Pivotal Commware’s New WaveScape Features Accelerate Network Design Process

Pivotal Commware | January 20, 2023 | Read time : 02:08 min

Pivotal Commware

A global provider of 5G mmWave infrastructure products for the wireless edge, Pivotal Commware introduces two new modules to WaveScape ®, its innovative network modeling tool: Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) FWA optimization and 3D visualization. These features all together enable high-density urban environments and lets carriers accelerate the network design at minimum cost.

WaveScape, created in-house since legacy tools cannot model at a high-enough resolution, and do not consider many of the essential differences between fixed wireless access (FWA) networks, and mobility networks, particularly for MDUs. WaveScape is enhanced by MDU Optimizer™, using AI to completely automate the placement of Pivot 5G network repeaters serving MDUs, used by a third of American households.

3D visualization is used by the optimizer to qualify FWA service for MDUs where one part of the structure will likely be covered, and others won’t be. . Mobile network operators (MNOs) can sell FWA to the right customers by identifying these differences and determine where equipment needs to go to achieve higher coverage levels, and which units have coverage, and which do not.

While making coverage qualification determinations, legacy tools typically only consider the signal strength to the building, and do not take into consideration all the factors that are important to the actual performance of FWA networks, such as the angle of incidence of the signal onto the building, the building materials, glass, and window type, or whether the windows are recessed from the face of the building.

About Pivotal Commware

Founded in 2016, Pivotal Commware is a developer of systems, applications and communication platforms centered on Holographic Beam Forming®. The technology allows network operators to improve network speed, spectral efficiency and capacity by using the lowest cost, size, weight, and available power consumption (C-SWaP) envelope. The company��s unique mmWave product ecosystem comprises 5G indoor Echo subscribers, 5G outdoor network repeaters, cloud based WaveScape™ network planning software and IBMS. The company is headquartered in Kirkland (Washington).


Moxa’s next-generation industrial wireless networking solutions, featuring the AWK-3252A, AWK-4252A, and AWK-1151C Series AP/bridge/client, are designed to simplify wireless operations and the integration of mobile systems to meet the growing demands of mobile automation and IP surveillance in manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and many other industrial fields.


Moxa’s next-generation industrial wireless networking solutions, featuring the AWK-3252A, AWK-4252A, and AWK-1151C Series AP/bridge/client, are designed to simplify wireless operations and the integration of mobile systems to meet the growing demands of mobile automation and IP surveillance in manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and many other industrial fields.

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Nextivity announced the market’s first neutral host active DAS hybrid solution with the convergence of private cellular, with the release of its CEL-FI QUATRA 4000C and HARMONY private networking service. Nextivity has transformed from a consumer-focused company into a market leader in hardware and a dependable supplier of solutions for public safety and enterprise cellular coverage. With the launch of HARMONY, Nextivity enters the next stage of innovation and introduces its newest product category as it works to overcome wireless problems and expand connectivity so that individuals and organizations can realize their most ambitious objectives. HARMONY private networking service features include, Flexible, affordable, and low-risk entry into private networking to be remotely monitored and managed by Nextivity Compared to cloud-resident solutions, the on-premise core gives businesses more security, dependability, and control over their data Consistent monthly service charges are provided through the Operating Expenditure (OpEx) solution, which is implemented by a wide network of Nextivity system integrator partners Small cell, SIM cards, and edge server with EPC are all part of the package Provides a neutral host solution that is compatible with CEL-FI QUATRA 4000c and is future-proof, enabling organizations to widen their wireless connectivity strategy to incorporate a private network when needed Dependable cellular coverage is indispensable for any modern organization and integral to a comprehensive wireless strategy. HARMONY Private Networking and CEL-FI QUATRA 4000c are available to order now (exclusively in North America). About Nextivity Inc Headquartered in San Diego, California, Nextivity Inc. develops the most innovative, potent, and user-friendly cellular, public safety, and private networking coverage solutions. Nextivity’s portfolio includes the CEL-FI product line powered by the exclusive IntelliBoost processor. In over 100 countries, IntelliBoost employs digital signal processing to improve cellular performance in real-time and provide unmatched coverage for businesses, residences, and cars. Over 200 mobile network operators use Nextivity products worldwide.

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