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Keysight Enables ritt7Layers as Newest O-RAN ALLIANCE Open Testing & Integration Center

businesswire | May 04, 2023 | Read time : 02:32 min


Keysight Technologies, Inc. has enabled ritt7Layers to join the O-RAN ALLIANCE community of Open Testing & Integration Centers (OTICs) in the Asia-Pacific region to provide O-RAN certification and badging for open radio access network (Open RAN) components.

Radio access network (RAN) deployments have traditionally relied on proprietary network equipment from single vendors. However, service providers are now adopting an Open RAN model for 5G, allowing them to build a RAN by mixing-and-matching network elements from different vendors. While Open RAN provides flexibility and cost savings, it also presents significant conformance and interoperability challenges. Recognizing these challenges, O-RAN ALLIANCE introduced the O-RAN Certification and Badging program through its OTICs to ensure Open RAN equipment works as intended in operator networks.

To provide vendors with O-RAN certification and badging, ritt7Layers is using Keysight’s comprehensive set of wireless network emulation and testing solutions to verify the conformity, functionality, and performance of Open RAN equipment. The lab setup includes the Keysight Open RAN Architecture (KORA) and Network Emulation Solutions to provide end-to-end testing for 5G and 4G/LTE networks. In addition, the Keysight S8705A RF/RRM Conformance Toolset and S8704A Protocol Conformance Toolset are being used to certify UE while the WaveJudge Wireless Analyzer provides troubleshooting for complex multi-vendor interoperability testing processes.

ritt7Layers added the Keysight-enabled O-RAN certification and badging to its existing 5G cellular device certification for Global Certification Forum (GCF) and PTCRB to become the only test laboratory qualified to provide certification for Open RAN equipment and user equipment (UE). This combination accelerates product time-to-market, ensures interoperability of Open RAN equipment, reduces testing time, and ensure compliance with the latest 5G and LTE standards.

Yu Shi, General Manager for ritt7Layers, said: “Our expertise in testing Open RAN equipment and user equipment, combined with Keysight’s comprehensive solutions for network and device testing, will enable customers to achieve the highest level of interoperability and performance. Thanks to Keysight's solution, we have successfully added the scope of O-RAN certification and badging from our existing 5G cellular device certification for GCF and PTCRB.”

Peng Cao, Vice President and General Manager for Keysight's Wireless Test Group, said: “We are proud to collaborate with ritt7Layers, a leading testing service provider, to help them achieve the only laboratory qualification for both RAN and UE certification testing. Our end-to-end test solutions portfolio enables ritt7Layers to expand its service offerings to include critical testing services for private network industries.”

About Keysight Technologies

At Keysight, we inspire and empower innovators to bring world-changing technologies to life. As an S&P 500 company, we’re delivering market-leading design, emulation, and test solutions to help engineers develop and deploy faster, with less risk, throughout the entire product lifecycle. We’re a global innovation partner enabling customers in communications, industrial automation, aerospace and defense, automotive, semiconductor, and general electronics markets to accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world.


This technology empowers SMBs to enhance productivity, scalability, and flexibility while minimizing operational complexities and costs associated with traditional WAN solutions.


This technology empowers SMBs to enhance productivity, scalability, and flexibility while minimizing operational complexities and costs associated with traditional WAN solutions.

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IFS Cloud ERP to enhance control and drive efficiency for Tele2

Tele2 | August 29, 2023

IFS, the global cloud enterprise software company, today announced that Tele2, the leading Swedish integrated telecommunications services provider, is set to implement the latest version of IFS Cloud to enable Tele2 for further improvements of its core operations and to enhance more possibilities within their 5G offering. The implementation of IFS Cloud will support the simplification of processes across Tele2's operations, thereby driving continuous automation. It provides a single operational view, giving the Tele2 further control over its business processes. IFS Cloud also supports operational efficiency by enabling Tele2 to manage their entire value chain, all-in-one, including retail operations, supply chain with tight integration to third party logistic providers (3PL), and finance with support for projects and services. Yogesh Malik, Executive Vice President CTIO, Tele2, said: "On our journey to becoming the leading telco in the Nordic and Baltic regions, we understand that business systems are extremely vital for the new digital age. Focusing on continuous simplification, automation, and building a sustainable architecture we are looking forward to partnering with IFS for the implementation of their latest solution." IFS's combination of Telecom specific capabilities, and composable platform helps communications service providers (CSP), infrastructure organizations and operators to manage the complete project, asset, and service lifecycle. With existing telecom customers such as Eltel, Proximus and many more, IFS provides telecom customers with cutting-edge capabilities that deliver differentiation and competitive advantage. Elni Kullmer, President, North & Central Europe, IFS, said: "Tele2 is aiming to build Sweden's best 5G network while also executing on an IT transformation that will improve every step of the digital customer journey and experience. To do that, they will need to seamlessly scale their systems and differentiate their offering by branching out into new markets with 5G applications like drones, manufacturing, aerospace, and transport. IFS can help guide them on their way because we have deep industry knowledge in many of these industries, together with the capability they need in IFS Cloud to make fast and agile cross-industry connections." In addition to IFS Cloud, Tele2 has also purchased IFS Success, a set of services that help businesses to succeed in uncertain times by closely following defined outcome based KPIs that secures the business transformation success. IFS will implement and roll out the solution across Sweden. About Tele2 Tele2's purpose is to enable a society of unlimited possibilities. Ever since Tele2 was founded in 1993, the company continued to challenge prevailing norms and dusty monopolies. Today its networks enable mobile and fixed connectivity, telephony, data network services, TV, streaming and global IoT solutions for millions of customers. It drives growth through customer satisfaction and smart combined offerings. Tele2 has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 1996. In 2022, Tele2 generated revenue of SEK 28 billion and reported an underlying EBITDAaL of SEK 10 billion

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MTC Technologies harnesses Adtran’s broadband platform to expand Gigabit FTTH services

businesswire | July 27, 2023

Adtran today announced that MTC Technologies is using its Total Access 5000 (TA5000) 10Gbit/s fiber access platform to provide Gigabit broadband services to customers in Southeast Iowa. Also featuring Adtran’s optical network terminals (ONTs), the new solution enables MTC Technologies to rapidly expand its footprint and deliver symmetrical, super-fast connectivity to more subscribers, including those in hard-to-reach rural locations. By connecting underserved communities, the energy-efficient and easily scalable full-fiber infrastructure is helping foster digital empowerment and breaking down the state’s digital divide. “Among the reasons we chose Adtran’s technology were its effortless deployment and reliable operation. We wanted a solution that could be swiftly installed, function seamlessly and reduce troubleshooting to a minimum. This allows us to focus on what we do best: providing an exceptional service to our customers,” said Marc Carlson, GM of MTC Technologies. “Unlike some other vendors, Adtran’s team consistently provides outstanding support. With Adtran, there are no hidden fees and charges; what you see is genuinely what you get. Their commitment to transparency and unwavering focus on customer satisfaction sets Adtran apart from the rest of the pack.” Adtran’s TA5000 is now playing a crucial role in connecting parts of Iowa where broadband infrastructure was absent or insufficient. The solution’s modular design and capacity to support various access protocols enable MTC Technologies to meet its customers’ needs while rapidly expanding. The new FTTH infrastructure is further enhanced by Adtran’s SDX 620 Series of flexible XGS-PON ONTs, which deliver cost-effective converged residential and business services. The network will bring new digital experiences to many more MTC Technologies subscribers, whether collaborating on projects, streaming high-definition entertainment or connecting with friends and family across the globe. “High-quality internet access transforms how communities interact and can empower groups and individuals to achieve great things. MTC Technologies understands this. That’s why it’s leveraging our technology to facilitate next-generation connectivity in a range of long-underserved locations,” commented John Scherzinger, GM of Americas sales at Adtran. “Our TA5000 is helping more Iowans connect with each other and the wider world. What’s more, our flexible XGS-PON solution ensures that MTC Technologies’ network can easily expand to support future growth in data demand.” About Adtran ADTRAN Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADTN and FSE: QH9) is the parent company of Adtran, Inc., a leading global provider of open, disaggregated networking and communications solutions that enable voice, data, video and internet communications across any network infrastructure. From the cloud edge to the subscriber edge, Adtran empowers communications service providers around the world to manage and scale services that connect people, places and things. Adtran solutions are used by service providers, private enterprises, government organizations and millions of individual users worldwide. ADTRAN Holdings, Inc. is also the largest shareholder of Adtran Networks SE, formerly ADVA Optical Networking SE.

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VIAVI Introduces NTN and HAPs Network Testing For 5G and 6G Satellite Communication

prnewswire | August 24, 2023

Viavi Solutions Inc. today announced the availability of base station and end-to-end testing supporting Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) and High Altitude Platforms (HAPs). Wireless technologies are increasingly augmenting traditional terrestrial communication networks, with satellite communications helping to provide near-complete coverage. The VIAVI TM500 and TeraVM test platforms validate the conformance, performance and reliability of gNodeBs and entire networks under the unique service link conditions of NTN and HAPs networks. 3GPP Release 17 specifications formally introduced support and guidelines for NTNs, with subsequent releases expected to continue to refine the standards. These specifications will help improve the performance of NTNs, allow them to converge with terrestrial telecoms networks and enable support across existing 5G mobile handsets and chipsets. A VIAVI analysis estimated that the growth in satellite communications will result in approximately 30,000 new satellites orbiting the Earth, significantly expanding the potential of NTNs to provide universal coverage. Satellite communication in 5G brings another level of complexity for testing. NTNs need to be reliable to cope with the distance, speed and mobility of both satellite, HAPs and User Equipment (UE), while still delivering on performance. Test solutions are not only required to emulate different UE mobility and fading profiles, but they must also take the large doppler shifts from fast-moving satellites and airborne platforms into consideration. To validate the base station prior to non-terrestrial deployment, the TM500 can emulate a high volume of devices, new mobility patterns, signal propagation delays, and other conditions unique to NTN while TeraVM emulates the core network. This test scenario is ideal for early functional tests such as 3GPP protocol testing and can be applied to both regenerative and transparent architectures. Further test scenarios are focused on testing and optimizing the network end-to-end, using a real core to validate the performance and reliability of the entire network. "NTNs offer new opportunities and partnerships for mobile and satellite operators and the exciting potential to offer connectivity to both underserved and over-populated areas as well as support mission-critical applications," said Ian Langley, Senior Vice President, Wireless Business Unit, VIAVI. "However, amidst the growing interest and race to deploy these networks, it's vital that reliability, stability, and performance testing are done to ensure success." About VIAVI VIAVI is a global provider of network test, monitoring and assurance solutions for communications service providers, hyperscalers, equipment manufacturers, enterprises, government and avionics. VIAVI is also a leader in light management technologies for 3D sensing, anti-counterfeiting, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, government and aerospace applications. Together with our customers and partners we are United in Possibility, finding innovative ways to solve real-world problems.

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