has today announced a full mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) agreement with BT Wholesale. Spitfire will interconnect its advanced latest generation core network with BT Group’s award-winning EE 4G and 5G Radio Access Network. With ‘Enhanced Mobile’, the new ‘Spitfire Unified Network’ will offer first class connectivity, better security and, flexible and innovative billing plans, to SME, enterprise and IoT customers across the UK with the potential for greater efficiency via the integration of fixed and mobile networks. Spitfire already provides customers with significant choice and the ‘best fit’ of available next generation fixed line fibre and private network connectivity, including direct access into Amazon AWS/Microsoft Azure and other cloud providers through Spitfire’s Cloud Connect solution. This will now be expanded to include 4G voice and 4G/5G, data and IoT connectivity with Enhanced Mobile. Spitfire customers can now obtain a single unified network across their entire mobile and fixed line estate, for a true end-to-end solution without the need for data to traverse the public internet, improving security and manageability. The requirement for IPSec VPNs or similar networking security technology is potentially avoided, allowing for less equipment configuration time. Another technical benefit is that customers can specify a private APN network and bring their own IP address range. The full MVNO gives Spitfire greater control of core network functionality, providing customers with enhanced services for IoT and mobile data connectivity, and will enable future integration with its leading hosted telephony solution FireSwitch™. Spitfire is now well positioned to provide businesses with next level unified network solutions that meet its evolving connectivity needs. The Spitfire Customer Portal provides comprehensive easy-to-use online access to view and manage all provided services in one location, including provisioning and support updates. The customer only has to engage with one connectivity supplier for all sales and support and will receive a single invoice for all services and sites. All providing for the straightforward adoption of the latest IoT and mobile network technology. Harry Bowlby, Managing Director, Spitfire Network Services Ltd, said: “This new agreement is extremely exciting for Spitfire. By adding Enhanced Mobile to our service offering, we complete the jigsaw by enabling our customers and partners to benefit from easy access to one unified network solution for all of their connectivity needs. In conjunction they will continue to benefit from our experienced and highly trained UK based team providing the best levels of business class customer service.” The solution will offer businesses access to EE’s award-winning 4G and 5G network. EE is the UK’s best network as shown by RootMetrics®, offering great coverage, fastest median speeds and most reliable mobile connectivity – including 5G availability in nearly every UK town and city. EE’s 5G network covers more than 68% of the population and expanding into more rural populations. Its 4G network already covers 99% of the population and is on track to reach 90% of the UK’s geographic landmass by the mid-2020s. Alex Tempest, Managing Director, BT Wholesale, said: “We’re pleased to be working with Spitfire as they launch this new full MVNO service. “BT Wholesale has worked with Spitfire for more than 20 years and this has led to Spitfire reaching our Elite Partner status. Spitfire prides itself on its engineering capability to deliver innovative propositions and tailored customer service. We are excited for this next stage in Spitfire’s evolution, combining its end to end communications portfolio with the UK’s best mobile network in EE. We’re proud that Spitfire has recognised the value of our network and our ongoing investment, with our ambition to provide 5G anywhere in the UK by 2028.” About Spitfire Network Services Ltd Spitfire has been providing business internet and telecoms services from our central London offices for 35 years. With an emphasis on engineering skills and customer service, we aim to build long-term business relationships with our clients – delivering innovative, award-winning solutions and significant cost savings.

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