Adtran Launches New Fiber Access Platform to Boost Broadband Rollouts

Adtran | January 25, 2023 | Read time : 02:16 min

On January 24, 2023, Adtran, Inc., a provider of next-generation disaggregated and open network solutions, introduced the SDX 6330 10Gbit/s Combo PON fiber access platform. This platform enables service providers to connect homes and businesses quickly and affordably using fiber-based broadband.

The open and disaggregated solution offers the first OLT (optical line terminal) with integrated 400Gbit/s uplinks and provides the highest port density in the industry. As a result, operators can quickly grow their networks to enable dense urban, suburban, and rural deployments and speed up fiber rollout. The highly compact, temperature-hardened, and energy-efficient fiber access platform will be crucial for achieving sustainability goals and meeting market demands for both wholesale and retail providers.

As Adtran's third generation of disaggregated and open OLT devices, the SDX 6330 establishes a new standard for reducing the overall cost of deployment for 10Gbit/s services, with 48 ports of Combo PON in a small and power-efficient design. The solution provides deployment flexibility and better reach and is created to deliver network sustainability and simplicity at scale.

The platform's flexible architecture supports a variety of network topologies and coherent optics, and its open interfaces give customers the freedom to create best-in-class infrastructure using technology from multiple vendors. The SDX 6330 also helps businesses achieve sustainability targets by lowering power consumption and landfill needs.

Ronan Kelly, Chief Technical Officer for EMEA and APAC at Adtran, commented, "Our SDX 6330 is the most advanced fiber access platform in the industry, and the impact it's about to have will be significant. By empowering service providers to reduce both the time and cost of getting people connected, we're going to see broadband coverage increase like never before." He added, "As pioneers in open and disaggregated fiber access innovation, we've consistently pushed boundaries, beginning with our industry-first deployments dating back to 2017. Now with our third-generation device, we're taking density and scalability to new heights. Our SDX 6330 will transform networks into flexible, multigigabit service delivery platforms, empowering operators to stay ahead of the bandwidth consumption curve."
(Source – Business Wire)

About Adtran

Alabama-based Adtran is helping define the network of the future with cutting-edge technology that enables telecommunications service providers to offer voice, data, and video services to homes and businesses. The company was founded in 1985 in Huntsville and has since established additional R&D facilities in Germany and India, as well as sales offices worldwide. Since the organization's founding, innovation has been a core value, with over 700 patents in its portfolio.


Networks have never been more important to business operations than they are now, and the role they play in organizations of all types is continuing to become more critical and more visible to operations. However, there is a major and widening gap between the capabilities offered by legacy network management tools and the functionality that is actually needed to handle the complexity and growing burden of modern network management.


Networks have never been more important to business operations than they are now, and the role they play in organizations of all types is continuing to become more critical and more visible to operations. However, there is a major and widening gap between the capabilities offered by legacy network management tools and the functionality that is actually needed to handle the complexity and growing burden of modern network management.

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Comtech announced today, in collaboration with three global technology leaders: Cloud Signals, Hellas Sat, and a leading Mobile Network Operator (MNO), that the companies successfully tested and validated 5G connectivity over a satellite network in Greece. During the demonstration, a commercial 5G node was connected to the leading MNO’s 5G testbed network and relayed over a satellite link provided by the Hellas Sat. “This demonstration showcased our ability to easily blend satellite and terrestrial technologies to deliver 5G capabilities to remote areas that are unconnected or underserved by traditional terrestrial and wireless infrastructures,” said Ken Peterman, President and CEO, Comtech. “By working with Cloud Signals, Hellas Sat and the leading MNO, we were able to deliver a wide range of 5G satellite-enabled services, which can create incredible value for customers across Greece and bridge the digital divide in disconnected parts of the world.” Comtech’s technology leadership was a significant enabler for this breakthrough demonstration, which included its ELEVATE Very Small Aperture Terminal solution that delivered high speed backhaul services for the 5G satellite-based connection. “After observing a real need for providing 5G network onboard commercial and government maritime vessels, we are delighted to showcase that it can work by successfully transporting, via satellite, an end-to-end live 5G stream with the help of our partners,” said Dr. Christos Papachristos, CEO, Cloud Signals. “What remains to be done is a commercial cooperation and a market launch for our service.” Cloud Signals specializes in the development of space technologies and is based in Athens, Greece. “Satellites play an essential role in helping MNOs serve customers in remote and underserved areas, being a flexible, cost-efficient, scalable, and reliable solution for delivering communication services. In collaboration with our partners, using our Hellas Sat 3 satellite at 39o East, we demonstrated the substantial impact of satellite communications in the advancement of the 5G infrastructure,” said Christodoulos Protopapas, CEO, Hellas Sat. Hellas Sat is a premium satellite services provider that owns and operates satellites delivering services in Europe, the Middle East, and Southern Africa. About Comtech Comtech Telecommunications Corp. is a leading global technology company providing space and satellite communications technologies, terrestrial and wireless network solutions, next-generation 9-1-1 emergency services, and cloud native capabilities to commercial and government customers around the world. Our unique culture of innovation and employee empowerment unleashes a relentless passion for customer success. With multiple facilities located in technology corridors throughout the United States and around the world, Comtech leverages our global presence, technology leadership, and decades of experience to create the world’s most innovative communications solutions.

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STEP CG Achieves Cradlepoint Exclusive Private Networks Specialization & Named Top US Partner for Cradlepoint

businesswire | March 29, 2023

STEP CG, Where Innovation Meets Execution, today announced that it has achieved NetCloud Private Networks Specialization from Cradlepoint, the global leader in cloud-delivered LTE and 5G wireless network solutions. The NetCloud Private Networks Specialization identifies and recognizes partner organizations have become experts in Private Cellular Network deployments by meeting a series of sales, technical, and business proficiency criteria. By receiving the specialization, STEP CG will support Cradlepoint’s efforts of selling the industry’s most comprehensive and seamless portfolio for private cellular deployments. As an award-winning IT engineering firm specializing in solutions powered by strategic experts and best-of-breed technologies, STEP CG absolutely believes in the explosive market opportunity they collectively have in front of them in helping their customers innovate every day by embracing the 5G revolution – because reducing complexity and driving real business outcomes is at the heart and soul of STEP CG’s mission for customers. “We greatly appreciate the teamwork and strong partnership with Cradlepoint and are excited to be recognized as one of the first partners to achieve a NetCloud Private Networks Specialization designation,” said Ed Walton, CEO of STEP CG. “Receiving this specialization speaks to our extensive 5G experience and capabilities, helping customers embrace innovation and showing them how to integrate with existing networking technologies,” added Walton. With NetCloud Private Networks, certified Cradlepoint channel partner can help enterprise customers quickly deploy a complete private cellular networks solution that includes: a proven Mobility Gateway (cellular core) that can be deployed on-site; plug-and-play indoor or outdoor LTE Cellular Access Points (CAPs) with future support for 5G; an integrated planning tool that helps map out the ideal location of CAPs; fixed site, mobile and IoT endpoints (User Equipment); and private SIMs with Cradlepoint’s SIM Management capability, allowing IT to deploy and manage private and public SIMs. “The demand for private cellular networks has quickly increased, but due to the significant cost, planning, and complexity, deployments have lagged,” said Eric Purcell, senior vice president of global partner sales at Cradlepoint. “By creating another world-class certification program for identified partners, Cradlepoint and industry leading partners like STEP CG will be able to accelerate successful deployments and create a positive customer experience.” About Cradlepoint Cradlepoint enables the freedom to connect people, places, and things that drive more experiences, more ways to work, and better business results — anywhere. The company is a pioneer in Wireless WAN, offering advanced 4G and 5G routers and adapters — controlled through Cradlepoint NetCloudTM. Enterprise businesses and public sector agencies rely on Cradlepoint and its Cellular Intelligence to build a reliable, secure network wherever they need it, connecting fixed and temporary sites, vehicles, IoT devices, and remote employees. Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, Cradlepoint is wholly owned subsidiary of Ericsson and part of their Business Area Enterprise Wireless Solutions.

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On February 16, 2023, Aryaka, a leading provider of Unified SASE solutions, announced an increase in investment for its global Hyperscale Point-Of-Presence (POP) footprint for the delivery of cloud-based services. Additionally, the company will deploy its innovative AppAssure solution across all existing and new POPs to enable SaaS acceleration for enhanced application performance for growing hybrid workforces. Moreover, it is improving its last mile services by supporting wireless connectivity globally, thereby streamlining the procurement and operations of last-mile links. The company intends to build 27 new POPs in 21 countries across 15 major metropolitan areas over the next couple of years, expanding its global hyperscale infrastructure. These POPs will provide low end-to-end latency for faster connection speeds, as well as cloud-delivered solutions for network, security, and observability while meeting the regulatory and performance requirements of each geographic location. The AppAssure technology from Aryaka will be deployed on POPs and will provide insights into jitter, latency, and loss per application and per user to optimize application performance for both remote and on-site users. In addition, it is improving its SD-WAN offering centered on its industry-unique FlexCore - a dual layer 2 and layer 3 global backbone - and adding rich functionality and intuitive navigation to its MyAryaka customer portal to facilitate self-service. As part of its dedication to operational simplicity, the company offers customers more options and an improved experience for last-mile services with wireless and wired connectivity through a single point of contact. Using Cradlepoint Wireless Edge and NetCloud, its last-mile connectivity solution enables fully managed LTE, 4G, and 5G connections in over 90 countries. About Aryaka Aryaka is the industry leader in completely managed SD-WAN and Unified SASE solutions based in San Mateo, California. It is the first to offer a Zero Trust WAN focused on a Unified SASE architecture. A Gartner's ‘Voice of the Customer’ leader, it meets customers where they are to assist them in overcoming their network and security issues with ease and an exceptional customer experience. The organization's flexible architecture and all-inclusive service are designed to modernize businesses of any size, empowering them to move beyond convention and future-proof their operations. Its customer base consists of hundreds of multinational corporations, including several Fortune 100 companies.

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