Masergy Announces Strengthens SD-WAN Secure Solution With Deeper SASE Capabilities

Masergy | November 30, 2020

Masergy Announces Strengthens SD-WAN Secure Solution With Deeper SASE Capabilities
Masergy, the product characterized organization and cloud stage for the advanced endeavor, reported that it is fortifying its SD-WAN Secure answer for offer Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) capacities. Masergy is adopting a best-of-breed strategy to SASE, consolidating security advances from pioneers in their separate Gartner, Inc. Wizardry Quadrants to convey a joined organization and security arrangement.

The requirement for enterprises to convey a protected and deft IT climate keeps on developing every year, but those advantages must be acknowledged whether the organization and security work in show. SASE unites IT capacities into one cloud-based help from a solitary supplier, giving organizations the expense and spryness focal points of quick sending, limited equipment the executives, streamlined programming updates, and on-request control.

Masergy has coordinated numerous market-driving security abilities with its SD-WAN assistance to convey a met, superior organization and security arrangement. With a wide arrangement of best-of-breed advancements from pioneers in their separate business sectors, the organization is supporting interoperability across key segments and growing its worldwide foundation to address the issues of the endeavor.

Cloud Firewalls Expanding to All Global POPs: Fortinet is recognized as a Leader in Gartner, Inc.’s November 2020 Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls1 report. Fortinet’s FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls integrate NGFW and SD-WAN capabilities on a single platform and are deployed in all of Masergy’s SD-network points of presence (POPs) as well as integrated into its SD-WAN and security policies. This not only allows for consistent security policies across all SD-WAN devices and security alert metrics all within one portal, but the expanded global infrastructure also enables fully managed firewall services across the globe.

Cloud firewalls have the distinct advantage of fast deployment and agility, but clients with larger offices may still prefer on-premise firewall appliances when performance, user experience, and total cost of ownership are key goals. For this reason, Masergy provides hybrid options with the ability to put firewalls in the cloud and at the network edge. While the SASE market is still rapidly evolving, this flexibility is unique and purposely designed to serve the enterprise.

CASB from Industry Leader Bitglass: Deepening its partnership with Bitglass—named a Leader in Gartner, Inc.’s October 2020 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB)2 report—Masergy has tightly integrated the Bitglass CASB solution into its software-defined network and cloud platform.

Since most SaaS applications do not have integrated security controls, using a proven CASB technology that comprehensively secures all cloud applications is increasingly important in today’s work-from-anywhere business landscape. Masergy’s SASE approach is unique because it brings together best-of-breed technologies from leaders in their respective markets into a single service from one provider. CASB is embedded into the SD-network fabric, and the turnkey services are managed 24/7 by Masergy security analysts in global security operations centers strategically located in North America, Europe, and Asia.


The next generation networks (5G) will use novel technological concepts to meet the requirements of broadband access everywhere, high user and device mobility, and connectivity of massive number of devices (e.g. Internet of Things (IoT)) in an ultra-reliable and affordable way. Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) leveraging the advances in cloud computing such as Mobile Edge.


The next generation networks (5G) will use novel technological concepts to meet the requirements of broadband access everywhere, high user and device mobility, and connectivity of massive number of devices (e.g. Internet of Things (IoT)) in an ultra-reliable and affordable way. Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) leveraging the advances in cloud computing such as Mobile Edge.

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OTSAW Selects Cradlepoint Wireless Networking Solution for Connected Robots

OTSAW & Cradlepoint | October 14, 2021

Cradlepoint, a global leader in cloud-delivered 4G and 5G wireless network edge solutions, announced today that OTSAW, a Singapore-based global pioneer in advanced robotics and next-generation artificial intelligence, has chosen Cradlepoint to provide wireless connectivity for its robots. The connected robots offer enhanced safety, enable new business processes, and improve the everyday lives of citizens in Singapore. Delivered by Blue Wireless, a managed service provider, the Cradlepoint NetCloud platform and cellular-based IoT routers enable remote management and control across OTSAW’s robotic fleet without on-site configuration or troubleshooting. Powered by patented 3D navigation technology, OTSAW’s robots can provide last-mile patrol and surveillance capabilities in outdoor spaces, such as parks and chemical plants, and indoor disinfection of areas, including shopping malls and office buildings, healthcare facilities, hotels, and airports. Additionally, they offer concierge services in spaces like offices, shopping malls, and hotels. With HD cameras, 360-degree views of computer vision, and numerous sensors, the robots can capture, record, process, and transmit a vast amount of information. These intelligent robots avoid static and dynamic obstacles and return to base when their battery needs recharging. OTSAW manages and controls the connected robots using cellular from its centralised Fleet Management Control System in Singapore. This web application runs on the local server. It integrates with Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager to remotely turn robots on and off, enable message broadcasting via the robots, and track the status of the robots, including battery power and geolocation. “Certain features and functions, such as live video streaming and two-way communication, require a reliable and always-on network connection to ensure data from the robot is being transmitted to our server and processed in real-time. We can achieve this using the Cradlepoint solutions to deliver cellular connectivity,Cradlepoint’s wireless network solution integrates well with our Fleet Management Solution for seamless remote operation of our robots.” -Mr. Louis Tran Thanh Quang, Chief Technology Officer, OTSAW The OTSAW robots are packed full of electronics that rely on battery power to operate independently before docking to recharge, so there are restrictions in space to house network equipment. Cradlepoint’s wireless IoT solutions offer a compact form factor with limited power requirements and allow the robot to host the device without compromising its operational lifespan. Cradlepoint’s ruggedised IoT routers withstand vibrations and tremors, with a heat resistance design for outdoor use. “Cradlepoint partner Blue Wireless provides a managed cellular connectivity service for OTSAW robots. As more industries rely on robots that require uninterrupted connectivity and data transmission, we will see companies start to realise that wireless is the only real and affordable option,” -Ken Poh, Director - ASEAN, Cradlepoint. Cradlepoint works with partners like Blue Wireless to deliver innovative solutions to customers. Such partners provide adjunct services, solution architecture, cellular data plans, and ongoing support, and are pivotal in the successful implementation of a Cradlepoint solution,” said John Boladian, Vice President, APAC Partner Sales. “We are thrilled to support OTSAW with our expertise in connectivity solutions for robotics and IoT. With the roll-out in 5G, we will see increasing use cases for cellular solutions like Cradlepoint,” said Ivan Landen, CEO of Blue Wireless. About Cradlepoint Cradlepoint is a global leader in cloud-delivered 4G and 5G wireless network edge solutions. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud™ platform and cellular routers deliver a pervasive, secure, and software-defined Wireless WAN edge to connect people, places, and things — anywhere. More than 28,500 businesses and government agencies worldwide, including many Global 2000 organisations and top public sector agencies, rely on Cradlepoint to keep mission-critical sites, points of commerce, field forces, vehicles, and IoT devices always connected. Cradlepoint was founded in 2006, acquired by Ericsson in 2020, and operates today as a standalone subsidiary within Ericsson’s Business Area Technologies and New Businesses. Cradlepoint is headquartered in Boise, Idaho, with development centres in Silicon Valley and India with international offices in Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe, and Latin America. www.cradlepoint.com About OTSAW OTSAW is a global pioneer in advanced robotics technologies and next-generation artificial intelligence for healthcare, security delivery and mobility applications to improve safety, business processes and everyday lives. For more information, visit www.otsaw.com. About Blue Wireless Blue Wireless is enabling the wireless enterprise by providing reliable and flexible connectivity for branches, retail sites, remote locations, and the maritime sector in over 80 countries. www.bluewireless.com

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Silicom Announces Major New Design Win: Networking Equipment Giant Chooses Silicom's SD-WAN Smart Platform

Silicom | October 13, 2021

Silicom Ltd. (NASDAQ: SILC), a leading provider of networking and data infrastructure solutions, today announced that one of the world's largest networking equipment providers has selected Silicom's SD-WAN Smart Platform for its advanced next-generation branded solution. To date, the client has already placed initial significant purchase orders, with plans to begin ramping quantities in 2022 to a level that will make it one of Silicom's largest customers. The design win came after several of the client's end-users selected and successfully deployed Silicom solutions as the hardware platform for decoupled/disaggregated networks based on the client's software solution. After seeing how well the Silicom offerings performed and evaluating their unique features, the client made the strategic decision to adopt customized models under its own brand name to use in its newest end-to-end SD-WAN offerings. "This is a major, major win for Silicom that we believe will become a strong growth driver following the initial ramp up period,"Our growth in the SD-WAN space, which began with branded solutions and then moved to the decoupled and disaggregated market, has now come full circle, with our leadership in that space leading this giant to select our solutions for its branded networks." -Shaike Orbach, Silicom's CEO Mr. Orbach continued, "In fact, as the SD-WAN market continues to grow and develop, we find ourselves securing more and more design wins, confirming the value that SD-WAN networks of all architectures – traditional as well as decoupled/disaggregated – gain from the flexibility, control and networking power we provide. As this space moves into the mainstream, we expect many of these design wins to ramp up during 2022 and beyond." About Silicom Silicom Ltd. is an industry-leading provider of high-performance networking and data infrastructure solutions. Designed primarily to improve performance and efficiency in Cloud and Data Center environments, Silicom's solutions increase throughput, decrease latency and boost the performance of servers and networking appliances, the infrastructure backbone that enables advanced Cloud architectures and leading technologies like NFV, SD-WAN and Cyber Security. Our innovative solutions for high-density networking, high-speed fabric switching, offloading and acceleration, which utilize a range of cutting-edge silicon technologies as well as FPGA-based solutions, are ideal for scaling-up and scaling-out cloud infrastructures. Silicom products are used by major Cloud players, service providers, telcos and OEMs as components of their infrastructure offerings, including both add-on adapters in the Data Center and stand-alone virtualized/universal CPE devices at the edge. Silicom's long-term, trusted relationships with more than 200 customers throughout the world, its more than 400 active Design Wins and more than 300 product SKUs have made Silicom a "go-to" connectivity/performance partner of choice for technology leaders around the globe.

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Announcing the general availability Of VyOS Network Platform 1.3.0

VyOS | October 12, 2021

Sentrium, the company that provides VyOS Network Platform on public clouds and support services, today announced the availability of 1.3 release. VyOS Network Platform 1.3.0 release (codenamed Equuleus) has been in development since 2019 and offers multiple long-awaited and frequently requested features including initial MPLS implementation, VRF, IS-IS routing protocol, SSTP VPN server, and more. Performance of PPPoE, L2TP, and PPTP protocols is greatly improved due to the new implementation based on the accel-ppp project that is trusted by many Internet service providers. Additionally, this release includes extensive rewrites of the legacy code that improve robustness and stability and open up a way for architecture improvements in the future. "We are proud to present a new stable release after over two years of focused effort to make VyOS more functional, stable, and performant and help customers around the world get access to an advanced, open, and customizable networking platform for a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions," -Yuriy Andamasov, Sentrium CEO. About VyOS VyOS is an open-source network operating system. Its slogan is "a universal router" because it supports multiple deployment scenarios and roles: bare-metal hardware from small boards to large servers, all popular virtualization platforms including VMware, KVM, and Microsoft Hyper-V, and multiple clouds including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud VyOS supports multiple dynamic routing protocols via FRRouting, various VPN protocols, and other network routing and security features, available through a unified stateful CLI and an HTTP API for management automation. About Sentrium Sentrium S.L. is a company started by VyOS maintainers to provide commercial services for VyOS and ensure its sustainable development. Since 2015, it has grown from a small consultancy with three employees to a self-funded company with a 1.1m revenue in 2020.

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