TDK Ventures Invests in XCOM Labs

TDK | May 30, 2022

TDK Corporation today announced that its subsidiary TDK Ventures, Inc. has decided to invest in wireless communications disruptor XCOM Labs to accelerate the development of their 5G and wireless communications solutions, which prioritize bandwidth capacity, latency reduction/elimination, and compute load balancing. XCOM is developing wireless technologies to allow smart manufacturing, automation, off-site training, and more immersive telework experiences in the future of work and Industry 4.0. This extends beyond medical, entertainment, and even defense applications to aid in the training and preparation of military troops. Many of the breakthrough technologies seen in the 2G/3G/4G revolutions were developed by XCOM's leadership team, which included Dr. Paul Jacobs, Derek Aberle, and Matt Grob.

As present infrastructure cannot keep up with the need for 5G and wireless infrastructure, there is a large demand for further growth and adoption of supporting technologies. Each "G" generation signifies an effort to increase wireless transmission speed, capacity, and overall value. This necessitates not only hardware and software improvements, but also the use of either frequency spectra in new and novel waves or very new frequency bands. The balance of energy, frequency, and transmission is one of several compromises. Higher frequency – and consequently energy signals – can transport more information in less time but degrade faster over distance. In terms of infrastructure, this implies that more transmitting "nodes" in the network are required to convey higher frequency signals over a given region.

XCOM is developing technologies that will level the playing field. Their solutions aim to increase spectrum capacity and utility by more than tenfold, allowing the potential promised by 5G and next-generation developers to become a reality. XCOM, for example, is developing further to take digital transformation to the next level via extended reality (XR). They are building a high throughput, low latency wireless technology to enable seamless virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences utilizing a globally accessible 60GHz millimeter wave spectrum. What was previously constrained by the necessity for heavy processing equipment nearby or the poor throughput of smartphone processing is now becoming a full system capable of immersing the user in a metaverse or digital world environment. This will be a significant advancement in the integration of edge computing processing to deliver a more natural user experience.

The XCOM team is set on continuing our tradition of excellence and innovating in the wireless space. We understand how important high throughput/low latency is for the future of compute-heavy applications and are working to deliver those capabilities to create real and positive change in our world and industry applications. Our XR technologies are evidence of this progress and show that seamless processing through edge computing can deliver a truly immersive and agile VR/AR system fit for business, entertainment, and more."

XCOM's Dr. Jacobs 

TDK Ventures shares XCOM's dedication to digital transformation for a better, more sustainable future. TDK Ventures will assist XCOM with scaling the effect of their technology by using their network connections, industry partners, and linking XCOM to other TDK business divisions. The platform team at TDK Ventures also offers early product validation, pilots, customer/channel/ecosystem access, market knowledge, operational experience (e.g., materials, manufacturing, fabless, supply chain), and go-to-market/branding coaching.



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Ooredoo and Reailize deliver best-in-class network experience for in-stadium and nationwide mobile communications

prnewswire | April 04, 2023

Ooredoo Qatar and Reailize, a B-Yond company, today announced that Ooredoo Qatar has implemented Reailize's Continuous Assurance (CA) solution to digitize their NOC and provide a single pane of glass into the health of their network, service, and customer experience. It is another milestone in Ooredoo's strategy to transition from a network-centric to a service and customer-experience-centric operational model. To ensure a seamless customer experience, Ooredoo Qatar partnered with Reailize to transform their network operations using their CA Solution. This was subsequently put to test at the biggest soccer tournament in the World, recently hosted in Qatar. With millions of fans arriving from all over the World, Ooredoo Qatar experienced record-breaking data traffic, exceeding 800 terabytes and more than 12 million voice calls. The CA solution from Reailize proactively identifies network anomalies before they impact customers, resulting in the highest quality of service for the mobile user of the Ooredoo Qatar network. Obsession with Customer Experience Sports events taking place in Qatar, generate enormous surge in mobile communication and put significant pressure on the network. To prepare for this, Ooredoo Qatar leveraged Reailize's Continuous Assurance (CA) and Anomaly Detection solution to drive Network & Operational Optimization squarely focused on Customer Experience. The Reailize team of domain experts partnered with the operations team at Ooredoo to achieve real-time monitoring, early detection of potential network issues, and proactively address customer and service impacts. The CA solution spans the Radio Access Network (RAN), core, IMS, and transmission networks and monitors 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G domains. Reailize combines automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with customer experience measurements to detect network anomalies, identify root causes of associated degradations, and recommend actions based on predicted customer impact. Going forward, Ooredoo Qatar is adopting CA as a unified solution, providing customer experience-driven preventive, proactive, and predictive assurance enabling Ooredoo Qatar to focus on achieving optimal network performance and customer satisfaction while maintaining seamless operations. "Delivering an exceptional customer experience, whether in-stadium at a major sporting event or across Qatar, is a key priority for us at Ooredoo," says Günther Ottendorfer, Chief Technology and Infrastructure Officer at Ooredoo Qatar. "Our commitment to this is evident in our efforts to establish and develop partnerships such as that with Reailize, which enable us to leverage the very latest technology and innovation to ensure we remain at the forefront of our industry." "The experience in working with Ooredoo Qatar proved our model of putting skin in the game and being a true partner to our customers" says Ned Taleb, Founder and CEO at Reailize. "Our capability to automatically detect anomalies and perform impact assessment has again proven to improve the 5G user experience." About Reailize The telecommunications industry faces unprecedented challenges due to disaggregation of the technology stack, increasingly complex services, and budget pressures. Reailize addresses these problems by injecting Automation and Intelligence into every aspect of telco operations and leveraging its global experience in designing, building, and operating networks.

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Enterprises and Service Providers Boost Security and Network Automation with cnMaestro™ 4.0 from Cambium Networks

PR Newswire | May 17, 2023

Cambium Networks, a leading global provider of networking solutions, today announced a major upgrade of its cnMaestro management system that enables enterprises and service providers to integrate new end-to-end security and automation capabilities across their Cambium-powered networks, while avoiding the complexity that typically accompanies third-party integrations. A complete networking stack can be created for distributed organizations, all managed together in a single cnMaestro framework. "Network operators have a multitude of tools and technologies to deliver network services, but they are ultimately judged by the end user experience," said Tam Dell'Oro, founder and CEO of Dell'Oro Group, a research and consulting firm that specializes in business planning and strategic competitive analysis. "It is critical that vendors deliver holistic solutions that can meet performance and security expectations." Small and medium-sized enterprises increasingly demand sophisticated network security and threat protection that has typically only been available to large organizations. cnMaestro 4.0 expands the scope of Cambium Networks' Network Service Edge (NSE) solution to enable enterprises to deliver advanced security and threat protection with a fraction of the IT staff. Specific features in cnMaestro 4.0 include: Site-to-site VPNs for building secure multi-site networks. VPN multi-factor authentication (MFA) using Google Authenticator for enhanced user security. DNS-based content filtering, including CIPA compliant protection for K-12 Education PPPoE for user authentication and IP address management. SD-WAN flow preferences to optimize traffic flow across WAN interfaces for failover and balancing. "Layer3/Layer7 flow preference is key for our customers," said Tavin Jordaan of Information Systems Engineering (Pty) Ltd, a value added distributor. "It provides a mechanism where we can decide what kind of traffic should be going through each WAN link. This helps in binding business-critical applications on reliable and higher throughput WAN links." For organizations using Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) as an identity solution – for example for Microsoft 365 applications – cnMaestro X 4.0 adds support for single sign on (SSO) authentication with Azure AD for users accessing Cambium Networks Wi-Fi solutions. IT administrators can now integrate directory services with network access to simplify the end user experience. In addition, cnMaestro X 4.0 expands its automation facilities with Assists, a solution that helps identify potential vulnerabilities in the network infrastructure across a Cambium ONE Network of devices. Assists helps administrators identify and immediately fix problems to optimize the network fabric and increase overall reliability. cnMaestro 4.0 also supports the provisioning and management of Cambium Networks' cnWave 5G Fixed millimeter wave fixed wireless solutions. You can view how service provider Wibernet uses Gigabit speeds with this system to connect business and residential subscribers in South Africa here. "Based on extensive experience and field testing with network operators of all types and sizes, we continue to optimize cnMaestro to make it easier to deliver advanced security and high-quality end-user experiences that differentiate the Cambium Networks offering," says Bruce Miller, Vice President Enterprise Marketing, Cambium Networks. "ONE Network is brought together by cnMaestro's single-pane-of-glass management for a converged IT experience that greatly simplifies operations compared to managing disparate parts." About Cambium Networks Cambium Networks enables service providers, enterprises, industrial organizations, and governments to deliver exceptional digital experiences and device connectivity with compelling economics. Our ONE Network platform simplifies management of Cambium Networks' wired and wireless broadband and network edge technologies. Our customers can focus more resources on managing their business rather than the network. We deliver connectivity that just works.

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Globalstar & Qualcomm Partner to Boost 5G Private Networks

Globalstar | March 10, 2023

Globalstar, Inc., a company providing telecom infrastructure, and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. have signed a strategic collaboration agreement for a 5G Private Network technology portfolio. This includes technologies such as Qualcomm FSMTM 5G RAN Platforms for small cells and select Qualcomm SnapdragonTM Modem-RF Systems that support Rel 15/16, which will employ Globalstar Band n53 terrestrial spectrum worldwide. Qualcomm Technologies plans to provide select Qualcomm FSM Platforms commercially adapted for use with Globalstar's Band n53 terrestrial spectrum for private networks as a part of this collaboration. In addition, Globalstar will also license its Band n53 spectrum to those system integrators who are adopting 5G Private Network solutions employing small cell radios and devices operating on such Qualcomm FSM Platforms. It is also anticipated that the Qualcomm EdgewiseTM Suite will play a significant role in successfully assisting system integrators in deploying these new 5G Private Networks solutions. Kyle Pickens, Vice President of Strategy and Communications at Globalstar, shared, "This collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies represents a critical step in fully developing the terrestrial ecosystem for Band n53." He added, "Qualcomm Technologies' long history of leadership in chipset development for mobility services made the collaboration a strategic choice as we surveyed the terrestrial landscape. Furthermore, Qualcomm Technologies' strong relationships with system integrators around the globe and ability to deliver a seamless solution for enterprises made this an easy decision. With Qualcomm Technologies, we believe we can significantly improve our ability to deliver our connectivity solutions to the widest audience in the shortest period of time." (Source – Business Wire) About Globalstar Globalstar is an international telecom infrastructure provider headquartered in Covington (Louisiana) that offers reliable satellite and terrestrial connectivity services. Its LEO satellite constellation enables customers to connect and transmit data securely and efficiently from anywhere, benefiting businesses, consumers, and government agencies in over 120 countries. In addition, Globalstar's Band 53 terrestrial spectrum provides carriers, cable companies, and system integrators with a fully licensed channel to enhance their customers' wireless connectivity. Its innovative product offerings include SPOT GPS messengers, next-gen IoT hardware, intelligent data processing applications, and cloud-based telematics solutions.

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