Cambium Networks Fixed Wireless Broadband Technology Selected for National Defense Communications

Cambium Networks | August 01, 2022 | Read time : 03:28 min

Cambium Networks
Cambium Networks a leading global provider of wireless networking solutions, today announced that its fixed wireless infrastructure solutions continue to evolve and support defense and national security fixed wireless broadband applications for border security, first responders, garrison operations and theater communications. Cambium Networks has demonstrated technical leadership, performance, and survivability in harsh conditions in defense and security applications around the world for over fifteen years.

"Defense communications are mission critical, whether it is in conflict situations or supporting operations in ports and bases," said Atul Bhatnagar, president and CEO of Cambium Networks. "Cambium Networks' fixed wireless solutions provide the performance and ruggedness that can be counted on to enhance mission critical communications in harsh environments."

In the first half of 2022, Cambium Networks' solutions have been selected for multiple defense and security programs, including:
  • Naval base communications around the globe, both pier side as well as ship-to-shore
  • Tactical defense programs
  • Border Security projects
  • Multiple international programs, including US supported foreign military sales and direct to Europe, Middle East and Africa projects

"Cambium Networks has recently achieved notable accreditations on two purpose built fixed wireless broadband network solutions, Defense and national security network operators can now include cnMatrix™ Routing and Switching systems and Microwave Line-of-site (MLoS) Turn-Key Connectivity Kits in their plans."

Ryan Peterson, Global Defense and Security Sales Director, Cambium Networks

Also, the PTP 78700, a MLoS radio operating in the 7 and 8 GHz band, received JF-12 (Joint Frequency Allocation-to-Equipment Process) spectrum certification by the US Government. This certification allows defense and security customers additional licensed spectrum to deploy MLoS programs as an alternative to the already congested NATO Band 4 and unlicensed 5 GHz bands.

In addition, the PTP 700's FIPS 140-2 acreditation was re-verified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) under certificate #4243. The PTP 700 operates in NATO Band 4, 4.4 – 4.9 GHz, but also bridges from 4.9 GHz to 5.875 GHz, providing a high level of frequency agility. The PTP 700's embedded dynamic spectrum optimization (DSO) was also recently updated to further enhance its ability to address electronic counter measures like adversary jamming and interception capabilities.

Cambium Networks' federal and defense solutions are proven wireless communications for military battlefield, border, garrison and infrastructure applications with the following acreditations:
  • NIST FIPS 140-2 validation
  • NTIA SPS (Spectrum Planning Subcommittee) certification
  • JF-12 (Joint Frequency Allocation-to-Equipment Process) spectrum certification
  • MIL-STD-810
  • Multiple layers of FIPS-validated security including physical, certificate, and over-the-air-rekey security
  • TAA compliant hardware and ancillary items

Cambium Networks provides a comprehensive suite of hardware, software and managed solutions that support multi-gigabit connectivity for federal defense, public safety and national law enforcement in addition to municipal, enterprise and service provider applications. The comprehensive wireless fabric portfolio of Wi-Fi access points, switches and fixed wireless technologies—all unified by the cnMaestro™ cloud management system—enables networks to run efficiently and easily scale to meet increasing demand.

About Cambium Networks
Cambium Networks delivers wireless communications that work for businesses, communities, and cities worldwide. Millions of our radios are deployed to connect people, places, and things with a unified wireless fabric that spans multiple standards and frequencies of fixed wireless and Wi-Fi, all managed centrally via the cloud. Our multi-gigabit wireless fabric offers a compelling value proposition over traditional fiber and alternative wireless solutions. We work with our Cambium certified ConnectedPartners to deliver purpose-built networks for service provider, enterprise, industrial, and government connectivity solutions in urban, suburban, and rural environments, with wireless that just works.


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Launched in 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) began exposing key infrastructure services to businesses in the form of web services -- now widely known as cloud computing. The ultimate benefit of cloud computing, and AWS, is the ability to leverage a new business model and turn capital infrastructure expenses into variable costs. Businesses no longer need to plan and procure servers and other IT resources weeks or months in advance. Using AWS, businesses can take advantage of Amazon's expertise and economies of scale to access resources when their business needs them, delivering results faster and at a lower cost.

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Zyxel Releases Update to Enhance User Experience of Nebula Cloud Networking Solution

Zyxel Networks | September 07, 2022

Zyxel Networks, a leader in delivering secure, AI- and cloud-powered business and home networking solutions, today announced the release of the next major update of its popular Nebula Cloud Networking Solution. The new Phase 15 update (P15) further enhances the user experience by streamlining license purchases, guiding users through Nebula’s paid features, improves usability, and increases security and resilience across managed Nebula switches. Nebula Cloud Networking Solution makes it easy to deploy, configure, monitor, and manage a comprehensive portfolio of wireless and wired networking hardware, including access points, switches, security firewalls, and LTE mobile routers from anywhere with an Internet connection. The intuitive interface enables all Nebula distributed networks to be monitored and managed from a single screen via the cloud, eliminating the complexity of remote site access. New Features of the New P15 Update to Nebula Cloud Networking Solution: Security and Resiliance for Nebula Switches – “IP Source Guard” protects networks from IP spoofing attacks by only allowing authorized client traffic based on the DHCP snooping binding table or manually-configured allowed client list. “Auto Configuration Recovery” protects the switch by pausing configuring operations and recovering to the original switch settings when the switch loses connection with the central Nebula Control Center (NCC). Remote Configurator for Mobile Routers – A time-saving remote configurator for mobile routers establishes a connection from the NCC to the mobile router web GUI to enable users to remotely configure 4G routers without having to send staff out to the site. In-Line Overview of Premium Features – Nebula now makes it easy to identify what each premium feature offers and which functions will provide maximum value to the user, prior to purchasing the feature. Simply rolling over each feature displays a visual aid that provides a detailed description of the feature is and its functions, ultimately giving the user better insight into whether or not the feature is worth their investment. Streamlined License Buying – Ideal for prosumers and small businesses, users now have the ability to purchase Nebula-compatible licenses directly through the management portal. The integrated Zyxel Marketplace e-commerce platform in the NCC automates the process, allowing users to purchase licenses up to 10 times faster than buying offline. Channel partners still have the flexibility of buying licenses offline or through the online licensing platform, Circle. Anytime Trials – Available in October 2022, Nebula users will be able to try certain features to explore which best benefit them. This update makes available optional paid features in a free 30-day trial, enabling users to experience the benefits of the full Nebula stack without incurring an upfront cost. Activated at any time, from even more entry points, the unified trial mechanism promises to deliver a consistent user experience across the board. Flexible Firmware Upgrades – Nebula users gain increased flexibility for firmware upgrades, allowing them to manage the timing and version preferences for upgrades. The new options include the ability to automate, schedule, or manually-upgrade hardware to the latest or most stable versions of the firmware, or ignore the update altogether. “The enhancements delivered to Nebula Cloud Management Solution through this update incorporate features designed to address pain points provided through the extensive feedback and insight that we have received from our customers,” explained Shawn Rogers, Market Development Manager at Zyxel Networks. “This update makes the experience of using Nebula easier and more convenient than ever, and includes some new security features that all contribute to making our solution one of the best-in-class networking solutions for SMBs and solution providers.” The Zyxel Nebula Cloud Management Solution portfolio of high-performance access points, switches, and security gateways and firewalls carry limited lifetime warranties and are available now through all Zyxel authorized resellers and e-commerce partners. About Zyxel: Since their first day in business over 30 years ago, Zyxel has kept business and home users online with a focus on innovation and customer-centric service. In 1989, this was accomplished with analog modems. Today, the company combines the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) and the cloud to deliver rapid, reliable, and secure networking solutions for business and home users.

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IP Infusion Accelerates First Half 2022 Momentum with 200 OcNOS Network Operating System Customers

IP Infusion | August 26, 2022

IP Infusion, a leading provider of open network software solutions for wireline and mobile network operators, today announced continued strong demand for disaggregated network solutions in the first six months of 2022, with nearly 200 customers having selected OcNOS®, the industry’s leading open Network Operating System. During this period, IP Infusion added nearly 40 new customers and received 160 repeat orders from existing customers. Demand growth in Provider Edge and Aggregation Router use cases fueled this momentum, resulting in a 900% increase in OcNOS sales of these areas over the first half of 2021. “While economic conditions remain challenging, IP Infusion’s market and product maturity continues to provide opportunities that drive growth, Our Provider Edge, Aggregation Router and Cell Site Router solutions have increased our global footprint through new and repeat customers looking for competitive market advantages through open networking for service expansion.” Atsushi Ogata, President and CEO of IP Infusion Significant 2022 industry accolades thus far for IP Infusion include being designated a Leader, Outperformer and Platform Player in GigaOm’s 2022 Networking Operating System Radar Report, outperforming incumbents such as Cisco, Juniper and Nokia. In addition, the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) awarded OcNOS with its prestigious Validated Solution Gold Badge. IP Infusion also validated OcNOS for Open Fronthaul use cases with proven Timing and Synchronization capabilities, critical to the Fronthaul network, at the Spring 2022 O-RAN Global PlugFest. In the first half of 2022, IP Infusion also launched new global business partnerships, including collaboration with Aircom International, Antriksh Technosys, ASBIS, AVISTA, dacoso GmbH, Distri X, DongFong Tech, GIOFAT, HFCL, Integra Gulf Company, Intracom Africa, Jabil, N-able, Netjer Networks, SoftNet Solutions, Softrim, Syncworks, Tradex, and UNIS Telecom. IP Infusion’s customers, based all over the globe, include Afribone, Asia Pacific Telecom (APT), ASOM-Net, Ceragon Networks, JSC Kazakhtelecom, London Internet Exchange (LINX), Mobicom Corporation, Mundo Pacífico, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT Group), OpenX, SAKURA Internet Inc., SKY Brasil, uGrid Network Inc., and Virtual Technologies and Solutions (VTS). About IP Infusion IP Infusion is a leading provider of open network software and solutions for carriers, service providers and data center operators with over 500 customers and thousands of deployments. Our solutions enable network operators to disaggregate their networks to accelerate innovation, streamline operations, and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Network OEMs may also disaggregate network devices to expedite time to market, offer comprehensive services, and achieve carrier grade robustness. IP Infusion is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., and is a wholly owned and independently operated subsidiary of ACCESS CO., LTD. IP Infusion and OcNOS are trademarks or registered trademarks of IP Infusion. ACCESS is a registered trademark or trademark of ACCESS CO., LTD. in the United States, Japan and/or other countries. Northforge Innovations is a registered trademark of Northforge Innovations, Inc. All other trademarks, service marks, registered trademarks, or registered service marks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

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Radisys Announces Next Generation Connect 5G RAN CU/DU Software Support for Qualcomm FSM200xx 5G RAN Platform

Radisys | September 29, 2022

Radisys Corporation, a global leader of open telecom solutions, today announced that its award-winning, Release 16 compliant, Connect RAN 5G CU/DU software will be integrated with the Qualcomm® FSM™200xx 5G RAN Platform for Small Cells to enable high capacity multi-band and multi-carrier 5G RAN solutions. 5G small cell solutions have been gaining traction as a way to enable additional capacity and coverage to networks when and where needed – both indoors and outdoors - due to their ease of installation and management. The integration of Radisys’ feature-rich 5G RAN CU/DU software will help enable OEMs to accelerate time-to-market for solutions based on Qualcomm Technologies’ latest small cell platform. News Highlights Radisys’ 3GPP Release 16 compliant Connect RAN 5G CU/DU software, with concurrent Standalone (SA) and Non-standalone (NSA) support, combined with the Qualcomm FSM200xx baseband, will enable OEMs to build higher capacity, multi-carrier solutions for both FR1 and FR2 bands. Radisys’ Connect RAN 5G CU/DU software is performance-optimized on multiple industry-leading x86 and ARM based SoCs/NPUs. This software integrated with the Qualcomm FSM200xx on a wide choice of network processors and feature sets provides OEM/ODMs the flexibility to design 5G RAN solutions that address multiple business use cases and markets. Radisys’ Connect RAN software supports CU and DU Option-2 split based on the 3GPP, ORAN F1 interface and supports Option 6 / 7.x split options based on SCF nFAPI / FAPI. Combined with the Qualcomm FSM200xx, Radisys software provides an O-RAN compliant solution. Radisys’ Connect RAN S Release 16 software received the 2022 Small Cell Forum Outstanding Contribution to Small Cell Open RAN Platforms or Standards Development award, recognizing the way the software leverages multiple open RAN standards to easily integrate with existing and new network ecosystems to enable the rapid creation of elastic and agile 5G use cases across multiple industry verticals. Gerardo Giaretta, Senior Director, Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. says: “Small cells will continue to be foundational to the global proliferation of 5G, and Qualcomm Technologies is pleased to be working with industry leaders, such as Radisys, to continue to improve performance while streamlining deployments. By combining Radisys’ next generation CU/DU 5G software with Qualcomm Technologies’ latest 5G RAN platform for small cells, OEMs and ODMs will have a powerful toolkit for new multi-carrier small cells to improve 5G coverage and throughput.” Munish Chhabra, SVP and general manager of Mobility Software and Services Business, Radisys, says: “Radisys is excited to continue its collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies to develop next-generation 5G RAN solution based on the Qualcomm FSM200xx 5G RAN Platform with Radisys Connect RAN Release 16 software. This solution will act as a catalyst for development and deployment of FR1/FR2 small cells extending the high capacity mobile broadband use cases to other verticals.” Meet with Radisys at MWC Las Vegas Experience Radisys’ disaggregated RAN solutions, including presentations and demonstrations of Connect 5G RAN software, at MWC Las Vegas, booth W2.937. To schedule a meeting with Radisys’ RAN experts, contact About Radisys Radisys, a global leader in open telecom solutions, enables service providers to drive disruption with new open architecture business models. Radisys’ innovative disaggregated and virtualized enabling technology solutions leverage open reference architectures and standards, combined with open software and hardware to power business transformation for the telecom industry, while its world-class services organization delivers systems integration expertise necessary to solve communications and content providers’ complex deployment challenges.

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