Pivotal Commware Launches Next-Gen Pivot 5G Repeater for Enhanced Connectivity

Pivotal Commware | February 20, 2023 | Read time : 04:00 min

Pivotal Commware Launches Next-Gen Pivot 5G Repeater for Enhanced Connectivity

Pivotal Commware, the leading provider of 5G mmWave infrastructure products for the wireless edge, recently introduced its next-generation Pivot 5G network repeater with 4x the power for increased range, optical extension, and other significant enhancements.

The second-generation Pivot combines a narrower beamwidth on the Donor unit with an increase in gain and a 7dB power boost on the Service Unit. The outcome is a system that can achieve Gigabit service at least 3,000 feet away from the gNB or 50 percent further. These improved capabilities enable mobile network operators (MNOs) to broaden the service area while significantly mitigating the impact of vegetation.

The range and utility of the repeater can be significantly expanded with the optical interface kit. This feature enables a Pivot donor unit to provide fiber optic cable for up to four service units. This can eliminate the need for line of sight at each outdoor installation location, allowing for more robust deployments with fewer systems. Additionally, fiber optics facilitates outdoor-to-indoor installations and huge indoor venues, such as stadiums and other areas traditionally served by DAS.

Steve Ostroff, Technical Product Manager at Pivotal Commware, shared, "The new Pivot provides ultra-low latency allowing a transparent integration into the network. Its low total power consumption helps streamline permitting operations. But it has more RF power, versatility, and intelligence," He added, "Our newest Pivot also offers enhanced network health monitoring, and a tighter beam profile to the gNB, reducing potential network interference."

(Source – Business Wire)

Additionally, the new Pivot is easier and quicker to install. The new design features lesser cables and installation at the pole without using tools. The company will exhibit its next-generation Pivot 5G repeater from February 27 to March 2 at the 2023 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Hall 2, Stand 2D15.

About Pivotal Commware

Pivotal Commware is a company that specializes in the development of software-defined antennas and radios that use proprietary Holographic Beam Forming™ technology to increase network speed, capacity, and spectral efficiency. The company's products are designed to address the most challenging aspects of millimeter wave technology, and it created the world's first product ecosystem dedicated to solving these issues. Its reconfigurable beams are designed to follow mobile users in real-time, offering network operators the lowest cost, size, weight, and power consumption (C-SWaP) envelope available. The company provides network operators with the tools they need to increase network performance and meet the demands of today's data-driven world.



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Future Technologies Collaborates With Intel to Open Living Lab to Accelerate Private 5G Network Production Deployments

globenewswire | April 12, 2023

Future Technologies Venture, LLC (“Future Technologies”) today announced a collaboration with Intel to open a Private 5G Living Lab in Atlanta, GA. The Living Lab will provide a real world environment to showcase use case solutions for Fortune 5000 and Government clients, powered by Intel technologies. The Living Lab will also accelerate the time to market with Future Technologies joint go to market partnerships in the Mobile Network Operator (MNO), Cable Company (MSO), Global System Integrator (GSI) and National System Integrators (NSI). “With 14 years of Private Cellular experience we have moved beyond Proof of Concepts and are very focused on scaling our client’s large production deployments. With existing production deployments covering up to 4,000 square miles, we are now accelerating use case adoption to help our clients enhance their production network value beyond initial coverage or the initial anchor use case,” said Peter Cappiello, CEO Future Technologies. “Intel is an ideal collaborator for us in this space based on their leadership in network and edge market, combined with the Intel® IOT Market Ready Solutions that provide business outcomes with sustainability in mind.” The business solutions will be the focus of the Living Lab environment to demonstrate Cloud to Edge solutions. These Intel based solutions will include use cases being adopted in current Private 5G network deployments including Computer Vision, Connected Worker, Remote Worker, Asset Health, Asset Management, Autonomous Mobile Robotics (AMR), RFID, Point of Sale, IoT Sensors, Material Handling and Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality Solutions. These solutions will span several markets to provide a diverse demonstration capability to the Military, Industrial, Logistics, Large Venue, Special/Temporary Events and Retail markets. The live demonstrations will include several experience areas to include a retail storefront, special event demonstrations, logistics solutions with robotics as well as industrial and military use case demonstrations. “Over the past 4 years Intel has worked closely with Future Technologies to build a solution ecosystem, and develop a delivery model. We are now moving forward with scaling together on production Private 5G deployments and vertical applications,” said Caroline Chan, Intel VP and GM Network Business Incubator Division, “Intel IOT Market Ready Solutions can accelerate deployments and drive business value among a wide range of Edge use cases across the client’s network.” The Living Lab will open in April 2023 for virtual and in person visits to see how private networks can improve business outcomes across a range of industries. About Future Technologies Venture, LLC Future Technologies Venture, LLC has over 24 years’ experience as an END to END solution provider, specializing in the assessment, planning, design, implementation, and support of innovative communications solutions. Future Technologies maintains a strong concentration on emerging standards such as 5G, 4G, Private LTE, WIFI, SCADA and Automation technologies. Through this practice and our knowledge of legacy solutions (2G, 3G, 2-Way, TDM) and Broadband Wireless solutions, Fiber Backbone and FTTX, Future Technologies consistently distinguishes itself as an industry expert in all aspects of customer network evolution for PRIVATE and PUBLIC network infrastructure projects throughout the US and International markets. Future Technologies is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

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NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, INC. today introduced Arbor® Sightline Mobile and MobileStream to answer mobile network operators’ (MNO) need for scalable, real-time visibility, detection, and mitigation of threats that can impact the performance and availability of 4G/5G mobile consumer services and network infrastructure. As the market leader in carrier-grade service assurance solutions, NETSCOUT continues to expand its Visibility Without Borders® platform by combining its best-of-breed mobile network telemetry capabilities with its market-leading DDoS protection technology to provide MNOs with a unique solution to identify and eliminate malicious traffic before it impacts subscribers and the network. According to recent reports, global mobile data traffic will increase four-fold between 2022 and 2028 to more than 325 exabytes per month, led by the growth in consumer IoT devices, mobile gaming, and the rollout of 5G. Unfortunately, mobile threat activity is expanding in tandem with this traffic growth. NETSCOUT’s DDoS Threat Intelligence Report identified a 79% increase in DDoS attacks targeting mobile subscribers from 2020 to 2022. And, with ever-growing numbers of vulnerable consumer devices connected to mobile networks, directly or via fixed wireless access (FWA), many of the same botnet-related problems plaguing wireline networks are now threatening mobile services. “Mobile network operators are facing new security challenges as they expand their enterprise and consumer broadband offerings,” said Patrick Donegan, founder and principal analyst, HardenStance, Ltd. “NETSCOUT is combining its proven Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) deep packet inspection and Arbor Sightline threat detection technologies to provide mobile network operators scalable, cost-effective visibility into their customers’ mobile core traffic so they can identify and manage threats before they impact their services and reputation.” The new Arbor Sightline Mobile provides MNOs with comprehensive visibility into their mobile traffic to detect and manage cyberthreats in a scalable way not previously available to quickly eliminate mobile subscriber and device disruptions. Arbor Sightline Mobile consumes user and control plane telemetry streamed from NETSCOUT’s MobileStream network monitoring instrumentation. MobileStream uses NETSCOUT’s patented ASI to extract meta-data from 4G/5G traffic as it traverses the mobile core – enabling user traffic visibility to be correlated with subscriber and device identities for real-time threat detection, attribution, reporting, and analytics at network scale. “As consumer mobile traffic continues to grow, and consumers treat mobile and fixed connectivity interchangeably, it’s become essential for MNOs to manage performance and availability threats within their mobile networks just as they do in wireline,” stated Darren Anstee, chief technology officer for security at NETSCOUT. “Seeing what’s happening inside the mobile network enables detection and ultimately mitigation of inbound, outbound, and cross-bound threats, helping operators best protect their services and customers.” About NETSCOUT NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, INC. protects the connected world from cyberattacks and performance and availability disruptions through the company’s unique visibility platform and solutions powered by its pioneering deep packet inspection at scale technology. NETSCOUT serves the world’s largest enterprises, service providers, and public sector organizations.

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