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NetBrain Drives No-Code Network Automation with Release of NetBrain Next-Gen

businesswire | April 28, 2023 | Read time : 02:31 min


NetBrain Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of no-code network automation and visibility solutions for hybrid multi-cloud connected networks, today announced NetBrain Next-Gen, version v11 of its flagship product. NetBrain Next-Gen extends NetBrain’s no-code network automation capabilities to every hybrid multi-cloud environment and further simplifies the ability to capture and scale intent-based network management. It also adds a revolutionary new dashboard and reporting subsystem that continuously provides real-time KPI detail of the infrastructure’s service delivery status, optimization usage and overall resource savings, and a new Automation Bot that enables anyone to quickly diagnose network issues and share with others without any help, NetBrain know-how, or even a license.

NetBrain Next-Gen enables enterprises to change the way they operate their digital infrastructures. Rather than focusing on the health of network devices as they have done for decades, NetBrain Next-Gen enables them to describe and manage their digital infrastructures as a compilation of intended behaviors as defined by their operational teams, security teams, and any other team that bases its service delivery function on the digital infrastructure itself. With NetBrain Next-Gen, a typical enterprise network may be represented by tens of thousands of network intents. This closely aligns the specific needs of the business and all its applications with the network operational plans in place.

“We have the luxury of having thousands of customers worldwide who operate some of the world’s largest infrastructures, so we listen very carefully to their operational needs at scale,” said Lingping Gao, Founder and CEO at NetBrain. “NetBrain Next-Gen introduces our new Automation Data Table technology, which enables anyone to capture, replicate and enforce desired network behaviors, and then share these intents in our global automation catalog. This dramatically reduces remediation times, the need for additional headcount, the risk of human error, and escalations since the entire organization now has access to the collective wisdom of their peers. NetBrain Next-Gen makes our no-code network automation accessible to everyone that wants it.”

The increasing complexity of modern networks has made network outages more common and costly. According to the Uptime Institute’s Global Data Center Survey 2022, more than two-thirds of all network disruptions cost over $100,000, and a quarter of respondents said their most recent outage cost over $1 million. At the same time, the IT skills gap has grown; research from CIO found that approximately 85% of organizations reported significant challenges recruiting and retaining IT/tech talent, particularly those with expertise in on-premises technology and digital transformation projects. A survey of 1,000 US and UK IT managers found that difficulties hiring and retaining IT talent was also causing institutional knowledge to vanish. All together, these factors show a strong business need to craft a more intelligent, repeatable and scalable operational approach, tightly aligned with the needs of the business. NetBrain Next-Gen’s no-code network automation addresses these issues by improving service availability while reducing business risk, operational cost, outages and escalations significantly.

NetBrain Next-Gen makes no-code automation easier to use, more scalable, and empowers more NetOps personnel to maximize productivity. Specific updates include:

  • Democratization of automation powered by a new global intent database called Automation Data Tables (ADT): Now anyone can intuitively create, replicate, customize and utilize intent-based automation by leveraging this powerful global automation catalogue.
  • Scale out automation more efficiently with programmable intent replication: Push NetOps to the next level with recursive, template-powered auto-replication on demand during troubleshooting across multi-vendor networks. Many diagnoses can be combined into a single intent for more powerful, accurate automation.
  • Event-driven on-demand dynamic maps and diagnostic automation: Create diagnostic catalogues to dynamically map problem areas, troubleshoot network problems, accelerate key operational workflows, avoid unintended network changes, and proactively prevent problems. Next-Gen simplifies follow-up automation to downstream or related devices when errors, service disruptions, non-compliance or configuration drift are detected.
  • Enhanced automation workflows: Uses trouble ticket data, self-service or monitoring probes to auto-trigger diagnostic automation. Pre-program notifications via email or API to ITSM systems like ServiceNow, to auto-create and close tickets and to send data to third-party observability systems like Splunk.
  • Demystify cloud and SDN: Extends diagnostic intent-based automation to API-based SDN and public cloud networks while integrating data from third-party external observability systems for a unified hybrid view. Monitor and troubleshoot routing configuration and status, VPN tunnel and private cloud connectivity, data metrics, resource compliance and security configurations and events. Set up preventive automation, and correlate data with external monitoring systems.
  • Enhanced reporting dashboard: Customizable reports provide crucial automation and diagnostic summaries. Drill down for detail on network health across hybrid-cloud and power compliance checks, capacity planning and performance trend analysis. See results for a specific problem or a network change to analyze user activity, tasks and incident status.
  • Chatbot for conversation-driven, self-service NetOps: Allows anyone to execute multi-step intent-based automations to solve real-world challenges fast without escalations using a simple web-based chat conversation. Pull and share hybrid-cloud maps, prompt users and share findings with others to speed troubleshooting, compliance tasks and change management.

NetBrain Next-Gen is available immediately and available to all active customers as part of their subscriptions and maintenance service agreements.

About NetBrain Technologies

Founded in 2004, NetBrain is the market leader for NetOps automation, providing network engineers with dynamic visibility across their hybrid networks and low-code/no-code automation for key tasks across IT workflows. Today, more than 2,500 of the world’s largest enterprises and managed service providers use NetBrain to automate network documentation, accelerate troubleshooting, and strengthen network security—while integrating with a rich ecosystem of partners. NetBrain is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, with locations in London, United Kingdom; Munich, Germany; Toronto, Canada; and Beijing, China.


VMware SD-WAN™, a fundamental component of VMware SASE™ (Secure Access Service Edge), offers converged cloud networking and security services to achieve flexibility, agility, and scale for enterprises of all sizes. VMware SD-WAN is built on software-defined networking principles to address end-to-end automation, application continuity, branch transformation, and security from the edge to the data center and the cloud


VMware SD-WAN™, a fundamental component of VMware SASE™ (Secure Access Service Edge), offers converged cloud networking and security services to achieve flexibility, agility, and scale for enterprises of all sizes. VMware SD-WAN is built on software-defined networking principles to address end-to-end automation, application continuity, branch transformation, and security from the edge to the data center and the cloud

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Baicells, Alef, and Sky Packets Team up to Offer Solution Program to Connect Unserved Communities and Neighborhoods

prnewswire | July 31, 2023

Baicells Technologies, a leading provider of LTE and 5G cellular solutions, has partnered with ALEF Edge and Sky Packets, to launch a turnkey private LTE solution package that will provide connectivity to support unserved communities. CommunityConnect is a scalable offering that leverages CBRS spectrum and fixed wireless to deliver advanced broadband connectivity under new economics and across multiple environments – supporting both outdoor and indoor use cases. The digital divide is increasingly recognized as a critical barrier that can hold back families and communities all too often. Lacking internet access today hinders economic opportunity, education and job prospects, critical communications, and much more. With multiple government agencies recognizing this pervasive challenge today, billions of dollars of funding have been made available to states, cities, and communities to close this divide and bring digital inclusion to more communities. CommunityConnect, a solution program for digital equity, helps communities leverage this available funding and identify a clear path to closing the digital divide. Understanding that the myriad of programs and technology options can be confusing, this program is intended to offer guidance to deliver a successful outcome for the community, efficiently. The turnkey solution bundle utilizes a private fixed wireless network, based on LTE/CBRS cellular services, and affords users access to a broad range of applications, supporting high-speed data access, quality voice calls, video calls and device streaming. "Too many communities across the US are falling behind because they lack affordable broadband connectivity. It is critical that we now consider alternative models to change this, such as private fixed wireless. Investing in forward-thinking programs can help citizens get connected cost-effectively – paying major dividends for both tenants and property owners over the long term."David Weber, Senior Policy Analyst at PHADA – Public Housing Authorities DirectorsAssociation. Using CBRS, the private fixed wireless solution offers performance, favorable economics, and faster time-to-service when compared to legacy alternatives, such as Wi-Fi or fixed broadband. "No longer is cellular the exclusive domain of major enterprises or wireless operators. Advances in cellular technology have now made the required network elements affordable, compact, and much easier to deploy and operate; while also offering a path to next-generation functionality, like 5G and beyond. Amid significant federal investment, it is critical that underserved communities are supported when navigating the technology solutions available to them, and we are excited to offer this within our bundle for underserved MDU properties and neighborhoods."–Minchul Ho, CEO Americas, Baicells The turnkey solution bundle comprises Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), CBRS radios or wireless Access Points from Baicells, a managed control element from ALEF Edge, and ongoing service operation and support from Sky Packets. This solution is highly tailorable to the individual needs of the community, and additional partners can also be brought in to help deliver components of specific use cases. About Baicells Baicells is a global technology company offering turnkey 4G and 5G Network Solutions under new economics for service providers, enterprises, and communities. With commercial deployments across more than 50 countries, offices on five continents, and innovative engineering awarded 300 patents, Baicells has established itself as a technology leader. Baicells currently has more than 700 private LTE deployments in operation, including a significant presence across North America. Baicells innovations help connect the unconnected.

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Network to Code Launches Nautobot Cloud to Simplify Data-Driven Network Automation for Everyone

Accesswire | July 05, 2023

Network to Code, the global leader in Network Automation services and solutions, announced today the availability of Nautobot Cloud, a SaaS-based automation solution that drastically simplifies the overhead required to deploy and manage data-driven network automation. According to Gartner, "by 2023, 30% of network teams will use intent-based networking (IBN) to improve network agility, up from less than 1% in 2020," and "by 2025, 60% of network operations teams will use network automation tools to improve agility, up from 20% in 2020." This aligns with what Network to Code is seeing in the market with the significant adoption of Network Source of Truth as the foundation for data-driven network automation that leads to IBN. Nautobot Cloud delivers a SaaS-based, self-service turnkey solution that fully automates the deployment and management of Nautobot. The latest innovation by Network to Code makes it simpler for network teams to access the Nautobot Network Source of Truth and Network Automation Platform, allowing them to jump-start automation efforts throughout the network organization with ease. "As IT environments grow in complexity and skills gaps widen, organizations require technology that is adaptable and forward-thinking, leveraging existing expertise and resources," said Jason Edelman, Founder & CTO of Network to Code. "This is where Nautobot Cloud goes above and beyond merely streamlining access to Nautobot. Nautobot Cloud serves as a Network Automation Cloud, providing access to the most critical tools and components necessary for implementing end-to-end network automation solutions." Nautobot Cloud is a powerful multi-tenant cloud platform that offers a simplified user interface for quickly creating and managing Nautobot, Ansible AWX, and other technology. It is built with a modern cloud-native architecture featuring auto-scaling capabilities and provides high availability for every Nautobot resource deployed. Users can deploy their resources in different regions across the world and have the flexibility to either host in Nautobot Cloud or bring their own AWS cloud account. "The rise of cloud-based technology has shown the world how simple IT should be," said Mark Pavlick, Senior Vice President of Services of Network to Code. "With Nautobot Cloud, organizations are now able to focus less time on deploying and managing infrastructure and tools and more time on consuming tools and building automation." By providing the critical infrastructure, APIs, and an easy-to-use interface to deploy scalable network automation, Nautobot Cloud empowers network teams to focus on driving greater business value rather than worrying about deployment complexities. Several key Enterprise features of Nautobot Cloud include the following: Creation and management of resources including Nautobot, Ansible AWX with one-click upgrades as well as snapshots and restores. Streamlined ability to install Nautobot Apps directly from the Nautobot Cloud Marketplace. Real-time dashboards to showcase data insights & trends of your network data and workflows being executed. Robust RESTful APIs that have feature parity with the UI, allowing users to perform any Nautobot Cloud operation programmatically from the programming language or DevOps tool of their choice. Direct access to Nautobot and Network Automation Experts at Network to Code to help clients on their network automation journey. Nautobot Cloud also sits at the center of Network to Code's Network Automation as a Service (NAaaS) offering. NAaaS couples Nautobot Cloud with the people and process transformation required to help our clients create business outcomes through network automation. Nautobot Cloud deepens Network to Code's commitment to transforming the industry through network automation. About Network to Code Network to Code is a network automation services and solutions provider that helps companies transform the way their networks are deployed, managed, and consumed. Through managed and professional services, Network to Code enables enterprises across all industries and geographies to deploy data-driven network automation based on NetDevOps principles to improve reliability, efficiency, and security while reducing costs. NTC is the sponsor of Nautobot, an open source Network Source of Truth and Network Automation Platform with a growing ecosystem of integrations and partners. Nautobot is the leading Network Source of Truth for Enterprises looking to adopt a data-driven approach to network automation and a platform that complements any network automation journey.

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Gogo Provides Update on 5G Launch

prnewswire | August 01, 2023

Gogo Business Aviation (NASDAQ: GOGO) today announced a delay in its Gogo 5G system launch, due to a design error in a non-5G component of its chip, which was designed by a third-party subcontractor of its 5G solution provider. "We are disappointed in this delay, but remain confident that Gogo 5G will deliver better performance and better value than competitive ATG or GEO satellite solutions," said Sergio Aguirre, Gogo's president and chief operating officer. Gogo is collaborating with its suppliers on more definitive plans, but expects to deliver Gogo 5G in approximately mid-year 2024, and in keeping with its culture of transparency with customers and partners, will provide periodic updates as warranted. Gogo has already achieved significant milestones in the launch of Gogo 5G, including the launch of the Gogo 5G antenna and the 150-site ground-based network in the United States and Canada. Gogo continues to take 5G orders and is making headway with major OEMs to make 5G a line-fit option. Additionally, customers can pre-provision today with 5G antennas and harnesses, which will allow operators to quickly install the 5G box once the chip is available. Gogo 5G is expected to provide ~25 Mbps on average, with peak speeds in the 75-80 Mbps range, outperforming any competitive geosynchronous (GEO) satellite or air-to-ground (ATG) solution. It has been designed with the goal of delivering high throughput with very low latency, addressing the increased demand in data-heavy services and applications in use today, such as video conferencing, cloud computing and social media, as well as emerging technologies in the future. Despite the delay, Gogo remains confident in its ability to bring to market the first 5G network exclusively for business aviation. Gogo's suppliers have so far successfully conducted extensive testing of the 5G components of the chip, and the design error is not in the 5G block of the chip. Gogo expects the project to remain on budget, but that the delay is anticipated to reduce 2023 revenue by approximately $7 million and defer approximately $13 million in operating and capital expense from 2023 into 2024. Gogo plans to share more details during its second quarter 2023 earnings call on August 7, 2023. About Gogo Gogo is the world's largest provider of broadband connectivity services for the business aviation market. We offer a customizable suite of smart cabin systems for highly integrated connectivity, inflight entertainment and voice solutions. Gogo's products and services are installed on thousands of business aircraft of all sizes and mission types from turboprops to the largest global jets, and are utilized by the largest fractional ownership operators, charter operators, corporate flight departments and individuals.

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