Ribbon Showcases Market Proven Solutions at Enterprise Connect

prnewswire | March 28, 2023 | Read time : 01:20 min


Ribbon Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: RBBN), a global provider of real time communications technology and IP optical networking solutions to many of the world's largest service providers, enterprises, and critical infrastructure operators to modernize and protect their networks, today announced that it will be showcasing its enterprise focused communications and data networking solutions in Booth 427 at this year's Enterprise Connect.

"Communications are the lifeblood of the enterprise, and Ribbon's solutions support key business imperatives including lowering TCO, migrating to the cloud, securing critical communications and building private networks," said Dave Hogan, Vice President Enterprise and Government Sales at Ribbon. "Whether it's protecting the contact centers of some of America's largest financial institutions from DOS (Denial of Service) attacks, or migrating PBXs to Teams, Zoom, Webex, Google or other popular cloud providers, we deliver proven experience with critical deployments in highly demanding environments." 

Enterprises managing multiple challenges including hybrid work models, digitization, and the ongoing quest for efficiencies require targeted solutions that allow them to implement change seamlessly and at their own pace. Ribbon supports and facilitates these transitions with a suite of purpose built offers including:

  • UC (Teams, Zoom, Webex, Google, & more) and Contact Center migrations to the cloud
  • Solutions to enhance network security, mitigate fraud and robocalls
  • Private network for Data Center Interconnect (DCI) capabilities

"We look forward to engaging with customers, partners and prospects in person this week," Mr. Hogan added. "We pride ourselves on understanding their concerns and offering the services and solutions that enable them to leverage their assets and position themselves for success in today's dynamic environments."

Gordon Eddy, Vice President, Product Management, will speak on the UC and Collaboration Security: The New Threat Landscape panel, Monday, March 27 at 9am. Ribbon will also participate in an informal networking session with Orlando-area students organized by the Diversity Org, aimed at introducing these students to the industry and inspiring them to pursue careers in IT/communications technology.

About Ribbon

Ribbon Communications (Nasdaq: RBBN) delivers communications software, IP and optical networking solutions to service providers, enterprises and critical infrastructure sectors globally. We engage deeply with our customers, helping them modernize their networks for improved competitive positioning and business outcomes in today's smart, always-on and data-hungry world. Our innovative, end-to-end solutions portfolio delivers unparalleled scale, performance, and agility, including core to edge software-centric solutions, cloud-native offers, leading-edge security and analytics tools, along with IP and optical networking solutions for 5G. We maintain a keen focus on our commitments to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) matters, offering an annual Sustainability Report to our stakeholders.



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NETSCOUT Introduces Mobile Security for 4G/5G Networks

Businesswire | May 24, 2023

NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, INC. today introduced Arbor® Sightline Mobile and MobileStream to answer mobile network operators’ (MNO) need for scalable, real-time visibility, detection, and mitigation of threats that can impact the performance and availability of 4G/5G mobile consumer services and network infrastructure. As the market leader in carrier-grade service assurance solutions, NETSCOUT continues to expand its Visibility Without Borders® platform by combining its best-of-breed mobile network telemetry capabilities with its market-leading DDoS protection technology to provide MNOs with a unique solution to identify and eliminate malicious traffic before it impacts subscribers and the network. According to recent reports, global mobile data traffic will increase four-fold between 2022 and 2028 to more than 325 exabytes per month, led by the growth in consumer IoT devices, mobile gaming, and the rollout of 5G. Unfortunately, mobile threat activity is expanding in tandem with this traffic growth. NETSCOUT’s DDoS Threat Intelligence Report identified a 79% increase in DDoS attacks targeting mobile subscribers from 2020 to 2022. And, with ever-growing numbers of vulnerable consumer devices connected to mobile networks, directly or via fixed wireless access (FWA), many of the same botnet-related problems plaguing wireline networks are now threatening mobile services. “Mobile network operators are facing new security challenges as they expand their enterprise and consumer broadband offerings,” said Patrick Donegan, founder and principal analyst, HardenStance, Ltd. “NETSCOUT is combining its proven Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) deep packet inspection and Arbor Sightline threat detection technologies to provide mobile network operators scalable, cost-effective visibility into their customers’ mobile core traffic so they can identify and manage threats before they impact their services and reputation.” The new Arbor Sightline Mobile provides MNOs with comprehensive visibility into their mobile traffic to detect and manage cyberthreats in a scalable way not previously available to quickly eliminate mobile subscriber and device disruptions. Arbor Sightline Mobile consumes user and control plane telemetry streamed from NETSCOUT’s MobileStream network monitoring instrumentation. MobileStream uses NETSCOUT’s patented ASI to extract meta-data from 4G/5G traffic as it traverses the mobile core – enabling user traffic visibility to be correlated with subscriber and device identities for real-time threat detection, attribution, reporting, and analytics at network scale. “As consumer mobile traffic continues to grow, and consumers treat mobile and fixed connectivity interchangeably, it’s become essential for MNOs to manage performance and availability threats within their mobile networks just as they do in wireline,” stated Darren Anstee, chief technology officer for security at NETSCOUT. “Seeing what’s happening inside the mobile network enables detection and ultimately mitigation of inbound, outbound, and cross-bound threats, helping operators best protect their services and customers.” About NETSCOUT NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, INC. protects the connected world from cyberattacks and performance and availability disruptions through the company’s unique visibility platform and solutions powered by its pioneering deep packet inspection at scale technology. NETSCOUT serves the world’s largest enterprises, service providers, and public sector organizations.

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NetBrain Drives No-Code Network Automation with Release of NetBrain Next-Gen

businesswire | April 28, 2023

NetBrain Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of no-code network automation and visibility solutions for hybrid multi-cloud connected networks, today announced NetBrain Next-Gen, version v11 of its flagship product. NetBrain Next-Gen extends NetBrain’s no-code network automation capabilities to every hybrid multi-cloud environment and further simplifies the ability to capture and scale intent-based network management. It also adds a revolutionary new dashboard and reporting subsystem that continuously provides real-time KPI detail of the infrastructure’s service delivery status, optimization usage and overall resource savings, and a new Automation Bot that enables anyone to quickly diagnose network issues and share with others without any help, NetBrain know-how, or even a license. NetBrain Next-Gen enables enterprises to change the way they operate their digital infrastructures. Rather than focusing on the health of network devices as they have done for decades, NetBrain Next-Gen enables them to describe and manage their digital infrastructures as a compilation of intended behaviors as defined by their operational teams, security teams, and any other team that bases its service delivery function on the digital infrastructure itself. With NetBrain Next-Gen, a typical enterprise network may be represented by tens of thousands of network intents. This closely aligns the specific needs of the business and all its applications with the network operational plans in place. “We have the luxury of having thousands of customers worldwide who operate some of the world’s largest infrastructures, so we listen very carefully to their operational needs at scale,” said Lingping Gao, Founder and CEO at NetBrain. “NetBrain Next-Gen introduces our new Automation Data Table technology, which enables anyone to capture, replicate and enforce desired network behaviors, and then share these intents in our global automation catalog. This dramatically reduces remediation times, the need for additional headcount, the risk of human error, and escalations since the entire organization now has access to the collective wisdom of their peers. NetBrain Next-Gen makes our no-code network automation accessible to everyone that wants it.” The increasing complexity of modern networks has made network outages more common and costly. According to the Uptime Institute’s Global Data Center Survey 2022, more than two-thirds of all network disruptions cost over $100,000, and a quarter of respondents said their most recent outage cost over $1 million. At the same time, the IT skills gap has grown; research from CIO found that approximately 85% of organizations reported significant challenges recruiting and retaining IT/tech talent, particularly those with expertise in on-premises technology and digital transformation projects. A survey of 1,000 US and UK IT managers found that difficulties hiring and retaining IT talent was also causing institutional knowledge to vanish. All together, these factors show a strong business need to craft a more intelligent, repeatable and scalable operational approach, tightly aligned with the needs of the business. NetBrain Next-Gen’s no-code network automation addresses these issues by improving service availability while reducing business risk, operational cost, outages and escalations significantly. NetBrain Next-Gen makes no-code automation easier to use, more scalable, and empowers more NetOps personnel to maximize productivity. Specific updates include: Democratization of automation powered by a new global intent database called Automation Data Tables (ADT): Now anyone can intuitively create, replicate, customize and utilize intent-based automation by leveraging this powerful global automation catalogue. Scale out automation more efficiently with programmable intent replication: Push NetOps to the next level with recursive, template-powered auto-replication on demand during troubleshooting across multi-vendor networks. Many diagnoses can be combined into a single intent for more powerful, accurate automation. Event-driven on-demand dynamic maps and diagnostic automation: Create diagnostic catalogues to dynamically map problem areas, troubleshoot network problems, accelerate key operational workflows, avoid unintended network changes, and proactively prevent problems. Next-Gen simplifies follow-up automation to downstream or related devices when errors, service disruptions, non-compliance or configuration drift are detected. Enhanced automation workflows: Uses trouble ticket data, self-service or monitoring probes to auto-trigger diagnostic automation. Pre-program notifications via email or API to ITSM systems like ServiceNow, to auto-create and close tickets and to send data to third-party observability systems like Splunk. Demystify cloud and SDN: Extends diagnostic intent-based automation to API-based SDN and public cloud networks while integrating data from third-party external observability systems for a unified hybrid view. Monitor and troubleshoot routing configuration and status, VPN tunnel and private cloud connectivity, data metrics, resource compliance and security configurations and events. Set up preventive automation, and correlate data with external monitoring systems. Enhanced reporting dashboard: Customizable reports provide crucial automation and diagnostic summaries. Drill down for detail on network health across hybrid-cloud and power compliance checks, capacity planning and performance trend analysis. See results for a specific problem or a network change to analyze user activity, tasks and incident status. Chatbot for conversation-driven, self-service NetOps: Allows anyone to execute multi-step intent-based automations to solve real-world challenges fast without escalations using a simple web-based chat conversation. Pull and share hybrid-cloud maps, prompt users and share findings with others to speed troubleshooting, compliance tasks and change management. NetBrain Next-Gen is available immediately and available to all active customers as part of their subscriptions and maintenance service agreements. About NetBrain Technologies Founded in 2004, NetBrain is the market leader for NetOps automation, providing network engineers with dynamic visibility across their hybrid networks and low-code/no-code automation for key tasks across IT workflows. Today, more than 2,500 of the world’s largest enterprises and managed service providers use NetBrain to automate network documentation, accelerate troubleshooting, and strengthen network security—while integrating with a rich ecosystem of partners. NetBrain is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, with locations in London, United Kingdom; Munich, Germany; Toronto, Canada; and Beijing, China.

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JACS Solutions and Baicells to Unveil End-to-End Private 5G Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Prnewswire | April 24, 2023

Baicells Technologies, a global provider of LTE and 5G network solutions, and JACS Solutions, a global provider of custom connectivity solutions for industrial and enterprise Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications , have partnered to serve the Healthcare Industry. In an increasingly mobile first environment, connectivity, reliable performance, and security are critical foundations healthtech solutions that are built to improve outcomes for patients and staff as care delivery methods evolve. Both companies have deep experience deploying their respective solutions in healthcare facilities, so joining forces was a natural fit that brings clear benefits to today's highly connected healthcare ecosystems. Baicells has long championed CBRS-based network solutions, already deploying more than 500 commercial networks across the US, serving both public operators and private enterprises. Increasingly, CBRS and private 5G networks are the focus of enterprises, big and small, looking to expand beyond their legacy Wi-Fi networks with new use cases and better performance, to help transform their business. The healthcare industry is a prime candidate for these private networks which offer reliable and secure connectivity to keep large numbers of critical sensors and devices online. Emerging healthcare tools such as augmented reality platforms require incredibly low latency that can only be found in LTE and 5G private networks. In addition, these LTE and 5G private networks offer far greater protection against cyber-attacks and can safeguard patients' and healthcare professionals' personal information. "JACS really does highlight that not all wireless platforms are created equal, and sometimes you need a custom solution to meet the specific needs of your business," said Tony Eigen, VP of Marketing at Baicells. "JACS has been an industry leader in developing devices for private LTE and 5G networks, and Baicells is eager to partner with JACS to enable healthcare facilities to leverage the power of private networks and influence outcomes." "JACS has built our business on putting customers first by listening to their needs and delivering custom solutions to meet them in ways that no other OEM can," said Chang-Gang Zhang, Vice President of Technology at JACS Solutions. "Baicells shares that customer-first approach to building their private network solutions so combining our platforms into a turnkey package ensures that our mutual clients will be successful in their deployments." Baicells Technologies and JACS Solutions will showcase their joint venture at the upcoming HIMSS conference, April 17-21 in Chicago, Booth# 3760. About Baicells Baicells is a global technology company offering turnkey 4G and 5G Network Solutions under new economics for service providers, enterprises, and communities. With 600+ commercial deployments across more than 60 countries, offices on five continents, and over 500 patents, Baicells has established itself as a technology leader. Baicells innovations help connect the unconnected. Visit www.baicells.com to learn more. About JACS Solutions JACS Solutions Inc. is a global provider of custom mobility solutions for industrial and enterprise Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications. JACS partners with clients to design, manufacture, and deploy connected devices and integrated solutions that make essential business operations smarter, more reliable, and more efficient by reducing risks and vulnerabilities that are inherent with off-the-shelf, consumer-grade products. Visit https://www.jacs-solutions.com/ to learn more.

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