Midco® Upgrades Grand Forks with Fiber

Midco | January 05, 2022

Midco  Upgrades Grand Forks with Fiber
Midco’s Fiber Forward initiative is underway in Grand Forks. The $25 million five-year build began this past fall. Most of the work will be completed within the next three years

.“Fiber Forward is our commitment to Grand Forks that we will use the best technology available for a great online experience now and into the future. Fiber optimizes our network for speed and reliability, using the power of light for streaming, gaming, work-from-home, online learning - really anything our customers want to keep them connected to the world,”

-Midco Chief Technology Officer Jon Pederson.

More than 40,000 homes and businesses in Grand Forks will benefit from the future-proof investment. Customers can expect enhanced product offerings and increased performance.

We are grateful for Midco’s commitment to Grand Forks’ ever growing tech sector, as well as continuing to improve resident’s connectivity at home, said Grand Forks Mayor Brandon Bochenski. The Fiber Forward investment in Grand Forks is a clear signal that we are on the rise and an important piece of Midco’s future.

At a Fiber Forward event in July, North Dakota Mayor Doug Burgum said, “This major investment by Midco strengthens North Dakota’s status as one of the most connected states in the nation. High-speed broadband throughout our entire state has been a priority of our administration, and this infrastructure is an essential building block to keeping our communities connected through reliable, affordable internet.”

Fiber Forward will lead to improved economic development, education and quality of life in our communities. Midco knows that a strong, reliable network not only tightens our connection to each other, it connects our region with the world.

A strong corporate steward in Grand Forks, Midco sponsors the University of North Dakota, the Alerus Center, and several non-profits including the Northlands Rescue Mission and St. Joseph’s Social Care.

Customers can reach out to learn more about Fiber Forward in their community here.

This release is available online in our Press Room.

About Midco
Midco provides a superior network and an exceptional customer experience while being a force for good in the communities it serves. Midco is the leading provider of reliable, high-speed internet via fiber and fixed wireless technology. By 2025, Midco will deploy 10G, the next great leap for broadband – while expanding its fiber network to rural areas. The company also delivers TV services including Midco Sports (a regional sports network), phone, data center and advertising services, plus wholesale networking solutions. Midco fiber serves 460,000 homes and businesses in 400 communities in Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Visit to learn more about Midco and how the company has been giving back to communities since 1931.


Your business needs fast, reliable cellular coverage. 5G provides just that. Dropped calls and slow data speeds lead to lost customers and opportunities. Give clients and employees a seamless experience with their cellular coverage in your building. Learn how cellular signal repeaters from WilsonPro amplify the future of 5G.


Your business needs fast, reliable cellular coverage. 5G provides just that. Dropped calls and slow data speeds lead to lost customers and opportunities. Give clients and employees a seamless experience with their cellular coverage in your building. Learn how cellular signal repeaters from WilsonPro amplify the future of 5G.

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